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Rajiv Malhotra’s response to my questions: a fusillade of foul abuse. Q.E.D.

Rajiv Malhotra was unable to respond to any question. His assertion that he is not involved in the destruction of liberty in India is bogus and cannot be substantiated. Not one word to oppose the withdrawal or the book by Penguin. Instead, he has been a key transmitter of that information across the world.

I am ever more certain now that he has been deeply involved in the Doniger case.  Further proof: the moment he is asked a few questions, he takes the plea of "lack of dignified conversation" to ABUSE. [Click for larger image]

I was happy to offer to apologise if I was wrong, but I have nothing to apologise to those who want to destroy liberty and free speech in India – EVEN AS SUCH PEOPLE LIVE IN THE WEST and take advantage of free speech.


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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “Rajiv Malhotra’s response to my questions: a fusillade of foul abuse. Q.E.D.
  1. Vidyut

    I think you should apologize. You were illogical and rude and he simply responded to your hostility, not questions. I don’t think it is about unable, it is about not finding you worthy. You may not like this answer, but in this instance, you are flat out wrong.

  2. Alex C.

    Sanjeevji, your pages on Rajivji are at the top of Google India seacrh for “Rajiv Malhotra Freedom of Expression”. I believe this is the reason Rajivji has responded (very condescendnigly) to you at all.

    But he is right in claiming that he has led an opposition to Smt Doniger’s (and others’) work for a long time now. He has also indulged in smearing and slander campaigns, acting like a closeted racist, inventing/popularising terms like “Indian American Sepoys” and “Wendy’s Children” to describe those Indians who don’t agree with him. His level of discourse has sunk to ad-hominem attacks in the past too, as seen in .

    That said, there appears to be no direct link between him and the present litigation/settlement in India, apart from the facts that he has been a very early recipient of non-public information. While this, by itself, appears suspicious, it is only wrong if he actually supports said settlement/blackmail. If he opposes it publicly, he is a true Champion of Liberty, as the greatest test of liberty is to support your antagonist’s right to speak!

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    The question of my being side-tracked into Rajiv Malhotra’s role would never have arisen (despite Sandeep Bansal’s direct attribution of his role) had I not confirmed from his twitter account VERY suspicious activity, plus ACTIVE support for the destruction of Doniger’s book. That situation is unchanged. Rajiv remains in the list of the top enemies of liberty in India (given his wealth and influence among Hindutvawadis).

    I had incidentally come across his views while reading Dalit writers who violently oppose him. I believe Rajiv is a complete ignoramus (like the Hindutvawadis) who wants to impose his uni-dimensional view of Hinduism on the world. So no, he is not a champion of liberty.

    I fully defind his right to be a bigoted fool – so long as he doesn’t celebrate the destruction of books he doesn’t like.

  4. Shari

    I am glad I found somebody to share my views. Rajiv comes across as a bombastic ignoramus, to say the least. Yes, he had the guts to speak up and initiate the debate on the academic hinduphobia, which is why I started following him.
    However, he exposes his ignorance about hinduism and vedanta each time he talks. He also lets his self-aggrandizement get in the way of good content. He seems to consider himself an expert on everything ranging from sanskrit, foreign affairs and even military. Sri Sri cut him off recently because he was so full of himself. Lot of people in India are doing good grass-roots work but he seems to think that he is God’s gift to India!
    I am done with him! Thankfully there are many who are addressing the same problem is better ways with more scholarship and humbler attitudes!

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