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Vinod Binny’s ultra-socialist approach is no solution to India’s problems

The continuing bickering between AK and Vinod Binny is illustrative of the fact that AAP is a run-of-the-mill Indian party – with its suite of high command, lack of transparency and bitter intenral political infighting.

There is no doubt that Binny is right when he calls  Arvind a dictator. But that was well known in advance. Nothing new. Did he not know that when he joined AAP? In AAP ONLY the will of Arvind Kejriwal operates. No one else counts.

Binny is, however, NOT the kind of person I'll be trying to reach out to. He holds an even more socialist position than Arvind. 

According to Binny,

Binny said though the party during the election campaign had promised to provide 700 litres of free water to each household, the government "very cleverly" announced that those exceeding the limit will have to pay for the full amount. [Source]

Well, Binny should have OPPOSED this ridiculous policy.Then he might have had something useful to contribute to India's future. But he is a red-card holder and is trying to outflank AAP from the left. 

That's a political position that doesn't interest me.

Let's move on.

Let BJP and Congress offer a role to Binny – if they so care. Or CPM. He's definitely not going to be asked to join the group I'm trying to build.

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