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The continuing betrayal of India by so-called “liberals”

Swami Ramdev called Arvind Kejriwal a communist and despite knowing full well that BJP's policies are almost as socialist as AAP's, switched support to Modi. All this despite our 10 day discussions in Patanjali, in which we worked out a new party that would lead India to a new era. Six months I worked with him, and he switched without any consultation to Modi to the criminal, socialist Modi.

[I'm not saying that Ramdev is a classical liberal: his many recent sayings confirm his social conservatism. But on economic issues he is convinced that the government should not be in business.]

Shantanu Bhagwat swore on the joining conditions of FTI (which were established by me in the book, Breaking Free of Nehru) and committed himself to liberalism. But now has joined communist AAP.

No discussion with me. Just walked out and joined AAP. So he lied to me and lied to FTI.

And now Meera Sanyal, allegedly the president of the Indian Liberal Group. She has not only joined AAP but is making ALL KINDS OF FALSE STATEMENTS, FROM DAY ONE. This is what she has said: "From what I have seen, the policies are pragmatic and favour enterprise".

How can Meera possibly say that? Where's the proof of AAP being market friendly? ALL its founding leaders are deeply socialist. AAP's policies have followed the SAME socialist path that Indira Gandhi laid out. Even more socialist. Communist Party agrees with such polcies.

So we see the ongoing betrayal of India by these fake liberals of India, who do not know what they stand for and are keenly supporting socialism – the ideology that has DESTROYED INDIA.

Alternatively they are opportunists.

And they claim to be "honest". There is a thing called integrity they don't understand.

If this is all about power, so be it. Greed for power has turned millions of minds in the past, and will continue to do so. Power corrupts, but even the prospect of power corrupts.


This amounts to a betrayal of India. I put them in the same basket now, as other socialists. Enemies of India.

If Ramdev had managed to change BJP, or Shantanu or Meera changed AAP, I'd have at least understood what they are doing. But they are all opportunists, is all I can deduce at this stage. They are starting to DEFEND socialist policies/ evil.

Ramdev has kept quiet about the sage of Mansi Soni. Shantanu is keeping quiet about AAP's free water and other socialist policies. Meera is starting to DEFEND the indefensible.

Honesty? What do these people know about the meaning of honesty?

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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18 thoughts on “The continuing betrayal of India by so-called “liberals”
  1. Kiran

    I think it is human nature to follow something successful and new. There is a lot of hype around AAP and the fact of the matter is that they are incredibly effective and are executing their ideas and vision, however flawed it might be, down to the tee. It is very hard to resist joining such an institution.

    What this also shows is that it is hard to find genuine leaders who have conviction in their work and belief system and will not compromise on them to achieve minor victories. Most people are sheep or followers to a certain degree. That is what is being shown here.

  2. AD

    Sir, Yogendra Yadav who called AAP a ‘socialist party’ is also NOT a ‘red-hot socialist’ (as you put it). He is pretty sensible, and understands free-market economics:

    Here are two quotes of his from a recent interview that gave me muuch hope:

    1. “But what we don’t want is to play the old school labour politics, where the union is only concerned about the rights of the labourer and not the bigger picture; creation of jobs, economics growth.”

    2. “Is state monopoly, quota the best way to serve the poor or is the poor served better by deregularisation, fair play and fair play of the market forces.”


    Both Shantunu Bhagat are true to their ideals. They are trying to teach AAP libertarian economics:

  3. Rustam

    Economic theories of the last centuries
    In the seventeenth century, ending the oppression of the Jews, then they are slowly being introduced into the political and economic life in different countries. During this period, they begin to invent new economic theory. In the 19th century mardzhinalizm, and in the 20th century appears institutionalism. It is peculiar to the nature of the Jews because of them said to Allah in the Quran in Sura “Baqara”. When Allah said to bring a cow tail, the Jews began to ask many questions: What color is the cow? What is the tail? Eyes are they? . At the present stage, to start a business, you need to collect a lot of documents, although this can be done much easier. To make it more clear, we give an anecdote.
    In India, the assistant attorney came two men. They bought the land for 5000. But the issue arose. The fact that the trail is located on the territory of the first owner, but the second document. They had come to resolve this issue. He asked them: “What goes on the road here and back?” They replied: “100”. The assistant attorney said: “This case should come to 30 times, and it will take you 3000. 2000, you give a lawyer. 1000 – court costs. You are willing to pay 6000 more after 5000 to pay? “They thanked the assistant attorney and became friends with each other.
    These theories restrict economic thinking in humans. Like, a person only if the person, when he goes out of the narrow confines of economic knowledge, which came up with the Jews. They call for caring only about the financial situation. Banking and capitalist system they came up too.
    Sombart was a fascist and an anti-Semite (the Jews). Despite this, he said that due to the Jews, new economic theories, developed economy, since it is a nation that has a thirst for hoarding.
    About harm these economic theories can be found by “Acts relating to the treasure.”
    Karl Marx was a Jew too. In the poem “The drama KVLANEM” he wrote:
    I want to build his throne
    At a huge mountain of cold,
    Surrounded by human fear,
    Where there is a dark pain
    See this sword?
    Prince of darkness sold it to me.
    You, Satan will fall into the abyss
    And I laughed follow you.
    And soon I’ll throw humanity
    His titanic curse.
    Having taken my teaching
    The world is stupid perish.
    And at the end of the touch of democracy. This is an imaginary term, which came up with people who have a selfish goal. In fact, democracy – it is utopia, is never impossible, because God created us all, not a democracy. All power belongs to Allah. These “false democrats” have no power even over trifling date-stone. Therefore, democracy – is paganism, because it means the power of the people, not the power of God. These “Democrats” are deeply deceived people to gain political prestige. If you say that democracy gives rights, it is also true, because all human rights are described in the Qur’an and Sunnah, as Allah knows better person than those Democrats who are pursuing selfish goals. A Muslim should never succumb to such democratic slogans, which can be called even witchcraft. It is possible that these flashy advertising and the Democrats are the witches, as the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.v) said: “In eloquence, too, have some share of witchcraft” (By the way, soon on this issue you will find my lecture, which is called “Types of witchcraft”)
    Rustam Khaziev

  4. AD

    Sir, it is v clear that YY understands how unions can hurt job creation & economy. So also for reservations. Am sure, he will eventually understand, as he is slowly & exposed to more & more advocates of libertarianism from various spheres (BJP, congress, AAP, non-politicians) – and take it more seriously.

    By the way sir, can you point me to posts here where you outline ‘how’ India can achieve high growth & eliminate poverty in 5years or so? I would rather learn a bit of economics than argue politics..

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    BFN is the best single source of information on this. Povery elimination in 3 years is my guarantee.

  6. Akshit

    I think he has similar economic ideas to you, so a like-minded economist. He is unapologetic about Privatisation, he talks about judiciary reforms, so, I think it would be worth meeting him, You can share your ideas as well about the accountable mechanism of public administration, he would love to hear that because he also shares a lot about Urban Planning. He would like a better system for accountable management of Indian cities.

    It will be good for the nation as well if your ideas will be implemented well.

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I DON’T meet anyone – let them meet me if they want. I only engage with those who talk to the people at the grassroots.

  8. Akshit

    I have sent your party manifesto to Sanjeev Sanyal as well and said similar things to him about you.

    What do you think about him as an economist? (Is he a righ person to advice the Indian ministry?)

  9. Akshit

    Why don’t you approach people like Awdhesh singh to write for your party?

    He is the most neutral person on the Quora who speaks his mind. If he will find your intention Noble then he will write for your party. I get to know about you through Quora. He is famous writer on Quora. He supports Capitalism. He supports secularism.

    He will definitely write for your party because you are Honest like him. Once he started to like him, 10000 more people will know you and they would also start to write for you then a chain would start and many people would like to join your party for your Noble cause.

  10. akshit

    Listening to your podcast, where you said that populism rule Indian politics, then why can’t you become a populist, there is nothing wrong in being populist

    You can also said that under your government

    1. Petrol would be 50 Rs (Only if you win)(This is what you would do?? right)
    2. GST (10% and less)
    3 free education for poor in best private school (can become a populist slogan and truth as well)
    4 free healthcare for poor
    5 Delhi and Mumbai would become like Singapore or London
    6 clean cities
    7 police and government would be your servant and Naukar

    Capitalist and liberal can also become populist with right and attractive slogans and right marketing strategy


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