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Modi and Madhuri – Modi and Amit Shah had no business to use TAXPAYER FUNDS to stalk Madhuri

This report is shocking that Modi used his entire police machinery to literally "stalk" "Madhuri", a Bangalore based female architect.

The motive

The girl's father, however, said in a statement that his daughter, who was based in Bangalore, had come to Ahmedabad when her mother was to undergo a surgery. She was required to commute at odd hours between the hospital and a nearby hotel which was a matter of concern to him. He had, therefore, orally requested Modi, "with whom we have long-standing family relations" to "take care" of her. He was shocked that some "vested interests" were approaching the media in this regard. [Source]

It would appear at first sight this that Modi was interested in providing security to "Madhuri".

But there are two pieces of contrary information:

a) That Pradeep Sharma, an IAS officer, mentioned that Modi has an interest in this woman.

Sharma had independently filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court in May 2011 alleging that he was being framed in bogus corruption cases by the Gujarat government, and among the allegations he mentions is about Narendra Modi's association with a young woman. [Source]

b) That Shah was passing details to Modi on a minute-by-minute basis:

The conversations suggest Shah was passing minute-by-minute details gathered through this snooping operation to his ‘saheb’. [Source]

Why would such minute-by-minute transfer of information occur if Modi was simply 'protecting' Madhuri?

Thereafter Pradeep Sharma was allegedly hounded by Modi. He was allegedly framed and is under suspension. Despite WARNINGS from CAT, Modi has been refusing to even pay suspension allowance to this officer.


It is unclear what the motive for this stalking was. It is clear, however, that stalking and surveillance DID occur. At taxpayer cost.

It is CRUCIAL to determine whether any PUBLIC purpose was served by this expense, and whether appropriate permissions were taken for such expense.

This is one more sign of a Modi-centred mafia.

Modi doesn't believe in any constraints of the law, and is willing to use his police machine in any way to suit his needs.

The destruction by Modi of the machinery of government in Gujarat is complete.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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