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Why is the truth about how Coach S6 got burnt in Godhra so important to the case against Modi?

Sarfy mentioned this on FB:

Any kind of analysis of the Godhra train incident implies that we endorse Sangh Parivar's bigoted view that if Muslims burnt the train, innocent Muslims deserved to be killed in the riots thereafter. This narrative is very disturbing but still finds space in sensible societies -> "A kills B, so C must kill D. Where A, B, C and D are 4 different individuals."

He has a point. My response:

Sarfy, I agree with the general tenor of your analysis. Indeed, Madhu Kishwar has fallen for such argument.

My interest is different. I have strong proof that Modi has been lying from day one on this matter. I believe through his actions he incited Gujarat and CAUSED the mayhem that followed.

Step 1 is to prove that he was lying. Thereafter it becomes a clear case of INCITEMENT TO MURDER – which is a major crime.

If he was not lying, then his inability to stop further deaths becomes a case of INCOMPETENCE or dereliction of duty, which is a smaller misdemeanour/crime.

For each person who died, there has to be a separate process of justice.
However, for Modi, the test is different. He did not directly kill anyone (like Hitler did not kill anyone directly, as well). But he likely misused his position of authority to ensure that hundreds of innocents got killed. That is the question to be tested/confirmed.

Now, only one person in India is acutely aware of this: Modi himself. He NEEDS the shelter of Godhra burning being PRE-PLANNED in order to protect himself from the charge of INCITEMENT TO MURDER.

I believe his case will ultimately be decided by the Godhra train burining appeal currently in the High Court. If the High Court throws out the ABSURD STORY cooked up by Modi (and judge Patel) to "explain" the Godhra train burning, then it would be clear that the train burning was a BAD but UNINTENDED INCIDENT, removing any possible excuse for Modi to not have prevented the post-Godhra killings.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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10 thoughts on “Why is the truth about how Coach S6 got burnt in Godhra so important to the case against Modi?
  1. Sandeep

    This is an absurd and silly analysis that is far from reality.

    Nanavati Commission has said “Muslim mob burnt the train”

    So to call it a Modi story as absurd requires more facts.

    SECOND point that Sanjeev makes is
    This is again absurd and not an objective analysis. In 2011, there were riots in London. Riots continued for 5-6 days and thousands of people continued to indulge in violence. Stockholm riots in 2013 also continued for atleast 10 days.

    When an analysis is to be done, it has to be done in an objective way without any bias. I am afraid the author hasnt done that.

    Modi tookover in 2001, barely 6 months before the riots. His response in the riots can only depend on the resources available at his disposal. It is well known that Indian police is under staffed, under-trained and under-paid. So analysis should take that into mind.

    Did Modi try to use his resources? Did he try to seek help? SIT report cites several instances. For instance, army was in Gujarat within 48 hours. This was when Operation Parakram was going on the border with pakistan. Further, army units were instantly provided with vehicles and mobile phones for better co-ordination.

    Further, these seculars conveniently forget to mention how Gujarat remained quiet when Akshardham was attacked. Terror attacks are normally not done on temples. This attack happened just 6 months after the Gujarat riots, it was clearly aimed at disturbing the troubled water. Modi was successfully able to keep Gujarat quiet and maintain peace.

    This is typical response of those who call themselves secular.

    The fundamental thing is justice. If there is justice, such instance will not happen. These seculars ignore the fact that Gujarat has always been riot prone. There have been major riots in Gujarat in 1967, 69, 1980s and 90s. Was there any justice in those riots? No.

    When there was a violence inculcated by a community, why did the people react with violence? Because they didnt believe that state will deliver justice. In 2002 riots, justice has actually been delivered. More than 200 people have been convicted. This is likely to have an impact in future as people are more likely maintain peace.

    People also ignore the work Modi has done in improving justice delivery through evening courts. In the next 2-3 yrs, Guj will become the first state to have no pending cases in courts.

    Justice and prosperity alone can be the basis of lasting peace. But the seculars keep talking about justice without delivering it. In Muzzafarnagar, justice was denied to Hindus and Muslims were protected. Jat Mahapanchayat was convened and demanded justice. But the state continued to protect Muslim offenders. This is the precise thing that keeps happening in India in the name of secularism. Muslims continue to get shielded, whether it is riots cases or terror cases.

    Sadly Sanjeev continues to ignore this aspect and prefers traditional myths that are propagated.

    Any analysis made must also take into account has Modi made Gujarat safer today? The kind of modernization of police that is happening in Gujarat is never been talked.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    I do have higher expectations from you.

    You say: Nanavati Commission has said “Muslim mob burnt the train”.

    Yes, but you haven’t read the report and the Patel judge’s report. I’ve TORN THEM INTO SHREDS. These are BOGUS reports.

    I need to know HOW PRECISELY the train got burnt. Only then can it be determined whethere was an accidental burning by a “Muslim mob”, or by some single fool who threw fire in such a way that the train caught fire, or whether there was a PLANNED CONSPIRACY.

    You forget (since clearly you are NOT interested in finding out!!) that Nanawati said there were a few people from the mob who carried 140 litres of petrol into the train and burnt it. Yet NANAWATI ADMITS THAT NO ONE SAW THIS PETROL BEING CARRIED.
    I’m shreeding the official story into pieces, and you are offering me pitiable babble.
    I would urge you to PROVE to me the precise method by which the train got burnt.

    Other stuff you say is irrelevant so I’ll ignore.

    Just focus on my key point – That MODI IS A HUGE LIAR AND PLANNER OF MAJOR KILLINGS OF INDIANS. Disprove my findings  one by one. Don’t give me garbage. I’ve read/scanned nearly 3000 pages and 12 hours of video. I know what I’m talking about. You don’t. Please start reading my writings and dirprove them one by one.



  3. Sandeep

    Sure, I would like to understand what are you are trying to say. Nothing is clear from your reply. Please tell me exactly which articles by you are you refering to, where do I start from in order to understand what you are trying to say.

    Further, I am absolutely no clear, how on earth you are denying the history. Further, reaction to a riots depends on the available infra and manpower. That was certainly not under Modi’s control since he had barely joined.

    Further, I have read parts of SIT report. So just like you insist on proof, I would also like a more structured response in order to understand what you are saying.

    Lastly, let me also add, I was in Gujarat, Gandhinagar at that time studying. Even then I often felt that media coverage was over the top. So I request you please tell me what exactly you are saying.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Pl. download

    In the current version pl. see chapter 9. Read the orignal Patel judgement and Nanawati report (linked therein).
    Now show me HOW it was possible for the Godhra train to have got burnt in the manner of these official reports.
    If you can’t prove any flaw in my analysis, then you must agree that Modi was LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH when he said that ISI caused the burning, and that it was pre-planned.

    If that is the case, then he is implicated as having AGGRAVATED and INCITED violence. He did MANY other things to aggravate: give dead bodies to VHP. Allow them to parade them. Not arrest VHP leaders to prevent violence. Give his OWN Bandh call. Tell his MLAs clearly that he was giving them 3 days to whatever they want, etc. etc. etc.
    And his total involvement in liquidation of key witnesses, killing innocents like Ishrat Jahan to justify that he was “under attack”, etc.
    This man is a KILLING MACHINE.
    Please check the proofs I’ve provided very carefully, since I’ve spend a HUGE amount of time researching them. Don’t give me some wild generaliastion in response.

  5. Sandeep

    One question, Nanavati Commission had rejected that Sofia story. All that you are trying to say that it was not a pre-planned attack. Second thing that you are trying to say is Modi said “ISI did it”, which was wrong.

    How are you relating this to Modi. How does that implicate Modi?

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Avinash, this reference is useless. I’ve read original judgements/ commission reports. This report is pure imagination and assertion. Just bin it.

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    The Patel judgement fully admitted the story. Do read the judgement.

    Modi: He is implicated because he did NOT call for an inquiry. He jumped to accuse, and excited the entire Gujarat. Many other things, too. Do not make me repeat. I have SEVERE RSI.

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