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Violently abusive murderous threats from a representative of BJP

I'm recording the continued onslaught of EXTREME ABUSE AND DEATH THREATS from a BJP member.

It is clear that should BJP come to power under the murderous Modi and his gangsters from VHP, there will be mayhem in India. The only language that these people like is that of violence.

I had requested a senior BJP national executive member to address the problem of these threats, but these have not stopped. Maybe they prefer to shut down independent thought and dissent.

I'll be shortly marking this blog post to many key BJP leaders and promoters with the hope that they start acting on this issue.

This is getting personal now. No more a matter of independent analysis and opposition to corruption and genocide.

Should something happen to me, please be aware this is the way BJP operates.



Here's what I've written to key BJP people a moment ago.

Dear Friend


I had informed a number of people from BJP a few days ago about the abusive murderous death threats from [NAME BLOCKED] of BJP.

No action seems to have been taken to expel this violent person and inform me of the action taken. And NOT THE LEAST sympathy/support/concern expressed by BJP. I can provide full details to anyone from BJP who cares. There is an endless email trail.

Am I to assume this is how Modi plans to operate? – consistent with the way he has operated in Gujarat?

This is going to get very personal, now. I request BJP to ACT and inform me of the action they've taken against [NAME BLOCKED]. If something happens to me, please note BJP will be implicated. I have provided fair warning that this is a POLITICAL ACT OF SUPPRESSION OF OPEN DISCUSSION BY BJP.

Outline details here:


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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “Violently abusive murderous threats from a representative of BJP
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    Just because someone personally makes a threat to you, it does not immediately imply that the organization he is associated with is liable. If a postman were to go and threaten a citizen, you cannot then assume that the post master general is personally liable for the threat — unless the postman was empowered by the post master to speak on behalf of the postal service and represent it.

    If a member of the Democratic party were to threaten me, I cannot then claim that the Democratic administration is after me. It would be silly.

    You are desperately trying to malign Modi and the BJP. It will actually not damage them but most likely many people will realize that you are being melodramatic, a crybaby, unrealistic and paranoid. If I were to advise you as a friend, I would say just ignore the person.

    Re: crying wolf. In this case the person is a youth leader and member of BJP ‘external affairs cell’ according to his declared statement at the Haridwar Summit which I organised in April.

    I did not escalate publicly the first time around but gave BJP the opportunity to fix this issue. No response, hence escalated.

    I agree this is not BJP’s attack but by one of their members/leaders. However, BJP gets involved as this was all about stopping POLITICAL DEBATE and questioning of Modi. They must eject this person who can then become a non-entity whom I’ll deal with through separate process.

    But if BJP don’t eject such people, then I’ve got a legitimate issue with the entire party.

  2. Manish

    Why are you limiting yourself to internet and complaining pnly to BJP. Why not go ahead and file a case.

    Issuing death threats is a grave offence. BJP is not the statutory authority to deal with death threats.

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