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The Net Benefit of CO2: Launching my new manuscript/booklet

At the request of someone who wanted me to provide proof that many scientists disagree with the climate change hoopla, I’ve compiled many of my blog posts on this topic.


(also available on the right hand column of thig blog). The file is big (6MB) due to many diagrams.

There remain many formatting issues in this booklet. As a result, my comments and those of others have got mixed up in the booklet and I don’t have time to fix this problem. I’d encourage anyone who wants to isolate my comments, to read the relevant original blog post/s by searching relevant terms in google, and restricting the search to

Note that my blog posts cover perhaps less than 2 per cent of my readings on this subject, and therefore I have not commented on a HUGE amount of relevant material. I’ve also not commented on many professional economic issues such as precautionary principle on which I have done a fair amount of work offline (not in the public domain).

DO READ BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY. And never believe me. Or anyone else. Never believe ANYONE BUT YOURSELF.

Good luck in your search for the truth!


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