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Should one laugh or cry at this? (Or – socialist India’s low IQ strikes again)

I've spent nearly 18 years of my life abroad (US/ Australia). It could well be that I don't meet the average person in the streets here, but my sense is that there is a modicum of intelligence found among the people in the West, and one can at least have a modestly intelligent conversation with everyone.

Not so with India. Right through my life, I've faced a unique challenge: not just absence of critical thinking, but sheer inability to think.

While I've had great problems to get people to read the Patel judgement or Nanawati report, it is likely that even if people read these reports they won't understand them.

One commentator couldn't understand that 140 litres of petrol weighs around 100 kilograms, or that 9 cans of 20 litres of water equals 180 litres of water. This inability to do basic maths didn't, however, deter this commentator from passing all kinds of "wise" comments about the Godhra burning incident. It HAD to be the way the commentator thought the incident occurred. Evidence is unnecessary. Logical coherence a frivolous luxury.

Through these many years I've "enjoyed" is a WIDE RANGE of hypotheses about everything – entirely unrelated to facts.

In this case I'm getting more hypotheses than even Modi might have imagined about how the train got burnt in Godhra. Take this one from an email I received today:

"There happend the incident of train burning in which about more that 60 people are rosted alive. I want to ask how this big incident happen? The cercumtances is Train is running just 5 to 10 Km per H. It is in boundry of station control. It is certain this in not mare acident. It is certainly a agrattion initiated by some group of people.
I just want how this big incident happen? You are sitting out of India, So please not pass such noncence without knowing any thing about the India Govt and its machinary. Is 200 liter of Petrol can not be carried by 1000 violent people? Are you not hear the name of masjid involved in this Human rosting? why you are hanning in rikshaw? Why you are not seeing violent action of different Islamist group across the world. And you are trying to blame on Head of State who has responsibility to protect the people in his control region. Just, many are barking so you also want to be part of this barking group………………..
If you can not do any thing good for Hinduism then atleast not make any thing -ve to Hinduism!!!!!!!!
Are you know the Lal Masjid in Pakistan? How the musjid oppose the country polish/army with dengerous arms? Is the Masjid realy a place of God/peace?"

Now, incoherence can't get any worse than this, perhaps. I won't go into the language issues of this email. But here's the NEW story about Godhra: that 200 litres of petrol were carried by 1000 people! Pity not ONE person in the world saw any of these 200 litres, nor did Nanawati mention it or Patel.

But such persons are SURE of themselves. This person is quite sure that I'm some kind of fool sitting outside India, with no knowledge of "India Govt and its machinery" (I must have spent 18 years in the IAS in total blindness), cooking up stories to malign Modi.

But saying the truth about Modi is equivalent to – (no prize for guessing) – maligning Hinduism!

A religion that has as its motto: Satyameva Jayate, is now faced with these "Hindus" who can't read, can't think, can't add numbers, can't understand that others can read a court judgement and ask questions, don't know what Hinduism is or aims to be. Vivekananda would cry out of sheer agony and frustration.

Ultimately this might be just about India's low average IQ. Poor diet, poor education, socialist policy – all add up to a population that SIMPLY CAN'T THINK. Its brain has been destroyed so comprehensively that it doesn't understand even basic things.

We know that the average Indian IQ is 85 (it is not innate, but largely environmental). It probably explains a lot more than we would care to admit.

Modi has  a simple plan: Say whatever you wish without fear of contradiction since the country – a bunch of morons – can't think!

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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11 thoughts on “Should one laugh or cry at this? (Or – socialist India’s low IQ strikes again)
  1. Kishan

    Sir, you have not yet answered the question on what you think could have happened. The figure 140, or 100 or 180 or 60 is not more relevant than the fact that the coach was set on fire and 59 people were burnt alive.
    In absence of the answer to the above question whatever is written appears to be obfuscation.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Sorry, Kishan, I’m sorry but I have nothing to answer to someone who is handicapped by an inability to read. YOU have to explain how the court judgement can be true. But since you can’t read/understand, it is a futile expectation from you. Let’s move on.

  3. G Shah

    Dear Sanjeev

    I have been a recent reader of your blog since your interaction with Sanjiv Bhatt. Maybe I was caught up by a morbid curiosity in this freak show going on here. For those of us who have spent time investigating the truth know what had happened. It is out there in plain sight for all to see, if anyone wants or cares, like you did.

    Pasted below is a status update from Sanjiv Bhatt yesterday, it is on his timeline. It beautifully sums up the matter.

    Sharing a very sensitive and thought-provoking message received from a Facebook friend:

    “I honestly feel scared to comment on your posts, but I read everything. I’m not a big shot of any kind but when I came across news of how you had put forth facts about the Gujarat riots I was very sure soon enough I would read somewhere that you had been killed. So it was a big relief to see someone on Facebook connecting with you and which is why i sent you a friend request, though I am a complete stranger to you. Surrounded by idiotic chants of the supposed new PM candidate, its so eerie, when i speak to normal decent nice people praising NM and when I bring up the riots they immediately bring up development. The fact is, the masses in India love the idea that Muslims were mass murdered. Therein lies the unfortunate truth. The masses know what he did and they like it. They don’t want to acknowledge the truth, that they all rejoiced in the killings. Normal decent nice human beings…”

    Meanwhile enjoy your Dandiya Raas in Navratra on the Modi song / tune (seriously, it is a rage here in Gujarat). This is our society celebrating mass murderers in the most holy festivals and you are spending efforts for a better tomorrow. Don’t bother.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Actually, the commentator is right. The idea of “development” is PURE DISGUISE in the minds of people for the thing they really like about Modi: that he kicked them into ghettos, let them rot in “relief” camps, and put so many innocents into jail (apart from killing hundreds) that the Muslims of Gujarat are now totally reconciiled to living the life of second class citizens in India.

    Just like Dalits were brutalised into submission, the Muslims are being brutalised. And the people are FULLY AWARE of this, and pleased about it.

    Any talk of the rule of law doesn’t make sense to them. They want ETHNIC CLEANSING of Muslims in India (Muslims are known as the “disease” we have – language similar to that commonly used in Hitler’s Germany about Jews).

    But I’m not interested in this kind of a brutal, medieval nation. I also have some respect and regard for the philosophies of Hinduism. I don’t like the idea of the religion being hijacked by the likes of Togadis. I think Hinduism is a highly respectable religion and will be badly sullied by the actions of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and its branches (e.g.BJP).


  5. SSRAT

    Just like Muslims are fully aware that they are voting for monsters, just like they are fully aware that their mullahs put religion before nation, just like they know that the terrorists are right when they say islam can be spread through violence if necessary but LIE to us by saying it is a religion of peace.

    Hindus are responding the way any society will respond when the government it elected indulges in morbid appeasement of any particular community at it’s expense.

    Coming to your claim that Modi is supported only because of Hindutva then please tell me how do you expect JP to win an election in case there are so many fans of Hindutva in India?

    Muslims have committed ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh (I know you will say but it is not India and to that I will say Indian muslims are NO DIFFERENT, they have either killed and chased of Hindus or are actively oppressing them example; Kashmir, Kishtwar in Jammu, Mau in U.P, Melvisharam in TN, Vast tracts of WB border etc.).

    Islam mandates muslims to either convert non muslims to islam or murder the men and rape the women, it is an ideologically mandated mass murder and there are millions of believers in it in India and tens more all over the world. Some Hindus have realized this and see that no politician has the balls to put the blame where it belongs which is the muslim community.

    Let muslims STOP voting in the name of religion, acknowledge that their many of their ancestors right upto their prophet were rapists, murderers, temple breakers, thieves etc and also hand over the temples they broke and apologize to all of humanity then and only then will some Hindus let go of ‘Jungle ka kanoon’ but you clearly do not understand this.

    It is Hindu votes that get divided meaning Hindus do not overwhelmingly vote in the name of religious identity (why else do you think BJP has not been winning overwhelming majority?), muslims vote in the name of religion.

    India is Secular and tolerant because IT IS A ‘ ‘HINDU’ MAJORITY. COUNTRY.

  6. Kishan

    After reading this, I first decided not to comment & hit delete button. But then I thought that such absurdities should not go uncontested.So am writing this comment.
    Only two points are needed to contradict the nonsense written in the comment under reply.
    1- There was a photo of a Muslim man pleading for mercy that became the face of the ‘hapless’ Muslim community in Gujarat and was published in most papers across India.
    This man went away after riots of 2002, to his native place, perhaps Bengal or Bihar, the haven for Indian Muslims. After 2/3 years we read a story in the papers that this man came back to Gujarat because he failed to get a suitable job in his native place.And he was happy that he came back.
    2-Every census reports that the percentage of Muslims in India is continuously increasing. Is it a sign of ethnic cleansing?
    Only those who know that their argument is weak use such extreme words as ethnic cleansing.
    The only ethnic cleansing ( I don’t like to use the word but since you used it so am repeating) that has happened in India is in the Muslim majority Kashmir from where most Hindus have been driven out, their properties grabbed.

  7. Rick

    Sanjeev, agree with you on the IQ point and combine that with argumentative Indian syndrome and you have some funny conversations. By they way IQ difference is relative and conversations start feeling funny depending on delta in people conversing – 2 people with same IQ of 85 should be able to have fine & intelligent conversation between themselves. By the way I find some conversations funny here.

    Kishan – while you might be right, Sanjeev’s point is not that Hindus are worse or better than Muslims. His overarching point is “Modi is a mass murderer” hence he should be in jail and nobody should vote for Modi.

    Now, Sanjeev has discounted all the research done by others and came to conclusion only his “internet research” and information in emails from people who agree with him is correct. I went through whole of his research and gave him rebuttal for 5 things he had highlighted about why Modi is responsible/part of 2002 violence – He just said since you say “Madhu Kishawar” has done research I don’t have to respond to your rebuttals. Now this is where conversation gets funny for me.

  8. SSRAT

    You have the Gall to say ‘muslims are being brutalized’ into submission? really? can you spot the bigotry in that you filthy Hindu hater? How many times have muslims carried out terrorist attacks against Hindus? That is a communal statement you just made.

  9. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Rick, you are falling in the same category as Kishan, now.

    I have not done “internet research” (which, by the way is nothing wrong – that’s the whole point of the internet). I’ve read ORIGINAL JUDGEMENTS BY MODI’S COURTS AND REPORTS OF COMMISSIONS SET UP BY HIM. And I find nothing more absurd than them – and I’ve provided detailed citations from these ORIGINAL documents in support.

    Now, if you are incapable of reading original judgements/reports, or understanding why these are FRAUDULENT, then nothing can help you. Please move on. I have started deleting Kishan’s inane msgs and will soon delete yours too, if you don’t add SERIOUS VALUE to the discussion.


  10. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Indeed, SOME Muslims have carried out terrorist attacks. And a lot of Sangha Parivar terrorists, too. Data are clear: MORE MUSLIMS have been killed in India (excluding Kashmir) than Hindus, in communal violence.


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