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Rajesh Jain is surely not obfuscating the truth? I request him to comment.

I chanced upon this post today.

I know Rajesh Jain (of the famous Emergic blog) for a long time now, and although we haven't corresponded much for a while, we have broadly similar views on economic policy.

Atanu Dey, who works with Rajesh, is largely classical liberal, and I have kept up closer relations with him (he also provides a few positive comments on some FTI work from time to time).

I do not wish to judge anything relating to my friends without first giving an opportunity to them to comment.

I know Rajesh Jain has been a key promoter of Friends of BJP for many years, and I know Atanu strongly supports Modi.

However, I'm not sure whether any of them have adequately researched Modi – in the manner I've tried to do over the past few weeks.

But it is not just Rajesh Jain who is being cited in the above article. Niti Central is also cited. This website seems to be hosted by the same team. [Click for larger image]

I have considerable praise for Niti Central's work, as well.

These people form an IT/economics team that supports Modi. I have no problems with the economics side of their work, but I must point out to Rajesh Jain that JUSTICE is the first requirement of civilised/free society. And both these have been badly damaged by Modi. I invite them to read my recent thoughts here.

I now have an interesting situation. The following people – whose judgement I otherwise broadly agree with – are taking the side of Modi:

  • Swami Ramdev
  • Justice Tewatia
  • Madhu Kishwar
  • Rajesh Jain
  • Atanu Dey

To address this difference of opinion among people who otherwise agree on most things – I invite them to carefully review my compilation and point out any error in my analysis. If they can't find any error, then I'd urge them to change their position – given the OVERWHELMING evidence of Modi's direct destruction of the justice system in Gujarat.

I'd also urge Rajesh to comment on the article cited above.


I apologise that in an initial version of this post I included Nitin Pai's name. For some vague reason I thought that Nitin was associated with Niti Central. I was ENTIRELY wrong. Sorry, Nitin.

Niti Central is Shashi Shekhar's idea. In a sense, the same message I have for those cited above applies to Shashi. I have known him for many years and we agree on economic matters, but I hope he is also paying attention to the issue of justice and good governance.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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14 thoughts on “Rajesh Jain is surely not obfuscating the truth? I request him to comment.
  1. Anonymous

    Of course there are lots of people who completely agree with you but would take Modi’s side.
    Its not that they want Modi to win, they dont want Congress to win.
    Democracy in India has always been about choosing the lesser of the two evils and this is exactly what they are doing.
    If they dont support Modi, they will create confusion everywhere in the minds of the voters on who to vote.
    Precisely the reason why i hate Representative Democracy. It makes people compromise their ideals.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    There is no reason for such despondency. I recommend JP (of Lok Satta) for PM of India, and if many other groups unite under one umbrella (united only on basics: rule of law), then India CAN get a terrific government in 2014 that is neither Congress nor BJP.

  3. Sunil GR

    Hi Sanjeev ji,
    As anonymous said, more people are supporting Modiji as a sign of anti-congress. Now is the time to wipe off congress.
    If they do not support Modiji, it creates confusion among people which inturn helps congress to win. Till now cong is been successful in dividing their enemies (i.e. not allowing them to get unite). Now is the time for everyone to unite against cong irrespective of their ideological inclinations.
    You too agree to wipe off the cong. I saw your webpage only today. Initially i thought you are also congie in disguise! After browsing for sometime, thinking that you are genuine.
    You are saying “there is no reason for such despodency”. But is it practical now to bring LokSatta to power? that too in such a short time?? So people like you will definitely confuse people like me on whom to vote. This will be the greatest advantage to cong in dividing the votes. That is why people say parties like AAP, Loksatta are helping cong by deviating the vote share of its biggest opponent BJP/NDA.
    Even i agree finally truth should come up. So why not you take up your research after 2014 elections for a greater good? Why it is now? (I have read your “Why am I bothering about the 2002 riots now” article and could not get convinced with your explanation.)
    Instead for now it will be good if you can spend your energy in exposing cong.
    I am remembering a small story. Once a thief will be escaped but will be within kingdom. Same time enemy will start the war on the king. King will say first protect the kingdom, thief can be caught tomorrow too.
    So, when the situation is like war on cong, you are trying to catch a thief (actually even you are giving benefit of doubt if he is a thief or not. So this can be taken after 2014 elections.)

  4. raman kumar

    bogus story. i can give sex sites running on ip of your site that doesn’t mean you run it. but there is nothing wrong about site its just giving true version of godhra train burning and post godhra train burning riots. and thanks to people mentioning it more nad more people would visit that . the traffic on that site have now multiplied like anything in the end its all going to help modi and more and more people would know his side of story the real truth :)

  5. raman kumar

    i have come to this blog first time and noticed you are kind of being anti modi and spreading propaganda yourself without even a single fact. and there is contradiction in your views . you are quoting tehelka for your allegations on modi and everybody in india knows tehelka is a propanda site run bye the leftists. at least take things from some place which has some credibility. you don’t even believe in a court judgement and you call for rule of law lol now thats funny. fact is this it has been proved in court that godhra train was burned by muslims in a pre planned conspiracy . and in riots more than one third who died were hindus these are facts. one more fact modi has been given clean chit by sit of any wrong doing . and no matter how teesta and leftists-sharia group tries to spread propaganda truth won’t change. and one more thing maya kodnani is convicted in false case and has no hand in riots at all. and she would be acquited in high court 100%. ever try to read that judgment and how in that judgemnet maya travelled 200 kms in just span of 5 minutes. you are just selective in your allegatoins. have some vested interest . after all anti-modism and anti-Hinduism have been a huge money minting sceme so far . :P

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Please under no circumstance vote Congress. I’ve already made it clear 100s of times.

    Re: the rest – do not vote BJP either. I think HONEST people should be voted, at a minimum. And there are plenty of new parties to choose from.

    I’m trying to get these parties together. If that is successful then there WILL be a PM candidate from a national coalition of honest parties.




  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    I haven’t checked the site/s on Gujarat riots, but if it is falsifying the facts (as Modi has done AT EVERY STAGE) then it is unethical.

    Yes, people are stupid and gullible – and will believe anything if it is repeated long enough. But I am hoping Rajesh Jain and Atanu Dey are not unethical.


  8. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    ” you don’t even believe in a court judgement”

    Actually, your superficial analysis is (as expected) totally wrong. I DO “BELIEVE” in the court judgement. And it is ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. I have shown clearly how ABSURD is the court’s judgement.

    The court is bought by Modi/ threatened by Modi. No honest judge could have given such a judgement.


  9. raman kumar

    you say you believe in court judgment on one side and saying judge were paid by modi lol. means you don’t believe the justice system. and until modi is convicted you won’t believe. you don’t even believe the sit clean chit . sit which was working under supervision of supreme court. plus its the congress party which is controlling the central agencies and tried its best to implicate modi. how can you say the site is lieing. what lie is site telling everything is based on proof . on central government figures and court judgements. not one thing is false on site . give proof. truth is not what you think. truth needs facts. by saying oh judge is false courts are false. whole world is paid means you won’t agree anything which is supporting modi. that is called blind hate.

  10. raman kumar

    you have shown nothing you have quoted tehelka stories which has open agenda of extreme-leftists. work of teesta who herself has paid and threatened people to give false affidevits in courts which is proved. she is also accused by riot victims for looting funds which were meant for victims. your whole allegations are based form tehelka stories with no substance. thats why i am opposing it. you are talking about liberal front but when you youself are supporting leftists how can anybody support it..

  11. SSRAT

    Meanwhile this is happening in India which apparently belongs to muslims as well (even to muslims across the border!).

    “Pak clerics determine poll mandate in this border constituency of Rajasthan”.

    What the article says is very very common mullas tell muslims who to vote for and they DO EXACTLY THAT, muslims are NOT SECULAR, THEY ARE COMMUNAL TO THE BONE, Jai modi.

    It is also suggested by some that Arab money is very keen on putting Modi out either in jail or…

    Hindus in India did not interfere when maoists forcefully turned Nepal into a secular country (Nepalese people wanted out with monarchy not religion) and yet you Mr. Sabhlok want us to consider muslims (people whose VOTING PATTERNS ARE DISTURBING) as equally Indians. Sigh.

  12. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    You may well hold the opinion that Muslims are not equally Indains. That’s fine. So long as you don’t go about killing others based on your belief. That’s more or less the essence of what I say each time.




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