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Prepare for Modi’s Kalyug: Raping an innocent woman in custody. Killing her in a government office.

I chanced upon this a few days ago.  In this story – which belongs to the Kalyug of Modi – the good are portrayed as evil, and the evil become heros.

Sources for this wonderful story about Modi's heroic killings of innocent Muslims (essential to achieve a great "Hindu" India) include: this, this, this, this, and this.

It is true that the incident discussed here is not yet proven in court. However four things clinch the case:

a) Witness statements

b) Phone call records

c) Forensic analysis of the mud where the cremation occurred

d) CONSISTENT with all other aspects of Modi's system of functioning as the "HINDU" GODFATHER.

Key players the story:

VILLAIN (wife of a criminal but with no charge against her)

Kauserbi, wife of Sohrabuddin and witness to his extra-judicial killing by Modi’s henchmen.

HEROS: (Modi’s henchmen and fighters for a "Hindu" India)

The main hero, first:

– a man sworn to protect the Indian Constitution.

HERO #2) D.G.Vanzara, 1987 batch IPS Gujarat cadre, DIG of Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) – a man sworn to protect the Indian Constitution.

HERO #3) Rajkumar Pandian, 1992 batch IPS Gujarat cadre, and SP ATS  – a man sworn to protect the Indian Constitution.

22 November 2005

On 22 November 2005, at about 9 p.m. Sohrabuddin and Kausarbi boarded a luxury bus from Hyderabad to Sangli, Maharashtra.

23 November 2005

Around 1.30 a.m on 23 November (in the middle of the night) Modi’s policemen, led by Rajkumar Pandian, and comprising  M L Parmar, N H Dabhi, Balkrishan Chaubey and N V Chauhan,  along with an Andhra Pradesh team of policemen in a Qualis Jeep blocked the bus and arrested Sohrabuddin and took Kauserbi along. So far so good. Police are entitled to make arrests – provided they had the right papers. Clearly there was a VERY strong case against Sohrabuddin.

26 November 2005


Sohrabuddin was “encountered” in the early morning of 26 November, 2005 [In a recent supplementary charge-sheet filed by CBI on 6th May 2013 it is reported that (a) Vimal Patni, the owner of R K Marbles and (b) Shri Gulab Chand Kataria, former Home Minister of Rajasthan had conspired to kill Sohrabuddin as he was allegedly trying to extort money from R K Marbles.  The killing was outsourced to the Gujarat Police in consultation with Amit Shah, Modi’s Minister of State for Home of Gujarat].

No trial for Sohrabuddin. Just liquidation. How cool is that!  Want to kill someone. Just outsource to Modi. That’s a great "Hindu" India: the Modi Kalyug.

Now, from this wikipedia entry, you can see that there were massive proofs against Sohrabuddin. It should have been an easy matter to bring him to book. But MODI DOESN'T LIKE THE SYSTEM OF JUSTICE. He is the judge, jury and executioner. If he THINKS you are guilty, its over for you. And, of course, he has COMPREHENSIVELY destroyed his own justice system (in Gujarat) in every possible way.

That's the kind of Kalyug India should prepare for if he becomes PM.

26-28 November 2005


Kauserbi was confined in a farmhouse known as Arham farm from 26 to 28 November, 2005. PSI Chaube was deputed to guard her, but instead, he raped her. It is a separate question WHY she was detained. She was a free woman and should NOT have been detained in the first place.

29 November 2005

On 29th November around 12.30 p.m, she was taken to the ATS office by PSI Choube.

DG Vanzara, DIG and Rajkumar Pandyan, SP, offered her a huge sum of money for her silence.

She refused. On being told about the death of Sohrabuddin, she turned hysteric.


Narendra Amin, DySP Crime Branch Ahmedabad, who was earlier a doctor by profession, was summoned by Vanzara around 4 p.m.

Kauserbi was drugged and killed in that very office.

[Evidence: Based on the call records, the CBI found that she was killed in the evening on November 29, 2005. To know about her death and disposal of her body, the CBI had scrutinised call records of accused cops – DG Vanzara, NK Amin, Balkrishan Chaubey and VA Rathod]

Vanzara called PI Rathod to fetch a tempo to transport firewood around 5 p.m.

Kauserbi’s dead body was carried away in a police jeep to Illol village from ATS office around 6 p.m. [Evidence: The investigating agency had found that the mobile tower connectivity of all these four cops shows that they reached Illol in the night of November 29.]

Nathubha Jadeja (driver of the tempo) stated that:

a) Kauserbi was cremated by Vanzara,  R.K. Pandiyan, N.K. Amin, Dy.S.P., B.R. Chaubey, NV Chauhan (sub-inspectors) on the bed of Dhavdi river at Village Illol. [Some evidence]

b) Her remains of bones and ashes were cooled down by pouring water and transferred into a gunny bag.

c) BR Chaube and NV Chauhan later threw the gunny bag in the Narmada River in Bharuch District.


I believe that the rape and murder of Kauserbi is BEYOND REPREHENSIBLE. It is a crime against humanity.

The violence against Kauserbi is FAR WORSE than the violence against Nirbhaya. In Kauserbi's case the people PAID TO PROTECT HER (the police) raped and killed her. State violence is worse, by an order of magnitude, than common criminal violence.

This was NOT any ordinary criminal violence. It was violence orchestrated by MODI AND HIS TEAM. People paid to protect us have become our killers, under the leadership of Modi.

Fortunately for India, the evidence is now pouring out, one by one, and Modi has no place to hide.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “Prepare for Modi’s Kalyug: Raping an innocent woman in custody. Killing her in a government office.
  1. vinod Dhall

    These incidents, episodes, intrigues and even crimes can be attributed to politicians, kings, rajas, emperors, zamindars, warlords of all hues, castes, colour, creeds: you only have to change names in your story.
    We are lucky that in this day and age, we can say,even expose these stories and expect to live and even be feted.

    Only the democratic institutions supported by technology/ science have made it possible.
    Therefore, let us all work to strengthen these institutions.
    Election commission (T N Seshan), CAG (Vinod Rai, are already strong and on an independent path to fulfil their role responsibly.
    Someone now needs to take up Judiciary. To deliver justice to plaintiffs/defendants, and impartially interpret law, responsibly and expeditiously.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Vinod, I disagree with the stament that “These incidents, episodes, intrigues and even crimes can be attributed to politicians, kings, rajas, emperors, zamindars, warlords of all hues, castes, colour, creeds: you only have to change names in your story.”

    Let me talk only about Assam. I have worked with one of the most corrupt CMs – a guy called Hiteswar Saikia. But even though there were some rumours of his use of violence, I never came across any.

    And Prafulla Mahanta of AGP too became renowned for corruption. But never for killing people.

    And before Hiteswar Saikia was the most godly and honest man you can think of: Sarat Chandra Sinha, who travelled in a bus and was above reporach. And from my wife’s side I know an MP in the old Congress (her father’s eldest brother) who was so honest and good, you’d wonder why these guys chose socialism – else India could have done so well.

    And before that we had Gopinath Bordoloi. What a person. What a hero!

    India has generally NOT had SYSTEMATIC killers as its CMs till Modi came on the scene.

    Yes, you are right on the judiciary. It has let us down badly in the case of Gujarat.

  3. S

    Sir, what is actually surprising to know is the kind of atmosphere that prevailed in gujarat police department at that time.These officers did encounters in the belief that law would never catch up with them.

    Actually the entire Indian police is in shambles.They have no credibility .No doubt, around 80 out of 160 persons selected for IPS by UPSC each year opt out of the initial training in mussoorie and give another attempt in the hope of making it to IAS.
    The situation is pathetic in Punjab.There is an urgent need for police reforms.The news article given below pretty well sums up the state of police department in Punjab.I believe the same must be true for all other states in the country.

    Punjab is deep in narcotics.The situation is pathetic in border states.It is an open secret that politicians from both parties are involved in narcotics.Of course , the police keep on catching drug peddlers here and there, but it is just an eye wash.
    I do not have any fool proof evidence for the same like u have compiled against narendra modi for communal riots. But i think we should believe the statements given by honest ips officers of the state.Mr Shahikant , ex ips punjab has clearly said that the most powerful people in the state are involved in narco- business but has stopped short of giving specific names for the fear of anti-defamation suits.
    I do not understand what stops ias and ips of a state cadre from forming a strong effective union.

  4. s

    In fact , i am sure that there is complicity at the highest levels in this drug business in Punjab. No illegal activity can be done without the police looking the other way or themselves complicit.Such efficient is the police network that when a lady gets sexually assaulted and there is media pressure to nab the culprits , the accused are caught within 48 hours flat even if the assault happened in Mumbai and the accused fled to bihar or UP.This has happened countless number of times.


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