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Modi magical rickshaw: this man is pulling wool over an entire country’s eyes, and the country doesn’t want to ask questions.

The Godhra judgement is one of the most mysterious that one can come across.


The rickshaw is one of the most fascinating fabrications of the human imagination:

Note this:

7:43 am: arrival at Godhra
7:48 am: train starts
7:55 am: train resumes after first chain pulling

7:58 am: train stops at Cabin "A"

"Distance between the station and A cabin is about 3/4 kmt. and ordinarily it takes about 3 to 4 minutes for a train to cover that distance." [Nanawati Commission]

The court judgement notes:

the First part of the incident i.e. stone pelting etc was occurred on the Platform No.1 of the Godhra Railway Station. Then, Second part of incident i.e. stone pelting, damages, Fire etc was occurred near ‘A’ Cabin approximately one Km. away from the said Platform No.1.

Now, presumably ISI had all this prepared in advance:

a) The train would be late

b) There would be a number of altercations

c) Kar Sevaks would assault the modesty of two Muslim women

d) An angry crowd would emerge (after all, the Muslims lived just outside the station).

e) That ISI would manage to get a HINDU boy to load the 7 cans of petrol (that this boy was SLEEPING SOUNDLY AT THAT TIME is a different matter)

f) It was all known in advance that the train would somehow stop at Cabin A

g) The rickshaw would rush like a bullet to reach Cabin A in four minutes (after the loading, which presumably BEGAN after the train arrived)

h) 140 litres of petrol (weighing 102.3 kilos) was lugged up a VERY STEEP INCLINE FROM THE ROAD (Despite Modi's wishes, I assume his rickshaw can only disappear, not fly) by superman Muslims in BROAD DAYLIGHT. No lapse of time occurred in this process. Instantaneous.

i) These supermen, with SEVEN cans of 20 litres each of petrol snuck in INVISIBLY to the vestibule. They cut it but NEVER LEFT ANY CUT MARK BEHIND.

j) Despite the officers of the Railways watching the scene clearly, no one noticed them. All passengers were blind. The 250 karsevaks in bogie S6 were entirely numb with fear. Or maybe then never saw anything.

etc. etc.

This is from the court judgement.

The petrol Cans which were stored at Aman Guest House were taken in a loading rickshaw, near the “A” Cabin.

OK. Let's assume this actually happened. Now, the police rehearsed the rickshaw story by taking water for a distance of 750 metres:

PW-200/Exh.1013 Karansinh Ranjitsinh Jhala (panch witness):
Rehearsal of taking loading Rickshaw putting nine Carboys of 20 litres water from Aman Guest House to open space near ‘Ali Masjid’ came to be done in presence of panchas and other seven police officials and in that rehearsal within four minutes that distance of 750 meters came to be passed.

Very nice. So there is now proof that a rickshaw can travel 750 metres in 4 minutes, carrying 180 litres of water.

What next?

the ‘A’ Cabin where the alleged incident was occurred, is situated at the distance of approximately one k.m. on the western side (on Vadodara side) from the Godhra Railway Station platform No.1.

The building of said ‘A’ Cabin is two storied i.e. ground floor and first floor and the same is on the southern side (on Signal Faliya Side) of the Railway tracks. The first floor is being used by Railway staff, for the purpose of signal etc and there are glass windows, in the all the walls of the first floor, so that the Trains, Tracks, Signals etc can be seen easily by the Railway staff, from inside the ‘A’ Cabin.

Now, let me provide snapshots of the scene near this Cabin A:

Please watch this from 8 minutes and 55 seconds:

Now back to the rickshaw.

So we see CLEARLY that there was no road leading directly to coach S6. That means the rickshaw actually stopped somewhere, unless it was able to fly. The MOST LIKELY PLACE where such a (hypothetical) rickshaw could stop was below the bridge. The super-Muslims would then have to LUG 100 KILOS OF PETROL IN SEVEN CANS a good distance to coach S-6 (which came to a halt VERY CLOSE to Cabin A and was in full view of the Asst. Station Master).

The process of carrying these cans had to be done very quickly (the argument that these "planners" cut the air hose is FALSE. There is simply no proof of that. The only sensible reason is that of the four or more chains pulled, one of these hoses was not properly fitted. There is no evidence of any cut hose. The train did move after the first chain pulling and it is almost certain that the loose fitting of one of the hoses forced it to a further halt. No "planning" involved here).


I'm afraid I'm getting a bit tired of this ridiculous story. What is astonishing is that the Indian media has sat like a stunned mullet lapping up this GARBAGE. And so have people like Madhu Kishwar.

Have people lost their mind? Aren't they able to ask QUESTIONS?

The man who challenges this (Sehgal) is a senior forensic leader of India and a member of Interpol. He is basically saying that this story is impossible. And no one in India is bothered?

Has Modi cast a spell and LOCKED UP our mind?


Follow up posts (linked directly to this one):

1. Why is the truth about how Coach S6 got burnt in Godhra so important to the case against Modi?

2. This is how the train MIGHT HAVE gotten burnt. In any event, no evidence exists of any prior intent to kill.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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8 thoughts on “Modi magical rickshaw: this man is pulling wool over an entire country’s eyes, and the country doesn’t want to ask questions.
  1. Kishan

    Sir, only thing one can say is that your mind is working like that of a defence lawyer of the criminals and not like one interested in getting closer to the truth.
    In one blog post the quantity of petrol changes from 140 to 180 to 100 liters.
    By the way, where is that fictitious girl who was the cause of all the mayhem in which 59 people were burnt alive and more than a thousand lost their lives in the riots ? Why doesn’t Tehelka try to trace that woman out? I say fictitious because it does look like a cooked up story and Bhagwati has dismissed this story as such.
    Sir, if you don’t mind my saying so, I’ll say that you benefited your readers far better when you wrote about Chanakya, Ram Krishna Paramhans, Ayn Rand and many other such personalities and good subjects.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Kishan, I feel like being VERY HARSH and rude to you. Why are so terribly confused? Don’t you read?

    a) 140 LITRES of petrol

    b) 140 LITRES of petrol weights 102.3 KILOGRAMS (appx 100 kg). Understand? I made it clear and also provided a link. What’s so hard about it?

    c) The POLICE said they had tested the rickshaw with 180 litres of WATER (note my citation of the court’s judgement).

    OK? Now please read it again and show me ONE thing that I’ve identified wrongly. Please refer to the Nanawati Commission report/ Patel judgement.

    Only after you fully understand this very serious issue of FRAUD BY MODI, and demonstrate basic capacity to read will I discuss your other (entirely irrelevant) question.

  3. Alkesh

    Mr. Sbhlok,

    lets start from your question in the last part of your minority-bacchavnaama. you have asked “have people lost their mind?”…. yes its YOU have lost your mind…
    Here are some points… think if you can…
    — if the signal faliya muslims did not planed the attack, why all men of that notorious colony were on run for months together after burning S6?
    — if they were innocent, then why they did not rush to douse the fire?
    — ok, if they could not rush to help, then why did they stop the firefighter? (dear sir, if you have contacts in Zee news of AajTak, please ask them to provide you the first clippings of the incident… in which you will find the muslims are gathered in huge number in signal faliya, and that was the only road led to railway station, and they are stopping firefighter. In this clipping you will see the driver of the firefighter is asking the muslim mob to give him a way to the burning train with folding hands.)
    — Dear, it was not broad day light, it was early hours of the morning before dawn and most people, including YOU were in sleep.
    — Perhaps you do not the fact that not only in this country but anywhere in the world nobody is ready to talk about anti-social elements of the muslim community (yes except about terrorism) because they know they will be slain one day if they speak a word…
    — All so-called seculars are all the time miss the point that whenever there is any trouble between two communities, muslims always spread that muslim woman/women/girl were molested…and you people are always ready to accept this false propaganda…
    I think it is enough for now, will keep on discussion, if you are ready…

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    By no means am I saying HOW the train caught fire. I’m not “defending” anyone.


    If it is not please pinpoint how exactly the train caught fire. You are only allowed to use the Patel court judgement. You MAY, if you wish, also use Nanawati report.

    But you CAN’T use your wishful thinking/scenarios. 

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    In August I provided a brief comment on venus project here:

    I had a very quick look at the video and while Jacque has many views with which one may agree, he doesn’t display basic knowledge of the price system/competition/ wealth creation. He over-emphasises generalists. But Adam Smith’s insight was about division of labour (specialisation). Without MINUTE specialisation man can’t achieve anything. Yes, we need broad liberal education but specialisation is absolutely critical.

    In my previous comment I pointed out a similar lacuna: of his understanding of human incentives.

    If you think I’m wronig, please help me understand better by providing a short document written by Jacque Fresco.

  6. Vidyut

    I think the post asks valid and disturbing questions. I am not familiar with the details of this case and will not presume on “reality”, but on the face of it, regardless of whether it ends up correct or not, the lack of question is very disturbing.

    Perhaps it is our nature to not comment on the guilt of “people like us”. And by that, I also include leftist activists, who would rather fixate on Modi, than the very real question that there were indeed thousands of people on the streets – most of whom are roaming free and will never meet justice. The ones who got identified, arrested and punished alone could not have pulled off the atrocity. It is that simple.

    But I don’t imagine many people are going to take this up even now. We can wake the ones sleeping, not those pretending to sleep, but alert to resist attempts to wake them up.

    As for the right wing comments, I hardly imagine they *can* say anything else without being forced to look at the smokescreen they provide to those butchering their religion, their country and its laws.

  7. SSRAT

    Each can did not weigh 100 kilos, each can weighed little less than 15 kilos as there were seven cans, hardly superhuman stuff to lift them up.

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