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Why Nandan Nilekani’s entry into politics is (will be) a watershed in Indian history #1

I will deal with this topic in three parts. In the first post I'll post my comment on FB earlier today, and reactions to that comment. In the second part I'll post extracts from an email I sent to Nandan Nilekani immediately after getting to know this. In the third post, I'll respond to the commentators and explain why this (in my view) will be a major landmark, a watershed, in Indian history.

First my FB post

The best news about India that I've heard IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! If this goes through, then Congress should make him PM candidate.

"Nilekani will likely be offered a ticket by the Congress party to contest the 2014 federal elections from his home base in Bangalore"

Comments so far

SD He will lose. The electorate of Bangalore South is desperate to punish the looteras in the UPA

Sanjeev Sabhlok That's up to the people – but Nandan's knowledge of economics is superior to virtually anyone in India. This man is a

SD The central point is that he will be a paler and more powerless version of MMS, the PM. Where will he draw his authority from ? His legitimacy ?

Sanjeev Sabhlok The PEOPLE. I do hope the people elect him. I'd prefer him to Modi ANY DAY.

SD He cannot win. A RS seat is likelier. Similiar to MMS.

SN Sanjeev – Nandan doesn't understand any finance or Economics. I would say that his knowledge is negative. He is the guy who has on record stated the EPS calculations happens from the Balance Sheet — it was not a typo or something. He is just clueless.

No doubt he is a very suave guy, very articulate… but I agree with Sumanta… he wont be any different from MMS.

Sanjeev Sabhlok I'm speaking from my review of his book, in which I found him to be extremely knowledgeable:
A review of 'Imagining India' by Nandan Nilekani

VMJ Another puppet?

RK Nandan is useless & not a think tank & doesn't have leadership skills to lead.

APS No no no! A big no to Nandan! This man has shown all his intelligence in Aadhar project and his achievements are really nothing. He is just an another idiotic scamester.

Sanjeev Sabhlok Think tank: this man knows MORE about policy than anyone else I know about in India.

RK There was no need for Aadhar, and for such a small & obsolete thing Nandan was proposed. I doubt that a IT engineer can do so.

SN That book is about IT and how to use IT to reform government…. where is the knowledge of economics, political philosophy in those pages…. wherever he steps out of the domain of the above two topics, he blunders big time (like bonus marks instead of reservations).

I worked at infosys for almost 10 years and I know this from first-hand experience… he is a very very smart guy, can wiggle out of tough situations and can get things done. But economics, political science — he is a big zero.

RK He doesn't have idea of grass root issues in india, He may have done good in organisation as …Govt-Corp nexus, else to me he doesn't know the multiple things in depth. He can edit & modify some paper's that's it.

PM  I have interacted wit him and he is good. I am glad India's political face is changing gradually. This is exciting news

SP how is it good news, sanjeev? is he going to make the congress do a u-turn from its socialist policies? is he going to be able to make the mother-son duo see reason? is he going to make the party fashion a new kind of political discourse?

RS He is good like MMS. But he will be powerless like MMS. He will be toothless and nailless lion. If Nandan really wants to do good, why doesnt he join Loksatta or for that matter SBP. Just invite him to join your party and see his reactions. These guys are just making fools of indians with their clean image. He batted for corrupt congress when lokpal movement was going on. May be lokpal is not good but there was no reason to bat for congress leaders.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “Why Nandan Nilekani’s entry into politics is (will be) a watershed in Indian history #1
  1. Niraj

    >{The best news about India that I’ve heard IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! If this goes through, then Congress should make him PM candidate.}

    Good for you and Nilekani !

    Very soon you will hear the worst news of your ENTIRE LIFE too. That of Modi becoming PM. LOL

  2. Bhanu Shukla

    No doubt that nandan nilekani has been a great administrator and manager for infosys and many other organizations, but he is going to contest under the umbrella of congress that might create confusion in public because people have been suffering congress rule for last 10 years and now they want to teach them lesson in this situation it could be very difficult for him to win a seat in next assembly elections, on the other hand there were some good people entered in the politics but they failed or they just became the part of the system they don’t have enough courage to challenge the system accept arvind kejriwal (even he has not won any election ). Look at Sashi tharur he entered in politics but now under the unbrella of congress he is speaking their language, So same thing will happen with nandan nilekani.


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