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There is a method to my madness. My scattergun approach emerges from an underlying model of liberty.

I received the following advice from a management consultant today:
You have many goals and they are all very big, 
1. Changing Society
2. Changing Religion as practiced
3. Bringing new better political alternatives.
Personally I will support you 100% for 3rd, as it becomes viable alternative. Remember even Budda was only able to 2 in his life time. 
Prioritize for maximum impact that you can have. Sorry for giving unsolicited advise, bad habit of being a management consultant.
Here's my response. Happy to discuss/ debate.
Thanks, R. As far as my goals are concerned, I live for each moment, and try to live life as I want to live it. To me that's all that matters. I have no personal targets for social or other "impact". Maybe the phrase nishkama karma is more appropriate for what I seek.

I believe in joint responsibility towards society, which leads me to goals 1-3. So I keep trying to push the frontier on each of these. But as it is our joint responsibility to change society, I don’t necessarily focus on any of these spillover activities. Pretty much a scattergun approach.

In this process I reach out to others at multiple levels. My aim is to strengthen a similar search for truth among others – so they can lead the change in their own way.  I try to collaboratively help build platforms and raise issues, but these activities don't have a 'hold' on me. They are an aspect of living this life. I can move on from these ideas/ platforms at the drop of a hat if other things become more important. So I’m not a one-trick pony like the “great” men. I’m merely someone who lives a life and insists on liberty and truth. I prefer to be part of the struggle of the “common” man.  Also, none of my financial/material goals depend in any way on the success of (1) to (3).

Imagine a person who keeps his home clean. But also helps to clean a little bit outside. That’s me. No more than that.

It is everyone's obligation to think about society/ religion/ India's future. So now that a range of platforms exist, those who are interested may wish to engage in collaboration to achieve  our shared goals for society.

So my suggestion would be for you to pick the area/s you are more inclined to focus on, and support/join in the way you wish/can. For example, for No. 3, we’ve set up the Swarna Bharat Party. That is currently being registered with the Election Commission.

I want to move away from the “great man” model into the “live this life well” model. In my model, everyone contributes their bit to the world.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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