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The UTTERLY USELESS governance of Modi: Juhapura, where 400,000 INDIANS suffer extreme indignity

I accidentally came up on this today, and here are my findings:

I at least assumed that Modi had done SOME developmental work (given the mega hype around this issue). But what I see is beyond deplorable. Shameful.

Modi is a VICIOUS COMMUNAL PERSON who TOTALLY HATES Indians who may not match the religion he was born into. Had he been born a Muslim, what would he have done?

And this man wants to be India's PM??!


The story of the Juhapura ghetto

Juhapura was a small suburb with a small population until the mid 80s, but after the communal riots of Gujarat from 1985 until 2002, a large number of the Muslims migrated to Juhapura from the Muslim and Hindu-dominated areas of Ahmedabad and surround cities to settle there. [Source]

The first ever government school WILL BE provided by Modi to 400,000 muslims sometime this year. This is called "great" administration of Modi?!!!!! ? Why do his great supporters not talk about this! [Source]

SHAME ON MODI AND THOSE WHO PRAISE HIM. "The three lakh residents of Juhapura have no bus services, civic schools, libraries, dispensaries, playgrounds, stormwater drains or fire stations. We ask for these amenities but we are given dumping grounds and the sewage treatment plants" [Source]

MODI, TOTALLY COMMUNAL IN HIS APPROACH – HAS SO ISOLATED MUSLIMS IN GUJARAT HE DOESN'T EVEN GO TO THEM FOR VOTES: "But why will they come, when they say openly that they don't want our votes?" Zaheeruddin, who runs a small hotel, frames the shared scepticism. [Source]

"today, India's urban Muslims are the most disprivileged of India's urban citizens and their life-chances are sharply constrained in every respect." [Source]

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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8 thoughts on “The UTTERLY USELESS governance of Modi: Juhapura, where 400,000 INDIANS suffer extreme indignity
  1. Rick

    Should Modi play politics of “Symbolism” and ensure instead of focusing on policy and development issues that impact Gujarat at Macro level – he ensures every Muslim Majority area is well developed. Actually if he does do that his chance of becoming PM will increase many fold.

    Turning around a slum is extremely difficult, let’s take example of most famous slum Dharavi from Wikipedia – SInce 1997 many plans have been put forward to turn this slum around but even today “Dharavi has severe problems with public health, due to the scarcity of toilet facilities. As of November 2006 there was only one toilet per 1,440 residents in Dharavi.Mahim Creek, a local river, is widely used by local residents for urination and defecation, leading to the spread of contagious diseases. The area also suffers from problems with inadequate drinking water supply.”

    Now we also know that Maharashtra is richer than Gujrat and Mumbai richer than Vadodara, so why do we think that Modi is deliberately keeping this slum underdeveloped?

    Why are we giving this communal color when in your Indian express source people say “From both Daryapur and Juhapura, the Congress puts up Muslim candidates, but most agree that even where it wins, the party has shown little in the name of development”

    I used to study in a large city in US. To walk from my University to home I had to pass through “projects – american version of slums”, and I used to notice as soon as I step into that area the pavement was broken and trash was everywhere. After few blocks I will cross the project and pavement will become good and trash will vanish. We can say that US is racist, or we can understand that this is high density area of uneducated poor people where civic habits are not as good. Your choice truth could be either but let’s not condemn Mayor of this City to be racist because he happens to be black.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Rick, there is a HUGE difference from a slum and Juhapura. Juhapura is a place where even the elite Muslims of Ahmedabad have fled into, after the riots. They have uprooted themselves from the main city out of FEAR. This is about Modi’s DRIVING AWAY Indians into ghettos, then taxing them but not providing ANY infrastructure.

    So, even if it were a slum, are you saying that Modi is a great administrator? He can’t fix slums? What CAN he do? Only kill Muslims?

  3. Rick

    A. Juhapura was a slum and yes due to riots rich muslims have migrated to Juhapura. Quoting “The paradox of 2002 riots of Gujarat – the SLUM CALLED as JUHAPURA has been converted into a ghetto with the rich migrating here. It has nonetheless brought in partial development in the region” source –

    B. Source 2 Juhapura is a slum. In book “Inside the Transforming Urban Asia: Processes, Policies, and Public Actions”, 5 slums of Ahmedabad are mentioned 1. Sabarmati, 2. Danilimda, 3. Maninagar, 4, Vasna and 5. Juhapura. They also have some data so below is % of households with “No” access to Laterine:
    1. Sabarmati: 31.4
    2. Danilimda: 21.7
    3. Maninagar: 15.0
    4. Vasna: 21.3
    5. Juhapura: 5.1
    Based on above data you see Modi has failed to deliver not only to Muslim Majority slums but also Hindu majority. Frankly failed to deliver even more to Hindu areas.

    C. I have not said Modi is a great administrator or that he has solved all the problems. He has brought better law and order, and development than other states and his peers. Hence amongst the current viable alternatives he is the best. Remember if Modi is responsible for slums in Gujarat, Congress is responsible for slums all over India, if we use the same yardstick.

    D. Regarding – What CAN he do? Only Kill Muslims? – there is no response possible for this – just hollow use of adjectives. Once you have completed your research proving that Modi has killed Muslims, send it to Gandhi & Family, they will hang Modi, win muslim votes and 2014 elections. There is no proof that Modi was involved in killing any Muslim else congress and media will ensure that Modi is hanged.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks. Well researched. Merely proves that Modi is an ALL-ROUND FAILURE. Just like Congress.

    “There is no proof that Modi was involved in killing any Muslim”. I’m afraid that is entirely incorrect. Now that you are open to research, kindly go through this initial study: I’m currently reviewing the orignal 800 page Godhra case judgement (which is ENTIRELY problematic – as I’ve already detailed in this ‘book’) and will comment further.

    To date, there is – from my understanding of the facts – conclusive evidence of Modi’s personal complicity in the post-Godhra incidents of 2002.

    I’ve also shown that SIT is not independent, or even moderately competent. And the cases are all being tried in Gujarat courts – which are entirely planted by Modi and his men. Witnesses are being killed, false witnesses are being bribed, invesigations are being sabotaged, and inconvenient judges transferred. So much for “proof” of his “innocence”.

  5. Rick

    in your blog post based on your research, you had used “Existence” of this Muslim Ghetto as evidence of Modi’s communal approach, . My research shows “communal” angle is wrong and biased.

    Based on existence of some slums in Gujarat you have decided to label Modi “ALL-Round Failure”.

    Using the same yard stick, as your research and conclusions in this blog post were shabby, I decide to label all your research on Modi “All-Round Failure”

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Rick, you are entitled to your view. The fact is clear – this might have been a slum, but it was made into a GHETTO by Modi, by driving even elite Muslims into this place out of fear. Even you confirmed this.

    I’m afraid if Modi creates ghettos, and can’t do ANYTHING substantial to address poverty or corruption (his govenrment is renowned for corruption in allocation of mines), plus he has made a total mockery of the justice system, then he should be classified as an all-round failure.

    You are welcome to rebut my findings, but I’m forming this judgement on the basis of extensive research over the years (much of it is on this blog). Not all of it is in the Modi book, yet. Read Transparency International’s findings re: corruption in Gujarat. All data point to one thing: Modi’s “success” is more spin than substance. And don’t forget this:

    In brief, Modi is NOT the solution for India’s many problems. And almost certainly criminally involved.

  7. Kishan

    I think your hate is getting the better of your rationality. It happens many times with most rational of men/women.
    1- I have sent you on twitter a link to a very good expose of today’s celebrated journalists by Ravinar. So one should take whatever is written/shown in/on most of the media today with a pinch of salt.
    2- I would any day trust Madhu Kishwar who has spent substantial amount of time in Gujarat to understand the situation there first hand.
    3-There have been instances such as a prominent office bearer of Congress party in Gujarat joining BJP in recent months.
    4- There is no politician better qualified to lead today’s India than Modi. Most are dishonest/tainted. JP may be good but he has little following & little experience of administering a state, leave alone the country. Till JP becomes well known across India it would be more prudent to try Modi.


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