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The SIT has shown criminal inclinations by rejecting a GENUINE audio tape in which Sreekumar is being bullied by Modi’s stooges

I didn't know that SUCH STRONG evidence was available to implicate Modi and his team of "reliable" officers: an audio TAPE that records how Sreekumar was bulled by Modi's stooges.

In this third affidavit, Sreekumar also produced an audio recording which allegedly proved that state home secretary GC Murmu, home department official Dinesh Kapadia and the state government’s special prosecutor Arvind Pandya had tried tutoring and intimidating him into not telling the truth before the Nanavati-Shah Commission. [Sanjeev: This has the DIRECT HAND OF MODI written all over it]

The SIT found the audio recording to be genuine but has alleged that Sreekumar produced it as an act of pique only after he was superseded for a promotion. [Sanjeev: WHAT A BIG LIE BY THE SIT!!!] [Source: Tehelka]

Now that I know FOR SURE that Sreekumar is a genuine good officer, the rejection of this DIRECT testimony that implicates Modi (this is a REAL recording), is clear proof that SIT is criminally inclined.

There can be absolutely NO BASIS for rejection of this testimony. EVERYTHING points to a culture in Modi's government of DODGING THE JUSTICE SYSTEM.

I now need to find out more about the SIT itself. Who were its members, what's their history. This is getting really murky.

A major crime was committed in BROAD DAYLIGHT by Modi and his gang (VHP, etc.). But for 11 years the whole world has been made a fool. Justice has been TOTALLY subverted.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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