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Houdini would have been challenged: Carry seven 20-litre petrol cans, cut a vestibule, burn a train, and escape with empty cans. INVISIBLY. In broad daylight.

I've not yet had time to fully go through the Patel judgement and Nanawati etc. reports, but what bothers me is the AUDACITY of both Patel and Nanawati in "proving" their preferred case, which involves TRULY STRETCHING ONE'S IMAGINATION.

Houdini couldn't have done, leave alone Patel or Nanawati.

The perpetrators of the Godhra train apparently burnt the train in this manner:

a) they carried 7 HUGE carboys filled with petrol (the cans were not taken in advance to the site: only after the train reched the station).

b) lugged them IN BROAD DAYLIGHT into the Sabarmati Express that had stopped near Cabin A,

c) cut open the canvas of the vestibule connecting coaches S6 and S7 (Sanjeev: there is NO EVIDENCE of such cut marks).

d) rushed inside and poured the petrol into S6

e) lit the petrol

f) ran away WITH THE SEVEN CARBOYS (since they have never been found)

g) did all of the above in the presence of HUNDREDS OF PASSENGERS, and KEY POLICE AND RAILWAY WITNESSES who NEVER SAW ANY OF THIS HAPPEN. There were people monitoring this area as part of their regular duties. NO ONE saw these huge cans.

I request anyone who can to please explain how this can be done. It is true that I've not yet read the entire report/s but this thing is bugging me. It simply doesn't add up. And Nanawati admits there are NO WITNESSES.

I simply can't imagine how this feat can be done without ANYONE observing it, in broad DAYLIGHT, with 1000s of witnesses. Please help me understand what's going on.


[14] As the assailants could not succeed in setting on fire the coach by throwing burning rags etc, some assailants found out another way and after cutting canvas vestibule of Coach S-7, suceeded in opening eastern side sliding door of Coach S-6 forcibly and after entering into the coach, the East-South corner door of Coach S-6 came to be opened, from which some others entered with Carboys containing petrol and poured petrol sufficient enough in the coach and then by a burning rag, the entire Coach S-6 set on fire. [Sanjeev: this sounds like  a suicide attack, but apparently the guys who burnt the train are FULLY ALIVE AND KICKING. Only others died. And these others didn't even SEE THEM!]


208. It is true that no passenger has said that he had seen anybody entering the coach with a Carboy or some container filled with petrol and throwing it inside the coach. What they have said is that initially burning rags and bottles and pouches filled with inflammable liquid were thrown inside the coach through the broken windows. Some of them had fallen on the floor and some had fallen on the seats. The burning rags would have surely started burning other things with which they had come into contact. The seats were of rexine and therefore the burning bags that had fallen on the seats must have made them burn and cause smoke. All that must have caused lot of confusion amongst the passengers of coach S/6 and that is probably the reason why there is no clear and complete evidence. [Sanjeev: What amazing "logic"! So how did these people themselves escape? And WHERE are the carboys they brought?]

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