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Hang on! Even the basic Modi claim that Godhra train burning was pre-planned is not yet established

One tends to trust the justice system but things are now becoming really unclear about Modi as I have started asking questions.

Like anyone else, I was taking the LAZY position on this issue till recently. The lazy position involves ASSUMING that inquiries and courts are doing their job. Also, I was physically constrained during 2002 (due to acute RSI) and did not read any computer-based newspapers – reading only what tangentially reported in Australian newspapers. So my knowledge of key issues re: Godhra is quite weak, and I need to learn almost all the details through personal examination now.

However, a lazy position does not necessarily lead to the truth. That's what I learnt in the climate change case (the IPCC was LYING), and I'm learning in the Modi case.

In a system where both prosecution and judges are appointed through the Modi government, and at least two members of SIT were later found to have been accused in some parts of the Godhra incidents, it will be good that we keep our mind open till the very end of the case.

The case is STILL GOING ON. the 31 people "convicted" in this case have appealed to the Gujarat High Court. [Wikipedia]. They are basically saying that they have been FALSELY convicted.

Two things stand out:

1) Modi's alleged theory (announced immediately after the burning) that ISI was involved – is FALSE. (at least I can't find any evidence of it today). Remember, that statement was used to create a sense of panic in Gujarat – which, when combined with the state sponsored bandh – led to a serious law and order situation being CREATED.

2) For long, it appears that the Modi government/VHP were arguing that petrol was thrown from outside. Well, it appears this theory was entirely trashed.

Ahmedabad-based Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) after conducting intensive tests concluded that it is impossible that inflammable liquid could have been poured from outside into the train compartment. The FSL report proved that about 60 litres of such liquid was poured from inside the compartment before it was set on fire. This important conclusive finding immediately sets at rest the allegation that a Muslim mob poured inflammables from outside into the compartment and set the rail compartment ablaze. [Source]

So HOW did Modi government manage to get a successful prosecution of 31 people in the train burning case?

Someone pointed me to a two part video below, which is absolutely riveting and provides STRONG evidence that the burning of the train could not possibly have been pre-planned.

I would like to know HOW any Muslim CARRYING with at least 60 litres of petrol (does anyone understand what this involves!! – I have a 5 litre petrol tin. Try carrying 60 litres!) managed to smuggle himself into the coach despite the WHOLE train being full of kar sevaks, doors locked and windows shut.

NO EYE WITNESS who was present saw such a huge quantity of petrol being carried into the train.

How could the court possibly convict anyone OUTSIDE the train for this? I'd be grateful if someone can point me to the prosecution case.

All evidence that I now see is clear: the events preceding the burning (stone throwing, etc.) were ENTIRELY unplanned, and attributable ENTIRELY to the behaviour of the kar evaks. I'm sure I'll learn more about this in the coming days/weeks. There was no ISI involvement, no pre-planning by Indian Muslims.

However, there is now very strong evidence that Modi created these pretexts to build up a frenzy in the state of Gujarat – and unleashed HIS own well-armed violent "troops" (VHP/Bajrang Dal) on the Indian Muslims of Gujarat. 


Sreekumar sought a recreation of the event but no one did that.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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5 thoughts on “Hang on! Even the basic Modi claim that Godhra train burning was pre-planned is not yet established
  1. Shravan

    One statement does not mount to a theory.

    That short clip that you are showing is not from any legally accepted document, it is from a newspaper which describes itself as ‘India’s first muslim newspaper’.

    Where is the document produced by the forensic lab? If such a report/document is publicly available (for a newspaper to get it’s hands on it) then why is it so difficult to prove in court that the kar-sevaks burnt themselves? There might be forensic studies which prove the opposite.

    Not all kar sevaks died some lived and they have claimed that their bogies were attacked.

    Does Modi control the Supreme Court then if the SIT is so incompetent that someone in Australia can get his hands on an authentic forensic report and they cannot?

  2. A

    Of course, you are raising important questions.

    Viewing the videos, I think the “general lawlessness” of India is a very big factor which led to this gruesome event. Mobs (of any flavour) taking law into their hands — that is the common theme I see. Whether it is verbal insults, so-called “eve teasing” (South Asian euphemism for criminal acts on women), pelting stones at a train or setting afire, mobs do it the way they please. Law and order are non-existent. It is sheer luck that things are not yet dysfunctional… or are they?

    Having said that, these events are now farther and farther as time marches on. I suppose Muslims of India too might have a better deal with Modi than with Rahul, as argued here:

    An election is finally always a choice between one and another, knowing the imperfections of both and comparing two possible outcomes.

  3. Kishan

    The burden of this post seems to suggest that someone inside the coach was carrying petrol (was it 60 litres?) and set fire from inside. Does it sound probable? What could have happened? Has any other angle been investigated by someone?
    Mukul Sinha is a an advocate in a case against Modi. Should that fact be taken into consideration while analyzing his statements?
    Prof Chenoy is a professor at JNU, a Nehruvian leftist citadel.He has appeared many times on TV too. His views are squarely leftist.
    From Ayodhya to Godhra there may be at least half a dozen big stations. Has any vendor at these stations complained about the goonda like behavior of the kar sevaks ? It is true that these people get unruly sometimes when there is provocation. They don’t offer the other cheek.
    Normally, truth comes out when an incident is fresh and people have had little time to think about their responses. The earliest recordings should be closer to truth.An investigation based on statements by people even after a month of the incident may not be able to reach the truth.
    I am an absolute laymen and have no investigating abilities.But these questions just cropped up while reading your post and seeing the videos.

  4. A

    Kishan — No, the 60 liters of “petrol” etc is on which is a paper whose editor is Javed, husband of Teesta Setalvad. It seems to make up its own facts conveniently. Also check out “Communal Combat” and Sabrang Trust, and all their work.

    I tried to spend some time to check the lab report. (Outlook has quoted paragraphs from it). The test done by the forensic team was by pouring *water*, presumably to see how the liquid will flow. Well water as you know is a very different liquid. They poured about 60 l of water to reach the entire coach. Apparently the test coach was standing still which again is wrong physics if you ask me. Interestingly the report does not claim that 60 l of petrol was involved. That was the work of incendiary journalism. It is very very hard to seperate facts from fiction.


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