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This blog has opened its batting in the list of “Top 200 Influential Economics Blogs – Aug 2013”

This blog has entered this international ranking of economics blogs for the first time, at #151:Top 200 Influential Economics Blogs – Aug 2013[Although published on 31 July 2013, I came to know about this only today]

Not bad, I think, for an occasional effort. Please publicise this list – it contains some super-good blogs (including, of course mine!).

My blog is best seen as an applied economics blog in which economics is part of the philosophy of classical liberalism. I see economics in the tradition of Chanakya, Adam Smith and Hayek – as part of a system of natural libertyFor those interested, my enunciation of classical liberal philosophy can be obtained from my (draft) manuscript: The Discovery of Freedom


One of the key goals of this blog is to spread awareness in India about the importance of economics education.

You may be aware that two think tanks in India promote liberty: Centre for Civil Society and Liberty Institute, both in Delhi. They are in the education/ dissemination space.

I am into the political reform space, not primarily into liberty/economics education as a primary goal. I am building a classical liberal political party in India. Lok Satta party is broadly classical liberal but I am supporting a new party Swarna Bharat Party which is going to be more firmly grounded in classical liberalism.

As a key mechanism to achieve the goal of liberty in India I'm organising a total reform movement through Sone Ki Chidiya Federation. Its aim is to reach out to the whole of India in the coming years. It will not only demand economic reforms, but GOVERNANCE and SOCIAL reforms, as well. 


There are many ways to get involved. Join Sone Ki Chidiya Federation, to begin with. Let us create a total reform movement in India and publicise the benefits of liberty.

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