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Recent caste issue in UK – I support the view that caste is a form of racism

I've come across this recent article today (Anti-caste discrimination reforms blocked, say critics). Turns out there are some serious debates re: caste happening in the UK parliament.

I'm not interested in government enactments about caste. Caste is not a government's business. It is also not possible for the government to change religion.


But it is increasingly clear to me – the more I study this issue – that caste is DEFINITELY a form of racism. And by that I mean skin-colour based.

Caste, however, is very well camouflaged. Unlike the blatant racism of the West, caste is very subtle. Very clever.

The Brahmins – the major beneficiaries from this system – are very shrewd in this regard. They are the ones who write and transmit the scriptures. So they control the mythology.

But a evidence is now coming together in my mind. Scriptures, of course, provide substantial circumstantial evidence (calling the lower castes the most foul names). But also some loosely stated words of religious leaders.

The rationalisation of transmigration doesn't cut much ice. It is an imaginative theory but without the slightest evidence. From that myth the Brahmins have built an system whose sole purpose is to institutionalise racism.

I am continuing my research on this topic. More and more convinced I am that caste is evil, and is holding India back in a big way.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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