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Macaulay, the great classical liberal, wanted equal punishment for the same crime for ALL Indians, regardless of caste

I wasn't aware of this, but chanced upon this fact today. That's good news. I'm clearly on the right track in my war against caste.

a) India's first classical liberal Raja Ram Mohun Roy opposed caste.

b) Macaulay opposed caste.

c) G.K. Gokhale, the next major classical liberal, opposed caste. And so on.

You get the point. The classical liberal DOES NOT TOLERATE INEQUALITY OF STATUS UNDER THE LAW.

Prasad said Macaulay's policy set in motion the liberation of the Dalits by dismantling the traditional system of learning based on Sanskrit, the use of which was denied to the lower castes.

"When the British opened English-medium schools, Dalits were prevented from entering them by upper caste people, forcing the colonial government to issue orders that no one could be denied admission on the basis of caste, creed, gender or religion," Prasad said.

"Lord Macaulay was a social revolutionary who, by drawing up the Indian Penal Code, made all Indians equal before the law," said Prasad, who dutifully celebrates the colonial's birthday each year on October 25.


to go to India itself for an instance, though I fully believe that a mild penal code is better than a severe penal code, the worst of all systems was surely that of having a mild code for the Brahmins, who sprang from the head of the Creator, while there was a severe code for the Sudras, who sprang from his feet. India has suffered enough already from the distinction of castes, and from the deeply rooted prejudices which that distinction has engendered. God forbid that we should inflict on her the curse of a new caste, that we should send her a new breed of Brahmins, authorised to treat all the native population as Parias!  [Source]

He was referring to the Dharmashastras which punish a Sudra 1 trillion times more for the same thing [DEATH] than they do the Brahmin. This GROSS INEQUALITY OF PUNISHMENT in Hindu law was overturned by his Penal Code.

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