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Let it be known to Hitler’s “Hindu” fans that he thought of them as “Asiatic jugglers” and was planning to brutally rule over them

Just to further puncture the delusions of some “Hindu” friends (like Vivek Garg) who call Hitler a "Great Hindu", I quickly researched Hitler’s opinion about Indian and dark skinned people.

These "Hindu" fans of Hitler (including RSS founders) would likely have been sent to concentration camps by Hitler and brutally gassed/murdered, if the Axis powers had won World War II.

Citations are from Wikipedia. I’ve not validated each reference, but let me know if you find any error/s.

Nazis were of the opinion that the “Nordic” Aryan blood had long been lost in India

Nazi ideologist Alfred Rosenberg stated that although the Vedic culture was Aryan in origin, any Nordic blood had long since been lost due to racial mixing.[68] Like Hitler, he viewed the British rule in India as being desirable.[68]

Hitler was HAPPY with British (Aryan) rule over India

He considered the British colonial rule of the subcontinent as an exemplary one and intended the German rule in the occupied East to resemble it.[68] [Sanjeev: With Hitler, concentration camps and mass genocide of the "darker" "Hindus" like would have always been a possibility]

In 1937 he told the British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax, Hitler reportedly told Halifax that one of his favorite films was The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, because it depicted a handful of "superior race" Britons holding sway over an entire continent.[70]

During the first years of the war in Europe, as Hitler sought out to reach an arrangement with Britain, he held the notion that India should remain under British control after the war, as in his mind the only alternative was a Soviet occupation of the subcontinent.[68] [Sanjeev: He would NEVER have countenanced the liberation of India, much as his DELUSIONAL fans imagine he helped India in some way by weakening the British]

He had the greatest disdain for Indian independence movement

Hitler thought little of the Indian independence movement, declaring the freedom fighters of being racially inferior "Asiatic jugglers".[68]

As early as 1930 he spoke of the Indian freedom movement as the rebellion of the "lower Indian race against the superior English Nordic race", and that the British were free to deal with any subversive Indian activists as they liked.[69]

In 1937 he told the British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax that the British should "shoot Gandhi, and if this doesn't suffice to reduce them to submission, shoot a dozen leading members of the Congress, and if that doesn't suffice shoot 200, and so on, as you make it clear that you mean business."[69]

Hitler made a TOTAL fool of Subhas Chandra Bose and got whatever he could out of him

Indian revolutionary Subhas Chandra Bose escaped from India on 17 January 1941 and arrived in Berlin via Moscow.[72] There he proposed organizing an Indian national government in exile and urged the Axis to declare their support for the Indian cause.[72]

He eventually managed to extract such promises from Japan after the Fall of Singapore and later on from Italy as well, but the Germans refused.[69]

Bose was granted an audience with Mussolini, but Hitler refused to see him, although he did acquire access to Joachim von Ribbentrop after much difficulty.[69]  

The German Foreign Ministry was sceptical of any such endeavours, as the German goal was to use Bose for propaganda and subversive activity, especially following the model of the 1941 pro-Axis coup in Iraq.[73] These propaganda measures included anti-Raj radio broadcasts and the recruitment of Indian prisoners of war for the "Free India Legion".[74]

Bose eventually met with Hitler on 29 May 1942.[75]  During the discussion, which mostly consisted of Hitler monologuing to Bose,[69] Hitler expressed his scepticism for India's readiness for a rebellion against the Raj, and his fears of a Soviet takeover of India.[75] He stated that if Germany had to do anything about India it would first have to conquer Russia, [Sanjeev: What a joke – Hitler was pulling the leg of Bose] for the road to India could only be accomplished through that country,[69] although he did promise to financially support Bose and help relocate him to the Far East.[75] [Sanjeev: That's the only thing he really did – send him off to Japan]

Bose later described the encounter by stating that it was impossible to get Hitler involved in any serious political discussion.[69]

Hitler made CLEAR plans to jointly (with Japan) take over India after the war

On 18 January 1942, it was decided that the Indian subcontinent was to be divided between the Axis powers. Germany was to take the part of British India roughly corresponding to northern and western parts of modern day Pakistan, while the rest of British India was marked for Japan.[76]  [Sanjeev: There was NO possibility that Hitler would have allowed India to become independent, had he succeeded in winning]


Hitler expelled European Indians (Romas)

Roma Gypsies are an ethnic group originating from India which for unknown reasons took to a wandering lifestyle in the late middle ages. Eventually, the Romas they reached Europe and became part of the ethnic mix of many countries, contributing in areas such a music and the arts.  At a conference held in Berlin on January 30, 1940, a decision was taken to expel 30,000 Roma from Germany to the territories of occupied Poland.

Hitler had heinously racist views regarding blacks

Re: Negros: ‘‘… it is criminal lunacy to keep on drilling a born half-ape until people think they have made a lawyer out of him, while millions of members of the highest culture-race must remain in entirely unworthy positions; … while Hottentots and Zulu Kaffirs are trained for intellectual professions’ (Mein Kampf p. 391).

Hitler was specifically concerned with the "Rhineland bastards" (see p. 325) who were the result of the deployment of black soldiers in the Rhineland after WWI. Based on the notion of a "national disgrace" politicians and opinion makers demanded the sterilization or even elimination of their bastard children. [Source]

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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18 thoughts on “Let it be known to Hitler’s “Hindu” fans that he thought of them as “Asiatic jugglers” and was planning to brutally rule over them
  1. Dwadasaksha

    Sir as usual, this well-intended post has factual problems. That Hitler’s intentions were no good, is a point taken. But –

    Neither RSS founders nor the HMS/Savarkar had any fascination for Hitler as you claim. As a matter of fact the prevalent and known personalities were used and put in perspective – right from Marx to Hitler.

    The matter of fact is, it was Savarkar who gave clarion call to Hindus to enter british-Indian army, which was met with overwhelming response. This was the sole reason India had an army capable of defending itself after 1945. This was the army that defeated the forces of Hitler and INA, knowing very well it was an Indian’s blood against Indian’s blood – in areas like Burma. RSS any day was more aligned to HMS than INA. So when the fact was that Hindu nationalists sided against Hitler, your proposition that they were fans of Hitler is a plain falsehood.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Sorry, Dwadasaksha, you are incorrect on a number of counts.

    a) Golwalkar is known for his very strong support for Hiter’s methods. And of course, RSS is founded on Mussolini’s methods. They were clearly in favour of Nazi approaches. They held seminars and wrote extensively on this.

    b) Savarkar wanted more Hindus to join the army not because he wanted to fight Hitler but because he wanted to increase the number of Hindus in the army.


  3. Dwadasaksha

    a. It is marxist propaganda that Golwalkar supported Hitler or his methods. It is false propaganda. I can say this confidently, having read both his works and works that surveyed this allegation. Please read Saffron Swastika of Koenraad Elst, a well researched thesis.

    b. Does not matter – fact remains he did not choose the side of Hitler and stood the opposite side.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Dwadasaksha, I can’t argue with someone who denies the basic facts. You choose to shut your mind, suit yourself.

    Re: siding with Hitler. They were planning ahead for the day when the British left, when they could use Hitler’s methods to get rid of the Muslims. They were not bothered about India’s independence at all.

  5. Dwadasaksha

    ‘basic fact’ what is this, sir? The false propaganda which you are dubbing as a fact? I even gave you the reference that systematically debunks this myth. Please raise counter arguments instead of calling me a mind shut. I countered your point for the very reason that this myth in public discourse unquestioned and because I cared to study it.

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Sorry, I won’t enter into this. I have studied original RSS/Hindu Mahasabha sources – most are cited somewhere or other on this blog. Let me differ with you on the facts. You can’t whitewash the fascination of RSS with Hitler.

    That is continuing in a big way as demonstrated by young (not so young now) RSS youth leader Vivek Garg with whom I’ve been interacting for about 4 months now. He considers Hitler a great Hindu. And he is a hardcore RSS/ Hindu fanatic. There can’t be smoke without fire. In this case the fire is totally open and obvious but I don’t have time to point out original sources. Kindly continue with your own readings.

  7. Ishant

    Indian right wing(Hindutvavadis) are not fan of Hitler, the person but they adore what he did for his OWN PEOPLE…just like Left wingers and Commies in India are big fans of monsters like Stalin and Mao, for their IDEALS.

  8. yo mama

    Hitler praised Charlamange for conquring his own people, because he felt that this allowed the Germans to become civilized. Rome gave civilization to Europe, before Roman colonization Europe was aplace of hunter gatherers like native americans and Africans. Hitler knew this, therefor (against many other pagan based Nazis) he praised the german conquring of Germany, because obviously Germany benifited greatly. Similarly he regarded the British rule in India to be good for the indian people even though he knew that while Europeans were in the mud, Greece and Rome had civilization and so did India.
    “if we ruled India we should finish by quickly proving that they have a civilization older than our own!”–hitler’s table talk
    “The british had no missionary work in India, thus India maintained her spiritual integrity”-hitler’s table talk
    Hitler never praised the Indians like he did the Arabs and Mediterainians, he often saw them as weak in the worldly sense but he knew that they had treasure (mainly spiritual) that the world was not ready for. I often wonder why he praised the Arabs so much but saw Indians as a people as incapable. To Hitler might was right and the Arabs were mighty under Islam and were far advanced in science, mathematics and tolerance in comparison with their European Christian counterparts and so he praised them for being both mighty and “enlightened”. With the Indians I suppose he saw them as out of sink, living in another time not related to the present. Their “integrity” belonged thus to the realm of the invisible, that is spiritual not congruent with the physical realities of the age. So to him he saw that british rule was good for a India out of time. obviously hitler often did and said contradictory things. Inone sentence he praises British rule in India, in the other breath knows full well of india’s “spiritual integrity”, a integrity that surpasses all other spiritual systems of the world–infinitly superior conceptions, very advanced both scientifically and spiritualy. to him indias glory belonged to far away past and he could not see how they could be brought to the modern present. surly he knew that while Arabs, Europeans, and most of the world was in the stone age, full of infantile conceptions of religion, the behond, and all spirituality, the Indians had a great civilization of the highest caliber, royal, paradise, both timeless and in time.
    A people of shining jewels and saffron robes, and royal people to be respected.

  9. Luv

    You are just another LIBERAL thinking yourself to be higher than the nation you were born in.
    I have met many people like you who just put down to the great INDIAN CULTURE and its benefactors. Sir, but all your presence i mean yours and the people like you , give strength to my beliefs of HITLER and what he really said and not what you wrote here just to prove that you belong to some educated family with British blood. I don’t know about Hitler but if one day we come in power all ANTI-NATIONALISTS (Irrespective of their religion caste or creed ) will be in concentration camp.
    Its because of you people that any Indians think that they have had a very bad past and are not told about that They all are ARYANS , indigenous people of India weather they might be in Nepal , Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh. WE ALL are one and can be united only when people like you are hanged . YOU STOP US FROM UNITING.

    Hitler was keen to support disruption in India, anything to interrupt the conduct of the war by the British and Commonwealth nations.

    “You are fortunate having been born in a country of glorious cultural traditions and a colossal manpower. I am impressed by the burning passion with which you and your Netaji seek to liberate your country from foreign domination. Your Netaji’s status is even greater than mine. While I am the leader of eighty million Germans, he is the leader of 400 million Indians. In all respects he is a greater leader and a greater general than myself. I salute him, and Germany salutes him. It is the duty of all Indians to accept him as their führer and obey him implicitly. I have no doubt that if you do this, his guidance will lead India very soon to freedom.”, reportedly Hitler addressing the Indian Legion, Netaji is Subhas Chandra Bose

  10. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I have published your comment to let people see that Hitler does exercise great power over the Indian mind. This is allegedly a land of tolerance and peace.

  11. Luv

    Sorry sir ,I just spoke too much [I am working on it ]. I read mein Kampf last year when I was 16, and also read “A WARNING TO HINDUS” BY Savitri Devi . Sir I personally recommend you to read these too books . Read of them and you will surely change your stance on your present view. Maximiani Julia Portas was sent by Nazis to India to spy British but she got involved in the a sort of research of India’s cultural and economical history and was converted into a Hindu and was known as savitri devi. She has recorded a great deal based on the fact and figures about the great Indian culture and how Nazis were inspired by it. She was also very close to major personalities of the third Reich and hence her work had quiet and impact of the nazi was of thinking. I am not being anti-semitic or racist. I Just want to put forward the facts that all the people of the entire subcontinent can be united under the same flag and in this race also plays a key role with other factors.
    {I hope you excuse me for my last comment as a got a bit carried away. I still not have enough experience of presenting my views but I am working on it. }

  12. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Well, you’ll need to read very widely before suggesting that Nazis were “inspired” by Hindu culture. But remember, anyone can get “inspired” by anything. Nazis were essentially lunatics. What inspires a lunatic is hard to say.

    The key is that Nazis were nationalistic socialists and extreme racists – enemies of humanity in every possible way. There is nothing inspiring about Nazis. Not one useful thing that we can learn from them.

  13. Luv

    In her work Savitri Devi prompts many a times that “HINDUISM” is the last remaining Part of the ancient cultures of the Aryans and Dravidian. Her work also shows that how step by step it the culture was degraded. Apart from that I understand that Hitler was responsible for murder of 6+ million Jews but you can’t Ignore the fact that Hitler brought Germany out of the great Humiliation she was facing . I know you are quiet much more educated than a 17 year old from countryside but just to put my point forward
    1>after losing WWI Germany was made to sign Treaty of Versailles. It as humiliating but Germany was following all its terms promptly.
    2>In 1923 France attacked Germany although Germany was disarmed under the treaty and France had no right to attack her.
    3>France and other countries wore pouring large sum of money to weaken already weak Germany by bribing the democrats and officers. In 1924 two states of Germany to decided to leave Germany and join France even they had no strong reason to do so.
    4>Under socialist democracy The Germans were being exploited and trade unions were either corrupt or banned.
    5>The entire Germany was unquestionably and illegally was a Victim of allied nation’s foreign policy.

    Now why he did that to Jews is because he wanted to make other people afraid of his NAZI party and they don’t revolt. To hide this intention he used the word racism . You see sir He wasn’t foolish.
    No one talks about the war crimes of allied nations because they were the winning and dominating side e.g for the rise if ISIS everyone is blindly cursing Islam but its actually the USA and EU’s exploiting policies that led to the rise of ISIS.

  14. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Hold it, young man. You are reading ONE book and acting as if you know a lot. That’s not the way of scholars. Study widely. Very widely.

    Now re: the fool Savitri Devi – she is a woman of no consequence, and her views on ANYTHING don’t matter (least of all on Hinduism/ Aryan etc. theories). There are solid scholars at hand whom you should read.

    Stop reading pulp literature by ignorant fools and pretending to know something useful.

  15. Luv

    Just because many great Scholars don’t say or write what you want to read or hear, doesn’t make them useless. Everyone has a right to put forward their point. On the name of Liberalism in India we have faced many anti-nationalist movements. I saw the part of your blog where you have written your aims which you will accomplish as the PM of India. But sir, very respectfully I suggest you that you are under estimating Indian leaders. What , you don’t think India has great leaders? We have very great leaders but THE ACT BY WHICH A LEADER BECOMES A MP/MLA MAKES HIM CORRUPT. They have to promise many set of people so many things which are against nation and by the time they become a MP/MLA they are trapped in their own words. If they don’t do that they will not get the votes, forget about winning an election. Just review the inner political changes of Bihar elections of 2015. The entire vote-bank of Muslims, lower castes and Yadavs came together to protect their Quotas and thus voted for grand alliance[which is said to be liberal but is (anti-nationalist)]
    The elections of Delhi are also a good example where their was a shift of minority voters and many other people just voted to the party which promised to pay their electricity bill and water bills. I am not supporting any particular party.

    I see my people on the streets here, in the heart of India. They are happy with so little and sad with so much. Most of us have lost hope. The only reason people study here is to get into IIT and go to America or Become IAS to retire into a developed nation. No one wants to serve India. They sit back in a AC room and just write how shitty has India become and how could they have done better as PM but they don’t come here or come out to serve their countrymen and Motherland.

    I know just one thing, India was meant to be great and Indians are destined for greatness , and every obstacle in the path must be removed without mercy. We are still suffering for the mercy Showed By INDIRA GANDHI in SIMLA Agreement and Prithvi Raj Chauhan in battle of terrain .
    By the way it would be kind of you to suggest me some books by the scholars whom you consider Great, I would like to read them after my board exams next year.

  16. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Luv, you are a bright young chap. You can find books, articles, etc. on any topic on your own. Google scholar, JSTOR, etc. You might want to start with my books BFN and DOF – to give you the broader context of how humanity (science/ economy) progresses, and can progress.

  17. tushar singh

    if hitler considers indian people as inferior race , so why he assimilates the indian prisoners of war in SS waffen . which was the military division only meant for those people which have their roots from nordic sub race of aryans.

  18. Rajendra Bareto

    History is always tweaked by historians mainly because they took sides of their own community.Wish many were literates those days to understand and we could have had many variants of it out of which we could have chosen those events based on facts they give.Anyways in today’s world when no one cares about race and religion one must not go to past and only see the future ahead.