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Let it be known to Hindus that Hitler’s hakenfreuz (swastika) did NOT originate from India!

One of the reasons why Hitler is seen in a (relatively) positive light in India is his use apparently of the “Hindu” swastika. That is a false understanding. Hitler had no love lost for India, and least of all for Hinduism.

Among Indians, Hitler is often discussed for his affinity or likings of Hinduism. Though there is no direct proof of this from his writings or speeches, the origin of German symbol of Swastika and his belief in supreme Aryan race are some times opined as his bias towards Hindu religion [Source]

The hakenkreuz (swastika) was WIDELY used by many ancient societies and cultures. The use of the swastika by Hitler came from EUROPEAN SOURCES, not Indian.

I've compiled the following from a range of sources including William L. Shirer's The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Note that this blog post is not as thoroughly researched as I'd like to, but there is sufficient evidence to ENTIRELY RULE OUT the idea that Hitler got the Swastika from India/Hinduism.

That should help throw some cold water on his misguided "Hindu" fans.

In the summer of 1920:  After much thought and innumerable attempts at various designs Hitler hit upon a flag with a red background and in the middle a white disk on which was imprinted a black swastika. The hooked cross—the hakenkreuz—of the swastika, borrowed though it was from more ancient times, was to become a mighty and frightening symbol of the Nazi Party and ultimately of Nazi Germany. .

The hakenkreuz is as old, almost, as man on the planet.  It had been extensive used in Europe (for thousands of years?) before Hitler used it, and had become a symbol of "Aryans" well before Hitler came across it.

1) The symbol has an ancient history in Europe, appearing on artefacts from pre-Christian European cultures.  In Europe, in 1870, the German Archeologist Heinrich Schliemann dug out many things that had Swastika symbol on them. Heinrich was not a racist, but he popularized the symbol in his books and writings, stating that it was the symbol of the Aryans.

2) The use of the swastika as a symbol of the Aryan race dates back to writings of Emile Burnouf. ollowing many other writers, the German nationalist poet Guido von List believed it to be a uniquely Aryan symbol.

3) The first time the swastika was used with an "Aryan" meaning was on December 25, 1907, when the self-named Order of the New Templars, a secret society founded by [Adolf Joseph] Lanz von Liebenfels, hoisted at Werfenstein Castle (Austria) a yellow flag with a swastika and four fleurs-de-lys. Thus, long before Hitler Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels used the Swastika symbol for this cult in 1907.

4) It showed up as an official emblem in such Baltic states as Estonia and Finland, where the men of the German free corps saw it during the fighting of 1918–19. The Ehrhardt Brigade had it painted on their steel helmets when they entered Berlin during the Kapp putsch in 1920. Hitler had undoubtedly seen it in Austria in the emblems of one or the other anti-Semitic parties and perhaps he was struck by it when the Ehrhardt Brigade came to Munich.

4) Many anti-semitic and militarist groups adopted the symbol around 1920s. Hitler is supposed to have been influenced by Jorg Lanz and adopted the symbol around the same time. It is one of the most effective political symbols ever devised.

5) The swastika was already in use as a symbol of German völkisch nationalists movements (Völkische Bewegung):  Thule Society Swastika… what inspired Hitler to use the swastika as a symbol for the NSDAP was its use by the Thule Society (Ger. Thule-Gesellschaft) since there were many connections between them and the DAP … from 1919 until the summer of 1921 Hitler used the special Nationalsozialistische library of Dr. Friedrich Krohn, a very active member of the Thule-Gesellschaft, … Dr. Krohn was also the dentist from Sternberg who was named by Hitler in Mein Kampf as the designer of a flag very similar to one that Hitler designed in 1920 … during the summer of 1920, the first party flag was shown at Lake Tegernsee … these home-made … early flags were not preserved, the Ortsgruppe München flag was generally regarded as the first flag of the Party.


He says that numerous designs suggested to him by party members invariably included a swastika and that a “dentist from Sternberg” actually delivered a design for a flag that “was not bad at all and quite close to my own.” Hitler reveled in his unique creation. “A symbol it really is!” he exclaims in Mein Kampf. “In red we see the social idea of the movement, in white the nationalist idea, in the swastika the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man.”


The Nazis did not call it Swastika. They called it Hakenfreuz i.e. Hook – Cross or Thorshamarr or The hammer of Thor. For the Germans also, it depicted the Suns movement, and the Wheel of life. They used the symbol in both clockwise – Doesil and the counterclockwise – Widdershins directions, but both meant the same, and not opposites. The Nazi’s used the Clock wise Swastika, ie the Doesil Thorshamarr.


Although Hitler’s inspiration for the Nazi swastika is uncertain, it may have been influenced by the swastika displayed at the Benedictine monastery where Hitler served as an altar boy. Whenever Hitler attened mass, he had to pass beneath the Benedictine swastika graven in the stone escutcheon of the abbey portal. Considering that Hitler once wanted to become a Benedictine monk, it is possible that this swastika stuck in his mind and later influenced his design for the Nazi swastika. [Source:]

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Let it be known to Hindus that Hitler’s hakenfreuz (swastika) did NOT originate from India!
  1. Arjen

    M17 is not only more diverse in South Asia than in Central Asia, but diversity characterizes its presence in isolated tribal groups in the south, thus undermining any theory of M17 as a marker of a ‘male Aryan invasion’ of India. One average estimate for the origin of this line in India is as much as 51,000 years. All this suggests that M17 could have found his way initially from India or Pakistan, through Kashmir, then via Central Asia and Russia, before finally coming into Europe.”

    -Stephen Oppenheimer

    Its only through genetic research that we understand the TRUTH. The truth is several Indian tribes migrated out of India from 20,000 to 10,000years ago, and one of those Indian tribes carried their culture, which was the Swastika. Not just one genetic report but many many many confirm this migration.

    I suggest you google Image ”IBM genographic project map”, it shows the direction of migration around the world, or just copy and paste the below link.