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I hope such violent-threat makers, abuse-laden Muslim haters and Hitler worshippers are not typical of BJP and RSS

I came to know Vivek Satya Garg for the first time at the 4-day National Reform Summit at Haridwar in April 2013. We had issued an open invitation to anyone from India to attend, and he choose to be attend. Which was wonderful – a young man interested in reform.

While otherwise genial and engaging, Vivek even then showed a strong tendency towards rabid Hindu views. But since I thought we need to engage with everyone in India if we are to make a difference, so I chose to engage with him like any other participant, and actively encouraged him to understand and discuss good policies.

Later, on the last day of the Summit, I was part of a bus trip to Haridwar in which I was accompanied by Vivek and a few others. We had a very nice time together. So far so good.

I assumed he was interested in genuine reforms so I encouraged him to join the Sone Ki Chidiya Federation. He also spoke at the 4 June 2013 launch of the total reform movement by SKCF. Not a bad outcome. He even pointed out something about a participant which indicated that he (Vivek) was a person of high character and that made me even more appreciative of his commitment to India.

He is also always keen to personally go and fix problems on the ground, such as Uttarakhand flood relief, etc.

But things didn't look so rosy as I got to know him better through Facebook. Today I've taken a decision to disconnect with Vivek after discovering an extremely abusive interaction in July on FB between him and someone else whom I know. Vivek has already turned quite abusive and towards me with threats and innuendos (download a sample here), but what I discovered today was beyond anything I had expected.

After removing identifiers, here it is: Download. Not only is this totally obnoxious, it is extremely violent and I just can't associate with such a "youth leader".

Although I will no longer have anything to do with Vivek, I do hope he will bear in mind the suggestions I've made to him as his elder (such as reminding him about the significance of the meaning of his name: Vivek and Satya – these are both very meaningful terms). I hope he will realise that what he represents today is NOT Hinduism, and definitely not the kind of leadership India needs. Without ethics and compassion, no amount of promotion of Hinduism will work. Do no harm should be the first principle.Think of other Indians as HUMANS, as brothers/sisters. .

Vivek holds a  Master of Mass Communication & Journalism from Barkatullah University, and I think he has other degrees as well (M.Com, Pol. Sc., MBA(IB), LLB, MMM). He is not just a member of BJP since 1995 but claims to be a member of the BJP External Affair Cell. And is strongly affiliated with RSS. He was President-Indian Student Parliament Central India at 3rd Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad.

I do hope Vivek Garg's actions don't represent the teachings of RSS and BJP

Either RSS and BJP are unable to teach ethics and decency or they are deliberately damaging the minds of young Indians like Vivek. But each such young person who thinks in this manner is one less person to help India. How can India possibly succeed if such are the young leaders it produces?

Vivek holds views dramatically in opposition to equality of status and liberty of all Indians. Many of his ideas are also contrary to basics of ethics. He shifts gears towards violence at the drop of a hat. He holds a view that just because he is "Hindu", he is entitled to use violence in its 'defence' He is also a self-proclaimed defender of "Hindus" worldwide. I hope he realises that through this approach he can not defend Hinduism, only give it a bad name.

He is also a stauch casteist, but that's a relatively small matter since there are many more like him in India.

What remains a major problem, though, is his very strong support of Hitler. In fact, it was his praise of Hitler as "great Hindu" (and later, "Jai Hitler dev ki") that reminded me recently that RSS is basically a fascist organisationHe not only calls Hitler a "great Hindu" but has constantly threatened to use the sword. 

In his view Modi's election as PM will give "Hindus" license to put Muslims in their place. It is not India's development as a country he seeks but the destruction of Indian Muslims.

I did have (at one point in time) much hope in his future as a leader of a new India. Now I will let RSS and BJP explain what is going on. It is evident that the source of his 'learnings' is none but the leaders of Hindutva which are, today, represented by Modi.

I do hope RSS and BJP will act to send a CLEAR SIGNAL to all their members that the highest standards of ethics are expected of them, and that no abusive language or threats to violence by their members will be tolerated.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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5 thoughts on “I hope such violent-threat makers, abuse-laden Muslim haters and Hitler worshippers are not typical of BJP and RSS
  1. AD

    Sir, but what was the provocation to which he was responding in such a manner? I think that should be mentioned as well. Also, I think this is a trivial matter, a personal encounter with somebody you know on FB – not something worth ‘blogging’ about.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Sorry, AD, this is not a trivial matter. It is ENTIRELY CONSISTENT with the approach that some Hindutva people have taken for the past 60 years. The hatred of Dalits (e.g. Ambedkar), the chest beating about their own caste, the worship of Hitler (Hitler “dev”), the hatred for Muslims and constant threats to use violence – this is typical of much of what we see in the “resurgent” Hinduism. This must be recorded and condemned. Note that Vivek is no ordinary person. He is a BJP student leader of some standing.

  3. Dr Madhusudan Jhaveri

    (1)R S S is a dynamic organization.
    If Gandhi’s vegetarian nonviolent Gujaratis support Narendra Modi.
    Question is, Why do they do that?
    I am originally from a dedicated Gandhian family from Gujarat. And have decades of personal experience with R S S.
    When I come across, a guy like Vivek—I right away know, that, he has not gone to R S S Shakha for at least 5 years.
    B J P is not R S S.
    Going to political BJP is not the same, as going to RSS Shakha.
    R S S does not recognize Castes.
    You are entirely mistaken.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks for this info. I appreciate it. My impression about RSS has become more ‘neutral’ than negative over the past few years, but when I see people like Vivek use the name of RSS (he very frequently took RSS’s name, so I presumed he is an active member) then my impression goes back to negative once again.

    It is not just the caste issue, it is the violent threat/abuse that put me off Vivek’s style. I do hope RSS seeks to represent the best in India’s traditions.


  5. Reign Forrest

    Screw labels like Hindutva, secular, etc. Screw acronyms like RSS, BJP, etc. If a person makes horrible comments as this Vivek has made, you are absolutely right in condemning it, since it is conceivable his actions might be equally offensive, violent, and undemocratic.

    I commend your stance!


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