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How can we explain the superior (on average) intellectual performance of the Brahmin ‘caste’?

Regardless of the merit or otherwise of the caste system (it is extremely immoral; a great evil), there seems to be (almost) no doubt that Brahmins do have some above-average intellectual skills.

The greatest skill that some of the most intelligent specimens of this 'caste' brought to the table, of course, is the very idea of the caste system. There can perhaps be nothing as "smartly designed" as the caste system in which you chant mantras that call others inferior and YET manage to get these "inferiors" running around you to be part of the "system" – and to give you dakshina.

The Brahmins insult others openly. The Dharmashastras, written by the Brahmins, are full of insults for other castes.

Manusmriti: One should consider a Brahman ten year-old and a Kashatriya hundred year old as father and son; but of them the Brahman is the father. A Shudra is not worthy of respect on the ground of his wealth or knowledge no matter how high he may be.

Taittiriya Brahmana: The Brahman Caste is sprung from the Gods; the Shudras from the Asuras (daemons).

Vishnu Smiriti: The name to be chosen should be auspicious in the case of a Brahman, indicating power in the case of a Kashatriya, indicating wealth in the case of the Vaishya and indicating contempt in the case of the Shudra.

And of course, many Brahmins have never hesitated to humiliate Dalits like Ambedkar and Jagjivan Ram. Plus the usual humiliation of women – and insistence on a son to undertake funeral rites: which is the cause of the great tragedy of the missing girl children of India. If Christian priests have behaved badly, then Hindu priests have behaved much worse – and have managed, very cleverly, to build a constituency that doesn't challenge them. The Pope is on the defensive. But the Brahmin is still supreme – and able to chant his (sometimes vile) mantras without any push back or questioning.

It takes great intellectual prowess to design an abusive system and make the victim thank you for it!  The caste system is a web which you can't enter or escape from, without paying the Brahmin.

This tells us at least something about the exceptional intellectual skills some Brahmins bring to the table.

*  *  *

But what are the ACTUAL FACTS? Are Brahmins actually 'smarter' than others?

The [unverified] data on caste related IQ that started me off on this recent spurt of analysis of caste, race and related matters, is probably (broadly) right. If other controls (like environmental/ economic factors) are ignored (for want of data), the intellectual performance of the Brahmin caste seems to be significantly higher than what would otherwise be expected.

Here are some examples. None of these sources is peer-reviewed so I'm hesitant to generalise, but they seem broadly consistent with my understanding of the way the India works. And SOME data is better than no data.

I'll make some broader comments after the data.

In the California 2012 National Merit list, there were 184 Indian winners of which

Brahmin = 112
North Indian Aryan Upper castes = 40
Dravidian Upper castes = 25
Patels ( middle ranking ) = 3
Sikhs ( middle ranking ) = 4

In the US diaspora, Sikhs and Patels despite being 40% of the diaspora, win just 4%. [Source]

And this:

The Almighty Brahmin! by Khushwant Singh

Whatever be the sphere of curiosity – literary, scientific, bureaucratic, or whatever, the Brahmin remains the top dog. Before I give details, we should bear in mind that Brahmins form no more than 3.5% of the population of our country. My statistics come from a pen friend, Brother Stanny, of St. Anne’s Church of Dhule in Maharashtra.

They hold as much as 70% of government jobs. In the senior echelons of the civil service from the rank of deputy secretaries upward, out of 500 there are 310 Brahmins, i.e. 63%. Of the 26 state chief secretaries, 19 are Brahmins; of the 27 Governors and Lt. Governors 13 are Brahmins; of the 16 Supreme Court Judges, 9 are Brahmins; of the 330 judges of High Courts, 166 are Brahmins; of 140 ambassadors, 58 are Brahmins; of the total 3,300 IAS officers, 76 [per cent?] are Brahmins. Of the 508 Lok Sabha members, 190 were Brahmins; of 244 in the Rajya Sabha, 89 are Brahmins.

This 3.5% of Brahmin community of India holds between 36% to 63% of all the plum jobs available in the country. [Source]

And this:

Brahmins occupy a lot of the intellectually demanding positions (I cannot find the source but I recall reading that almost all members of India’s version of the Manhattan Project were composed of Brahmins). A lot of the (super high IQ) US Indian immigrants appear to be Brahmins. [Source]  In the Indian Manhattan project team of 18, of which 15 were brahmin and 3 merchants. [Source]

And this: Most winners of spelling bee contests are Brahmins (including all three finalists this year, apparently) [Source]

Even in cricket, apparently 7 out of 11 cricketers in India's cricket team are/were Brahmins.

It seems an impression of Brahmin intellectual capability exists in India, so we have this: Infertile Indian couples demand high-caste 'Brahmin' sperm


ASSUMING the above data indicate a genuine difference in intellectual ability between castes, we can make one of the following deductions:

a) Environmental: Brahmins have a culture and home environment that focuses on intellectual (and spiritual) pursuits – which gives them an edge.

b) Genetic: Brahmins have created a racist caste system which is designed to preserve their "genes".

c) A combination of the two.

My preference is for (c). I have no doubt that the caste system HAS created a genetic pool that gives Brahmins (on average) an innate intellectual advantage over other castes. But I believe that effect is relatively modest.

In the main, I believe that (a) is the main driver of the observed results. The tradition of having book/s at home, of getting formally educated, must create an environmental advantage that no other caste can offer its children.

This tells me two things:

i) The idea that Indian "race" has a low IQ is total nonsense. That myth should be put to bed. Given the right environmental opportunities (like the Brahmins get), there is no reason why the whole of India can't perform wonderfully well.

ii) EVERY Indian will do well to imbibe a similar interest in intellectual pursuits, like the Brahmins.

But there is an obstacle to achieving (ii).

One of the key obstacles is the CASTE SYSTEM itself. It destroys the home environment of the lower castes/ outcastes, and prevents the possibility of their rising to their potential.

The reform of the caste system should start from the top. The oppressed are so intellectually weakened by centuries of oppression they have very limited mental ability to even fight it. They need all the help they can get.

The reform will need to start with Brahmins who realise the immorality of this system system and walk away from it. By doing so, they will allow other castes/groups/communities in India to rise to their potential. Raja Rammohun Roy was an excellent example. Now much more needs to be done.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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32 thoughts on “How can we explain the superior (on average) intellectual performance of the Brahmin ‘caste’?
  1. cutie

    The brahmin community has been one of the dirty communities which has planned strategically to fool people in the name of god by generating the highest donations in the temple, doing business to fool and loot money in the name of puja, death, marriage, new home… For any occasion, there’s one puja. They charge very high prices and take away all the items after the puja. They have created prostitution in the name of devadasis. They suppress jobs and employment and welfare and equality are destroyed. they have destroyed the Indian medical system. They have killed Indian medical science like siddha vaidhyam and created ayurveda and carnatic music by destroying dravidian music. Even today they have the temples under their control. They say they don’t like untouchables, but they have always been sexually harassing low caste women.

  2. cutie

    We always talk about religion and castesim but in reality there is no any caste and religion. We all are same our blood are same.then why we believe in discrimination. God never created any caste they made simple human being.. Mentally sick people take the path of fundamentalism and spread casteism and communism. They suffer from inferiority complex and divide the society into “we” and “they”. They (belonging either to higher or lower ranked caste) have a fear in their heart that if they do not get a higher place for themselves in society, “other” people are going to exploit them and going to put them down.They don’t have believe on themselves and their own work. They have doubt own their capability. People with negative mindset suffer from inferiority complex and divide society into compartments like higher castes or lower castes.and can’t tolerate “others” progress or well-being. They cannot work hard and cannot tolerate anybody else’s achievements. These are the people with negative mindset who believe in ranking some belonging to higher castes and/or some to lower castes. They are coward and they are unable to protect themselves…

  3. DhinaChaka

    Deduction (b) assumes Brahmins knew abour genetic science millenia ago, do you actually believe that?

    @cutie: yeah you are so cute and represent love and blah blah blah. listen you moron we Brahmins are smart enough to keep violent, greedy liars like you under our feet forever. hahahaha.

  4. Atul

    Deduction (b) assumes Brahmins knew abour genetic science millenia ago, do you actually believe that?
    They need not know about genetics to infer the preservation of superiority (even if false) by means of mate selection. Numerous civilizations much before Christ had similar processes and safeguards in place to allow marriages between specific communities and royal families. Read about ancient egyptian and mayan societies.

    @DhinaChaka – your claim has already been null and void on 26 Nov. 1949 when constitution of this great nation was given to us by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Are you still living in some imaginary India?

  5. Ganesh

    First of all I want make it clear to all my friends, who speaks about the “intelluctuallism of Brahmins a mythical absurd”. I cent percent agree Brahmins have the upperhand because they denied education(demolished the system of education) for others to make them slaves for centuries and future generations of theirs. So only they can suppress people who are around them who do hardwork, whose sweat and blood can be exploited for generations intellectually!!

    India was a country before the arrival of the so called invaders without any cast and creed and enjoyed prosperity and social justice than any other countries or race in the world. Thats the 10000 year old Indian history and culture marked in the past for the rest of the world. But during this period the ancestors of the so called intelluctual invaders were leaved in caves using the “grunt grunt” language (They don’t even have a refined language to communicate among themselves)!!. They arrived India(Indus valley civilization) and they can’t fight or conquer the native people of India who were all dravidians that time so they used the God, demon, avtars of god to create fear and respect amongst others and became the self declared apostelens of God!! They used the god and social system to create the “chathurvarnya” to divide and rule the mass.

    They became the middlemen between the mythical gods and innocent people who accepted the foreign invader due to their initial foolish hospitality and respect for other cultures. ” Unity in diversity and Secularism” Beauty of two words !! Destruction of a civilization :-)

    They arrived as guests and became the (g)hosts!! These so called Individuals can they do hard work ? No way they can’t!! They were the weakest!! know how to loot, how to steal and how to fool.. Thats it ! can we call this intellectuallism ? If so they are !! I agreed a ton times..

    Why the so called intellectuals can perform well in India only(especially in IITs /Indian research firms and Indiain top Beaurocracy ? If you don’t know the answer refer dictionay for the word “Syndicate” and read Manusmrithi in “holy” text some where its mentioning to pour melted led to some holes in a human’s body if he(non brahmin) do some thing.

    The so called Intellectuals headed many prestigious Institutions for decades IITs,ISRO, DRDO, IISCs and many similar organizations by the use of this syndicate. Why they not made any innovations or breakthrough technology which is useful for a society of 1.2 Billion population in all these decades? Why after decades of intellectual leadership of these invaders and their progenies India has to depend on Technology of West and East? Still looking for west for life saver technologies to save the faces of these intellectual invaders? Answer is simple he can’t take any challenge, can do no hard work, he knows only looting for that he needed a low cast fool to be under his boot, who will work and complete the task..
    But that not easy nowadays first of all he denied the entry for the low caste to educate for decades.. And by chance any lowcast is there to do work in the present scenario it is difficult to make him fool and loot his sweat!! What can be done easily is lobbying against the (low)cast and corner him and deny his growth by the power of Syndicate of progenies…

    Why many of their’s tricks not works in US or UK? Please Answer!! Why many of them can’t compete Universities like Berkely / Stanford/ Carnegie Mellon instead of cometing IITs and among Indian average people? Why ? Answer!!

    Monsters can still become intellectuals by denying education and opportunity to others, if there a place/country/race on earth were innocent people are still there who respect foreigners and give them hospitality and allow them to be the masters of their land and law unknowingly or by the fear of god/demon, what ever may be by the mythical stories and celestial forces as it happend in Indus valley date backs to centuries but impossible now a days in India. If any one knows such a place still on earth other than India please post the name here!! Interested progenies may be here..

  6. Sampan

    One first class typical low IQ Indian has created this blog and typical low IQ low caste people have commented.

    Hey Ganesh:You idiot Bengali Brahmins with 2 million population have already produced 3 Nobel prize worthy work from India.Tagore,IVF pioneer Subhas Mukhopadhyay,Amartya Sen.

    In USA Bengali Brahmins have 5000 population and from that population we have 1200+ patents which is best stat in the world.In USA we have also won 14 grammy awards(Ravishankar and his daughter Nora Jones),2 Pulitzer winners and one of the greatest microbiologist dr Anandamohan Chakraborty.

    In 2012 Ashoke Sen working in India won world’s richest scientific prize $3M-Milner prize.

    So don’t comment about your superior MASTER Bengali Brahmin and stay under our feet.

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I posted this obnoxious comment from a third rate “brahmin” (some of these people are truly despicable) to keep on record that there are good reasons why many “brahmins” are deeply hated in India.

    This joker never understood the slightest about the analysis in my post and went off on a tangent, thumping his stupid chest. This joker has not the slightest achievement to his credit but thumps his chest like the typical THIRD raters who can’t think scientifically. Shame on such “brahmins”. They bring great shame to India.

  8. Sampan

    Oh Idiot! Among 1200+ patents in USA,our family has 330+ patents.

    Google this name:Inventor Arpan Chakraborty.At age of 32 he(my cousin) has 190 patents.He will go down one of the greatest inventor of all time.My uncle inventor Amit Chakraborty has 113 patents and I have 48 patents at age of 26.

    Read this blog-Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle(comments 949-981).I wrote about it there and since then whole world follow us on twitter.

    We are not third rate Brahmin as you first class idiot have commented,but we are best in the world.Now be jealous of your superior MASTER.

  9. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Sampan, thanks for this, Master. Let me review your patents. Full name please, and URLs to these patents. Also full bio.

  10. Sampan

    Google Inventor Parag Chakraborty(Sampan is my nick name).Visit justia patents,and you will find it.Wait for 20-25 years,both Arpan and I will cross 500 patents and there are less than 50 persons in the world who have above 500 patents.

    There are 2 Indian with more than 500 patents.They are inventor Gurtej Sandhu,who is world’s 5th greatest inventor with above 1100 patents and another is Ravi Arimelli with above 500 patents.

  11. Sampan

    I have read your blog regarding myself and my family.First of all I am not a Brahmin hero.I praise all intellectuals of the world.For example Ashkenazi Jew have 2.25% population in USA and they have won 40% Nobel prize in USA.Bengali Brahmins(Kulin Brahmin came on top in IQ test with score of 122.AShkenazi Jew have IQ 113.)Indian Brahmin on average have IQ 110,but they are not doing as well as Bengali Brahmin.

    So far only Bengali and Tamil Brahmin have produced Nobel prize worthy work,but more credit goes to Bengali Brahmin as we worked in 3rd world(Kolkata).

    FYI:I don’t understand why you bring IIT,but let me tell you none of my my family member studied in IIT.Arpan did his B.Sc from Calcutta university and PFD from UCSB.

    There are many IITians in USA,but none of them has made 190+ patents at age of 32.

    Regarding twitter one can read my tweet without following it.Ever since I posted at the forum Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle,people around the globe are following.Twitter only shows some accounts who are following.It includes Nobel laureates,Stephen Hawking,Tim Berners Lee,Hollywood actors,musicians,President Obama,David Cameron etc.

    I have not enough time to write all these names but all are following my tweets without following my twitter account.That’s it.My final comment…

  12. Arpan Chakraborty

    I just checked our twitter account @bosemicrowave and found a notification from you.

    I have heard everything from Sampan,but I understand your hate towards Brahmin community and those who have commented.It’s not difficult for me to understand that inferiority complex of you and those who have commented have tempted you to make those remarks.

    In Bengal along with Brahmin the Kaystha community have done pretty well.One of the greatest inventor,inventor of wireless/radio Sir J.C Bose was Kayastha.One of the all time greatest physicist Satyendranath Bose whose work has produced 10-12 Nobel prize winner is a Kaystha.American Hall of fame inventor Amar Bose,Physicist D.M Bose,Oscar winning movie director Satyajit Ray,world famous saint Swami Vivekananda were all Kayastha.

    Regarding twitter,yes it’s true that both of our accounts are followed by some of the best people/intellectuals of the world.

    Read Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle.

    Sampan posted comment number 899 and then 949-981.He posted the entire invention of radio and several other things on science.Since then inventors,Nobel laureates.musicians such as Paul McCartney,Justin Bieber,Lady Gaga,Rihanna,Shakira,Linkin Park and several other musicians follow us.Similary Presidents/Prime ministers of several countries or people such as Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton,Nobel prize,CERN,NASA,Fermilab,SLAC,LHC News,Royal society,Pope Francis,Dalai Lama,Unesco,Unicef,World economic forum etc follow us.Similarly from world of sports Michael Phelps,Usain Bolt,Several soccer stars,Tennis players such as Roger Federer,Rafa Nadal or people like Tiger Woods,SIr Chris Hoy etc follow us.Similarly from world of literature J.K Rowling,Paulo Coelho etc follow us.
    You don’t find them in our follower list because in twitter one can read your tweet without following you and all these people are doing this trick.

  13. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Both Sampan and Arpan – you surely must be extreme duffers. You still don’t get my point?!

    Seriously to be pitied. Pat on your back, now go away.

  14. Sourabh

    IQ values are not absolute. It has been found that IQ rates can vary according to nutrition (especially in the growing years) and environment. That is why the average IQ levels in developed countries with good educational systems and social security is much higher than developing countries. The bramhins have traditionally have had the upper hand. No wonder their children are fed better and nurtured in an environment which fosters education and intellectual growth. No other mystery.

  15. R. G.VARUN

    I would like to tell you brahmins are totally genius in any field of their choice no body can defeat them even in the future because they have a iq which is almost equal to the iq of Isaac newton I have seen many brahmins who went to abroad for education and earned billions of dollars worth money and settled abroad like Sunderpichai— Google ceo and Satya nameplate— Microsoft ceo the people who left the country for education example Indian immigrants to foreign countries of which atleast 75%must be of the brahmin caste remember I am taking only average and not the total number they have the brains and the work ethic to truly excel at what their minds they set it to ex— Rabindranath tagore- sir mv visheshwarayya the greatest engineer of the world, sushrutha_charaka etc be carefully they are super rich and have super intelligence with work I am truly saying never mess with them or you guys will suffer meaning India will suffer by begging with foreign countries give me money I am a bigger meaning non brahmins

  16. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks. So you have conveniently ignored the role of education and upbringing?

    And the greatest proof of the STUPIDITY of “Brahmins” is their inability to understand economics. That’s why India remains such a deplorable Third World mess – given it was the “Brahmins” who have mostly occupied positions of power over the past 70 years.

  17. Joyson Fernandes

    Brahmins definitely have much higher IQs than the general population, along with communities such as Khatris, Parsis, Marwari baniyas, Bohras, Mangalorean Catholics, etc. Genetics matter! But culture and single-minded determination is a far more important factor. All of these communities I’ve mentioned have a history of education. Hence much higher success rates. They have cultures which enable such success. Sans culture and ambition, IQ on its own won’t accomplish much. Case in point, the smartest guy in the world Christopher Langan works as a bartender. Enough said!

  18. Joyson Fernandes

    Hah! It was Brahmins who reduced India to a beggar nation and destroyed India after independence. They have been in charge since independence and have reduced India’s international standing as a ‘dirt-poor nation of slum-dwellers’ and now ‘cow-fetishizing religious lunatics’. Brahmins have destroyed India previously through Nehruvian Socialism and now through the Hindutva movement.

    It was Brahmins in charge of the senior political positions throughout our post-independence history. Brahmins Nehru and Indira Gandhi went with a begging bowl to the US and it was only because of American mercy that hundreds of millions of Indians were spared from dying of mass starvation. Failing to learn her lesson, Brahmin Indira Gandhi and her half-Brahmin son Rajiv Gandhi again brought India to the verge of bankruptcy. Now Brahmin’s OBC lickspittle Narendra Modi has ruined India’s economy and destroyed millions of livelihoods through demonetization.

    All of the above presents a good case for kicking them out of India, if one has to be made.

  19. Raj

    Although I’m born into a family belonging to that caste (regardless f the fact that I make a HEAVY distinction between the physical and the soul. The soul manifests itself in the form of actions to the consequences being faced, which ultimately shows the *true* person. All else, is a mere inheritance.)

    However, I cannot help laugh at the army of Jhas and Sharmas who stubbornly keep this place a shithole due to their large egos.

    This place is so funny! The fact that Indians are such complete and utter slaves is almost an awakening, when it hits ya. For millenniums, these xxx [EDITED] kept the place severely divided in the name of caste. And not one, not ONE instance of rebellion by the *masses* to abolish such tyranny.

    I get that they used the Kshatriyas who were numerous and armed. But c’mon! Not *one* instance of rebellion and bloodshed at least *trying* to make a difference?! It’s fascinating how these people NEVER got sick of having a boot stuffed into their throats, and just put up a fight regardless if death came their way.

    Look, the French revolution was a failure by a few counts. But they still ended up winning some serious liberties. This is a democracy. It’s time for the masses to rise! Unless the OBCs stop being such laughable cowards, there may not be much progress.

    Of course, would help not having these Brahmin-[EDITED]-warriors having their crusade of tyranny. They need to be wiped out. And they way to do to is to out in place the Law, and have the law chase them!

    People often blame the American police for being unruly. You know what? I can’t tell you what BLISS I get when I see the police BREAKING people into submission to the Law when they keep [EDITED] arguing and would think it’s a darn joke! THAT, is how you teach people to bend to the Law. The Law must be fair, but when it is, and it still isn’t obeyed, it must be FIRM too.

    Long post, apologies for it. Just have far too much time in my hand I guess. :)

  20. Jacob Nazrene

    The Brahmin community and the front for their oppressive ideology, Hinduism, from all objective perspectives can be traced to the weakening of the spirit and spine of current day India. Immaterial of your acceptance of the Aryan Invasion theory, if a study of the original scriptures of Hinduism, the Shruthis and the evolution of Hindu scriptures then on is undertaken; one can trace the push of the Brahmin community to dominate all forms of the societal activities by elevation of their status through self-written texts (Upanishads, Brahmanas, Manu-Smriti). The thousand years of oppression and suppression of non-Brahmins either by the Brahmin community or their proxies cannot be economically and sociologically measured because of its enormity. By excluding the majority of the society from learning the language of the scriptures and the medium of education and on purpose reserving them to manual and menial tasks through the sanction of their self-written scriptures and texts, they not only created an elitist and in-breeding community of themselves but created a society of disempowered non-Brahmin slaves. The effect of this oppression has been that all science and mathematical discoveries and innovations pre 8th century AD continuing to the early 20th century were a product of the Brahmins or the upper varnas. Is this a surprise as the so-called lesser varnas or out-castes zeal to improve and elevate the status was systematically oppressed for centuries. Thus creating an inverted pyramid of exclusivity, elitism and oppression lording over a spineless mass. No wonder, foreign invaders found the craven populace of the Indian region easy to conquer whether it be the Islamic invaders from the Middle-East or the European Soldiers of Fortune masquerading as Merchants. The moral turpitude of the Brahmin Community is revealed in History as they rushed to serve the new Brahmins whether it be the Mughals or the British. An audit of the Ministers and Bureaucrats that served these foreign implants reveals the treachery of this community. As the Independence dawned on Modern India, they ensured their inbred members were supplanted in positions of influence at all levels of society. When the oppressed class commenced breaking from the shackles of Brahmin Slavery, the community ensured through their fronts created a new mass of proxies or servile populace to maintain the myth of the superiority of Brahminism/Hinduism. The hypocrisy and the treachery of this community are revealed in their mass emigration/flight to Western Liberal societies to convulse into trendy organisations and cornerstones of Western democracies like public service and media institutions. The myth of their intellectual prowess is done to dust when an objective/academic lens scrutinises the centuries of exclusivity and restriction to the education they pushed on Indian masses.

    To be continued…

  21. Rhaisa08

    I am a brahmin.But what difference does it make? I mean does it at all matter whether you are some caste or another?I don’t know, maybe I understand little..but with whatever little understanding, there is this one belief that persists in my mind..there is just one religion, one caste, a single breathtaking truth: humanity.What good is being of any caste or religion if we don’t become good human beings, good sons and daughters, contributors of our society, or just being a good reason to be remembered long after our death? May be it all comes down to those few achingly beautiful lines penned by Lennon..
    “Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people living life in peace, you
    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope some day you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one.”
    Just a thought I wanted to share..maybe another of my stupid teenage dreams.:)

  22. Cnady

    We need to stop this fight on casteism which is ruining our nation even after 70 years of independence . whether a guy/Girl ,Brahmin/Non Brahmin, every child needs to provided a Free and Quality Education from Government (Means abolish Private schools and private colleges) . Professional education needs to have a stringent and filtered entry (i.e.abolish reservation ), we can bring reservation on Fees structure or other benefits like subsidised books , subsidised education related products once kids from BC/MBC/SC/ST kids enetrs into these professional education. then only a balanced system prevails and we can get a quality Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers ,Agricultarlist, Teacher, Jawans etc. None of the government in state or central will do this because they are treating these BC/MBC’s , SC and ST’s as Vote bank Politics.

    People are fighting for several issues if they fight for free and quality education is the basic right of a citizen for the tax money which they are paying.

    we need our Secular India Back where all caste people needs to live like Childhood friends where our heart flies like a butterfly when we see everyone living a quality Life.
    i.e. Living not just surviving

  23. Dwip.N.Banerjee

    Whatever you say we Bengali Kulin Brahmins are smartest people in the world followed by Jews.

    I am an inventor with 280 patents in computer science.With half million population we have produced 2 Nobel prize winners in India and should be 3 if Sir U.N Bramhachari would have won Nobel.

    in USA we have 1000+ inventors with only 5000 population which is best stat in the world.

    New York’s Jews have won 37 Nobel prizes with 1.6 million population.Bengali Kulin Brahmins of kolkata have won 2 Nobel prize with just 50K population.

    So see population wise we Bengali kulin Brahmins are smartest race in the world followed by Jews.

  24. PAX

    I think one who have power in their hand,they will use the power & create the system according to their wish as so called ‘Bramhin’ did many times ago.Wait for proper time we all get the answer.I am not humiliating caste Bramhin,I just want to say if government give his helping hand to all ,other castes will response in intellectual race.Then measure IQ level.The bothersome system of castism should be abolished .We will get all the answers within 50 years .Just wait & watch.

  25. Shan

    Number 1: Majority of the Brahmins are dumb and idiots. A few are good. Understanding this, their ancestors created the caste system so that their progeny may survive. Proof : the comments right here by so-called Brahmins.
    Number 2: India was the economic super power till the 10th century. The decline started by 5th century when the Castees took over the country.
    Number 3: IQ or EQ etc are all not measures really. Where are you and where are those people whom you are associated with? If you call yourself an Indian and if other Indians are in a bad position, then you are not intelligent. If you don’t know how to make everyone in this country rich and intelligent, then you are not really intelligent. I don’t know whether you understand this. Most Brahmins, I am sorry to say, don’t understand this. They are driven by selfish motives that they are unable to think beyond themselves. Really sad!

  26. Tupac

    So this Jayson Fernandez guy bosts of his high birth by saying he is a progeny of Saraswat Brahmin & his Mangalorean Catholics are Brahmins descendents & then wants to kick the Brahmins out of the India. So will he kick out his “Brahmin” Mangalorean Catholics as well out of India too? Since they have “Brahmin” ancestory too?

    He claims he is a “Brahmin” descendant and that’s why he is HIGH IQ & yet wants to kick out Brahmins, so will he kick out his fellow “Brahmin” Mangalorean Christians out of India too? And laps upto Western Christians people.

    No matter how hard you try to be a Christian, you will be a Pajeet Convert to them who did that solely out of hunger & starvation & won’t be allowed in their Churches!

    And he wants to break India into 50 parts! No, no Spanish Inquisition is going to happen, so buzz off!

    Let me break it to you, you’re not a “Brahmin” descendant as you like to think, you’re just another low caste Rice Bag Convert….Lol!

  27. Aaron

    Brahmins used to have that advantage of learnt knowledge passed down from generations but this era I see every caste has equal potency to excel in any field if they choose to. It boils down to hardwork and perseverance – caste has little to do with filing patents. I have seen so many patents that they all look very similar to the previous ones (or copied from co-workers) with just one minor alteration here or there. Out of 1000 patents, hardly 1 or 2 ever make the commercial cut and really unique to be useful for mass – so DON’T measure intelligence with # of patents.
    Most brahmins are good at manipulating language and escaping from intricate arguments I will give to that but hardly 0.001 comes with a great mind. Considering the opportunity they get in govt jobs (recommendations) there is no surprise they are good at moving up the ladder but I doubt all of them to possess 110+ .. be it Tamils or Bengalis in my experience.


    A quote I recently read “It takes great intellectual prowess to design an abusive system and make the victim thank you for it! “


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