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Did Rajiv Dixit ever qualify from IIT Kanpur? Did he get a doctorate from France? Was he ever employed by CSIR? Did he publish anything on anti-gravity?

[Addendum, 16 December 2016: Someone has sent me the RTI that confirms that Rajiv Dixit did NOT qualify from IIT Kanpur. I’ve uploaded the RTI on my server: From Ministry of Human Resources Development | From IIT Kanpur. Now the issues that remain are regarding the doctorate he claims he had from France, and that he was employed by CSIR]

Addendum 22 December 2016: FORGED RTI BEING CIRCULATEDby Rohit Dubey]


I chanced upon this amazing talk by Rajiv Dixit today:

This is as close to absurdity as anything I’ve come across in my life. He claims not only that he is a great scientist but that the Max Planck Institute was willing to pay BILLIONS of dollars for his work. And that Government of India was party to this German stealing of Indian research, and so he stopped his research rather than give away his intellectual property to Germany.

I’ve gotten used to the idea of Rajiv Dixit making absurd – and often blatantly false – claims about a number of things. I’ve rebutted some of them on this blog (e.g. this). But this is something we can now directly investigate. After all, his own academic credentials, job history and publications should not be a secret. This is one set of facts which is unassailable.

Rajiv Dixit’s qualifications?

Rajiv went about lecturing in various campuses stating that he was an IIT alumnus.

B Tech

Wikipedia says he had a B.Tech from NIT Allahabad [I’ve made a PDF copy of the current version on Wikipedia, here]

This website says he had a B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad– 1983 -1985. [Sanjeev: but this institute came up only in 2000 – so that can be ruled out].

[Sanjeev: says: उनकीप्रारंभिकमाध्यमिकशिक्षाफिरोजाबाद में हुयीउसके बाद 1984 में उच्चशिक्षाके लिए वेइलाहबादगए. So how could he get any BTech in just one year?]

The website, however, says this:

वे सैटेलाईट टेलीकम्युनिकेशन के क्षेत्र में उच्च शिक्षा प्राप्त करना चाहते थे लेकिन अपनी IITकानपूरसे B.Tech कीशिक्षाआखिरीवर्ष में हीछोड़करदेश को विदेशी कंपनियों की लूट से मुक्त कराने और भारत को स्वदेशी बनाने के आन्दोलन में कूद पड़े | इसी बीच उनकी प्रतिभा के कारण CSIR में कुछ परियोजनाओ पर काम करने और विदेशो में शोध पत्र पढने का मौका भी मिला |

My comments

a) This indicates he was doing a B.Tech from IIT Kanpur. That is plausible. But he did NOT complete his B.Tech. That is almost certain, for it is unexpected that a website would lie on this matter.

b) As far as the year is concerned, given he started in 1984 and he dropped out in the last year, he would have done three years at IIT Kanpur from 1984-87.

c) He MAY have also obtained a B.Tech from NIT Allahabad during this period – although that is doubtful. Will need evidence.

d) We should rule out any B.Tech from IIIT unless proper proof is offered.

M Tech

Wikipedia says he had an M.Tech from IIT Kanpur. This website says he had an M.Tech. from IIT Kanpur – 1985 -1986. Another website says:

He pursued M.Tech in Satellite Telecommunications from IIT Kanpur and pursued doctorate in telecommunications in France. [Source]

My comments:

a) The years cited are implausible. Since when has IIT Kanpur started awarding a one year MTech to someone with a 2 year B.Tech degree – assuming he had any B.Tech degree at all? Being November 1967 born, Rajiv Dixit would have been 18 years old by July 1986. IIT does not accept anyone below age 17 – but that’s for a 4 year BTech degree. So how could he complete his MTech by age 18?.]

b) If he did not have any B.Tech degree (as above) then he could not have got an M.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur. I’m not sure if IIT offers admission to M.Tech without a proper bachelors degree.

d) The only plausible scenario is that he dropped out in 1987 from IITK, got a B.Tech (somehow) from NIT by 1988, and enrolled at IITK from 1988-1990 for MTech. But he definitely did not get his M.Tech in 1986. The earliest would be 1990.

Ph D

Wikipedia says he had a PhD from France. This website says this: Ph.D. from Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble City in France – 1986 -1987 [Sanjeev: this means he got his PhD before his 20th birthday.]

My comments:

  • If the year (1987) is right he almost certainly did not get any doctorate. Doesn’t make sense at all. How could a top ranking university in France admit him without a degree (since he could not have completed any degree by 1986 – as we have seen above), leave alone award a doctorate – also before he was 20 years old?
  • The only possibility is if he got his doctorate (if any) much later. The earliest I can think of is 1992.


This website says this about his work:

  • Scientist in France, satellite telecommunication – 1987 – 1988
  • Scientist, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, worked with Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India – 1988 – 1989 [Sanjeev: The Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology was established in 2007!]

He is also said to have worked in CSIR [He worked at CSRI (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) as a Scientist but ultimately resigned from his job TO SPREAD THE GREATNESS OF INDIA! [Source]]

In any case, after 1991 he became an active full time swadeshi activist and dropped all science.

1991 में डंकल प्रस्तावों के खिलाफ घूम घूम कर जन जाग्रति की और रेलियाँ निकाली | कोका कोला और पेप्सी जैसे पेयों के खिलाफ अभियान चलाया और कानूनी कार्यवाही की |
1991-92 में राजस्थान के अलवर जिले में केडिया कंपनी के शराब कारखानों को बंद करवाने में भूमिका निभाई |1995-96 में टिहरी बाँध के खिलाफ ऐतिहासिक मोर्चा और संघर्ष किया

My comments:

a) I have been unable to find any record of any of his higher studies/employment in CSIR/doctorate from France.

b) Why would anyone in CSIR hire someone who had no qualifications – that is not clear.

c) He MAY have worked in France in some capacity. Details are not known.

d) Further, there is a claim made that he conducted research in “foreign countries”. What exactly was that research? Who hired him?

Anti-gravity research is quite common across the world

What about anti-gravity? Well, there have been numerous efforts in this regard well before any Indian (CSIR) effort. Details:

I searched the world’s scientific journals and found at least 3000 journal articles with reference to ‘anti-gravity’ but none was authored by any Rajiv Dixit. (I found one Rajiv Dixit who has recently started publishing on brain science, but nothing on physics by any Rajiv Dixit). If nothing else, he should have published something in an Indian journal, or even in some publication of CSIR.


Request to readers

Would anyone please provide me a scanned copy of ANY OF RAJIV DIXIT’S SCIENTIFIC WRITINGS?

Also could anyone please go to IIT Kanpur and verify whether he ever completed any degree from there?

Would anyone please provide me a scanned/PDF copy of his doctoral dissertation from “France”?

Would anyone please provide me proof of his employment by CSIR?

I am now beginning to get some very serious doubts about Rajiv Dixit’s INTEGRITY. But before I make any strong comments let me be sure.


ADDENDUM, 27 July 2015

After the total failure of anyone in the world to provide any evidence re: Dixit’s credentials, I spent a few minutes to compile the following blog post: The confused and deeply ignorant Rajiv Dixit. It points to the HUGE ignorance of this man on the most basic scientific matters.


Sanjay Sonawani takes on Rajiv Dixit’s false claims that have badly harmed India

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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180 thoughts on “Did Rajiv Dixit ever qualify from IIT Kanpur? Did he get a doctorate from France? Was he ever employed by CSIR? Did he publish anything on anti-gravity?
  1. Apoorv Bhat

    If u look more you will also find a video where he claims he is a homeopathic doctor and reviles modern medicine practices like Angioplasty. First of all, i wouldnt even expect an Homeopathic doctor to understand the procedure DM-Cardiologists (Super specialists) perform. Anyway, it is a different branch of medicine altogether.. It is all a piece of shit.

    His supports allege that Rajiv Dixit was poisoned because his body turned blue after death. Well, all dead bodies turn bluish after death as tissues use up oxygen which is in vicinity.

    We better stop ignoring this man. I have serious doubts on Baba Ramdev too.. Apparently Rajiv Dixit was his right hand man..

  2. AD

    Rajiv Dixit is an idiot & you are right in raising these issues about him. He (and many BJP, RSS, hindutva idealogues) often display a very inferior intellectual capacity…

    Infamous for taking up innocuous statements. trivial things and reading too much into them – making a mountain off a molehill. The easiest thing in the world to do may be to point a finger at somebody. Such people must be questioned & countered.

    I won’t question his patriotism or intent. He may have been a good person (and in his mind he was fighting for what he thought was the truth), but such things do more harm than good. His lectures are full of conspiracy theories with the most trivial things in the form of evidence. Too much paranoia…

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I didn’t call Rajiv Dixit an idiot. I think he was pretty intelligent, though somewhat misguided on a number of things

    My specific question here is about his academic and related credentials. I want to verify his suggestion that he was being offered billions for his expertise. Presumaly he should have published at least some very significant work somewhere. If I can confirm his truthfulness in this case I will have more interest in listening to him. So far I’ve heard 3-4 talks of which only one seems to have had any relatiionship with the truth.


  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’ve not ruled out these claims. Just want solid evidence, and want to know more – so a fair assessment of his contributions to science can be made.

  5. Surendra Kumar

    I have respect for Sanjeev Sabhlok about his sincere efforts to know the facts. Nobody has right to speak against truth.

    Some people seems to be in a hurry to proov that Rajeev dixit was an RSS agent. If such people succeed in their intention they will try to finish all hindus from the planet along with BJP.

    The people who do not know how to use “is” correctly. Trying to pass judgement on Rajiv dixit.

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    What is this about Rajiv Dixit and RSS? And even if he was from RSS, what’s the issue? RSS has some excellent people, as well.

    I suggest we stick to the facts. I would like to know the precise academic and career credentials of Rajiv Dixit and would be grateful if someone knowledgeable can provide relevant information.

  7. Sanjay

    Dear Sanjeev,

    Please contact Pradeep Dixit (Rajiv Dixit brother) to get the proof of his career and academic credentials.

    Contact details I got from the Rajiv Dixit website:

    Email ID:
    Contact: 00917152260041

  8. Surendra Kumar

    I also like that discussion remains to the point. But it looks you excepted happily following comments

    “His supports allege that Rajiv Dixit was poisoned because his body turned blue after death. Well, all dead bodies turn bluish after death as tissues use up oxygen which is in vicinity. We better stop ignoring this man. I have serious doubts on Baba Ramdev too.. Apparently Rajiv Dixit was his right hand man”

    “He (and many BJP, RSS, hindutva idealogues) often display a very inferior intellectual capacity… Infamous for taking up innocuous statements.”

    I do not know the reason seems I only opposed your views

  9. C.B.Sharma

    I not angry but shocking…

    & want to know your real motive behind all this :

    1) are you trying to say that his statements was right but people thinking wrong about his qualification ?

    2) are you trying to show that people people have misconceptions about dixit ji & so how can we rely on his statements whatever he stated ?

    3) are you trying to say that you have done all the research on him & now nobody can proof it right ?

    4) you are writing all this because you want evidence so that you can satisfied yourself ?

    5) are you thinking that his academic credential right but time is entered incorrectly ?

    6) are you one of the followers of dixit ji ?

    7) what will be your next step if information about his qualification are proven wrong ?

    I am expecting your answers point wise & definitely you will not take my quires otherwise ?

  10. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    CB Sharma, there is a huge discrepancy in the internet about Rajiv Dixit’s qualifications. I’m also interested in the scientific study of his work which I’d like to read.


  11. C.B.Sharma

    Sanjeev, I was expecting your answer as point wise as i asked so that we all can understand your intention in psychological way.. & also will help you in your aim (if it is for good)

    If i am spending time to read/write you , I want also honest answers in a expected way..

  12. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’m sorry I’m not obliged to restate things in different ways. You are entitled to your questions, but I’ve provided all the answers.

  13. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Ajay, kindly furnish proof. I’ve written to his brother who has not yet responded. Does NO ONE have proof of Rajiv Dixit’s qualifications, etc.


  14. Pradeep

    Absolutely Brilliant! Sanjeev…you may or may not have stumbled on a Brilliant Expose of Right wing Ideologues and their absolutely False claims to fool the common Hindu…You should also do a study on the ‘Urine therapy’ that the Sangh adherents promote as ‘US patented’ and therefore effective for various illnesses including Cancer as they claim…They allege that with this patent, the US Govt has also now agreed and in awe of the ancient Indian vidya of cow urine and again the poor innocent Hindu common man doesn’t know is that there is a difference between a patent for distillation and a US FDA approval, which is mandatory for medicines to be sold in the US…that the RSS will never get, but in India they peddle a lie

  15. Surendra Kumar

    CSIR being part of Government is bound to RTI. You must execise this to fetch some information. I hope CSIR will not respond by reading the Blog.

  16. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks. I’ve written to Rajiv Dixit’s brother. No response yet. Let his brother reply. I am beginning to suspect things now – why this delay in responding?

  17. Yashvir Singh

    Respect is what we all should do for Rajiv Dixit. There are hardly any person, like him these days. If, any person feels he is spreading all fake info. be it for his qualifications then, why Indian Govt. didn’t take action against him ?? Why no traces of his work till now, can be seen on indian t.v news ? Answer is simple its all conspiracy of Govt. to suppress his noble work for our Nation, best means by Govt. was by getting control of news media to not to broadcast much about him.
    (By the way, i had edited his qualification’s on Wikipedia. Source was

  18. Pradeep

    Arrey Bhai Yashvir, that the Got. of India didn’t take action against Rajiv Dixit, for his ‘fake qualifications’ doesn’t mean or prove anything…there are many ‘dongis’ ‘qaucks, fakirs and donkeys’ in India who with their fake qualifications are doing brisk business in India selling all kinds of medicines and also fake/false ideologies…our Govt has always been ‘nikamma’ and impotent in many matters…so if they have not not taken action, at least we educated Hindus should stand for the truth and find the truth and expose these evil charlatans…Join me in shouting Satyameva Jayate

  19. Pradeep

    Durgesh, and 100% of scientists in ISRO are Indians…so what does that prove, we should feel sad that a foreign power has been able to ‘buy’ our talent and nurture them…these are also making a foreign power stronger and powerful.
    Also nothing to feel really proud of, the americans helped initially set up our IITs and IIMs… now they are only reaping the benefit of their investment. I would wish for all these scientists to come back and build our nation. Unfortunately they are so used to the freedom, liberty and care that Western nations give compared to ours that many do not want to come back! It is our great loss!

  20. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Indeed, by now I’ve written to Rajiv Dixit’s brother and no response, and not ONE person has provided any evidence of Rajiv Dixit’s various qualifications and career profile. I am now coming to the view that Rajiv Dixit was a fraudster. Unless I am provided proof – fairly quickly now.

  21. Pradeep

    Durgesh at the same time why are we creating a culture of fabrications and lies. The world is laughing at us on our fantastic fabricated claims on scientific discoveries and ideas (Gau mutra is one of them) …Why cant we perform and then rest on our laurels… We Indians are really talented and brainy we can create wonders, we dont need to fabricate qualifications…lets hope Rajiv Dixit really had those qualifications though I also doubt it…he claimed a fantastic claim that airplanes were invented in India (Vaimanika Shastra) and that Wright brothers stole them…(what a fertile creative imagination Rajivji had)…think about it if we were the experts on aviation, we still have not been able to complete the decade old Light Combat aircraft program after spending 50,000 crores…The Vaimanika Shastra was of no use to the DRDO, we have to now borrow American engines for the program…’Why tell lies yaar’, is what I would have told Rajiv Dixit if he was still alive

  22. Surendra Kumar

    For you kind information, An Indian compnay has taken an US patent on the “Gau mutra” based pesticide. This news has been published in the Dainik Jagaran news paper last week. What should I say on your comment about Gau mutra? Are you trying to fabricate some thing or are you ignorent of the facts? You can read further as proofs. Specially
    this one

    Indian scientists patent cow urine distillate

    July 3, 2002 | TNN

    NEW DELHI: Cow urine has been found to enhance the effect of antibiotics. A composition by Indian scientists, using cow urine distillate to enhance the antimicrobial effect of the antibiotic present in the formulation, has been granted a US patent. This could have a significant impact on drug usage. Use of the distillate could help reduce the dosage of antibiotics, drugs and anti-cancer agents while increasing the efficiency of absorption of antibiotics and other drugs. …”

  23. durgesh

    But i have seen programmes fox history that ancient india had developed surgey. and some other similar things.

    every civilization has contributed in science and technology, we must know and claim our contribution in science and technology WITH SCIENTIFIC PROOF.

    RAJIV MALHOTRA is doing similar work who is writing 20 volume book on india’s contribution in sc. & tech. which we can prove to the world , he has excluded claims of airplane and nuclear bombs etc…bcz we cant prove it

  24. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks for this info, but taking out a patent doesn’t mean it is an authentic thing – particularly in India where the medical system has been sabotaged by the government. We don’t have a system of indendent, reliable testing. Our science (and regulatory) standards are beyond pathetic.

  25. Surendra Kumar

    Why does some one take patent if it is not authentic? taking an US patent cost nearly 20lacs of Rs. Secondly if we do not trust anybody for what soever reasons, there is no end to it.
    For example when one Goes for taking a birth certificate of kids; do we produce DNA test reports of kids and parents. Even if some one produce does it need another certificate to prove that reports are not fake. Than one need to prove that marrige is not fake. The person who provide certificate also need to prove that he is not fake. There has to be some level of trust.

  26. Kiran


    Just to add, an year back when I was searching for the list of well known alumni of IIT Kanpur via wikipedia, I read name of Rajiv Dixit – social activist. But now the name vanishes. How could this be possible?? Also it seems that IITs generally would not let public know any details of there alumni.

  27. Pradeep

    Arrey Surendra Sahab, do you know the meaning of the word patent and distillate..Check dictionary meaning, it means the product obtained from the condensation of vapors in distillation. Distillation can be done by various methods…The RSS pracharaks have patented one such method of distillation for Gau Muth…that in itself means nothing!!!…The US is happy to make money on granting such patents anyway…it doesn’t harm them. Now the real test is when the RSS pracharaks claim that this Gau Muth can cure cancer, HIV, malaria etc etc…for that if you have to comply to US standards, you will require a certification from the FDA, the Food & Drug Authority, which requires very very stringent test…the RSS does not have even the guts to apply for this because they know this is the act of Dongis…the whole world will be laughing at the fraud and they will be exposed…today innocent and simple Hindus are believing their claims and lies…if they have the guts let them apply for FDA, then see the fun in how they will get exposed…Now if you are saying that this patented Gau muth is being used for pesticide as per newspaper report that is even more dangerous as my local RSS shakas are promoting distilled Gau Muth as medicine to innocent public…

  28. Pradeep

    Dear Durgesh, every civilization has God given intelligence, there is not a single race of dumb fools…so whether it is Chinese, Persians, Arabs, Europeans, Indians, Aztecs etc etc all have been able to contribute at some level or the other to science and technology. We Indians also rightfully have contributed. The problem is that people like Rajiv Malhotra and other RSS pracharaks falsely likely to claim that every discovery in the world right from spacecraft to microchips was invented by Indians..that is a hoax. Till the 19th century there was no country called India, the British made what is today modern India. We were made up of hundreds of kingdoms…So for example if today those kingdoms were still in existence, then AryaBhatta would have been claimed by the kingdom of Magadha and all Maghadans would rightfully be proud of his contribution. So I find it a little strange how we make claims about “Indians” and their contribution…Why are we a nation that walks forward with our face backward…cant we just excel so greatly right now in our own country that like the Western nations today, everybody will want to come and learn from the new India… let us sing with Sunil Dutt the old song…Chhodo kal ki Baatein, Kal Ki Baat Purani

  29. preeti

    The Wikipedia also says Dixit worked as a scientist with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at CSIR. Did Dr Kalam ever work at CSIR?

  30. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    President Kalam worked only in DRDO and ISRO, not CSIR. He might have worked on some project with CSIR – hard to say.

  31. durgesh


    I too don’t want false claims. But at least genuine claims.

    Yes its true India was ruled by different kings but what was reason that when Alexander knocked on the western door chandra Gupta Maurya from magadh went to save the nation?

    Why Shivaji from Maharastra went to challenge Delhi?

    Our ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, yoga etc. was common to entire country not one kingdom.

    Yes there was no country called India , it was Bharat and Aryavarta.

    Kal ki baatein kaise chore kal ki baato mein to itihas chupa hai..

    chill …

  32. Pradeep

    Dear Durgeshji, Your first statement itself is incorrect…India was not ruled by various kings…There was no India to begin with, there were independent countries, each having their own sovereign ruler, currency, foreign policy, trade etc etc…even religion. And this Aryavrata and Bharat is all fiction created by RSS…Did you know that the Vaishnavite kings and the Shaivite kings never liked each other and fought and massacred each other’s kingdoms, of course the term ‘genocide’ was not invented then… Nobody thought they were Aryavrata… Please dont rely on our TV serials they are just myth created in the mind of the script writer to sell the story and ensure good TRPs for the channel…Search for the truth…Satya will win always…About Chandragupta Maurya and Alexander, there is enough indication that he wanted to collaborate with Alexander to destroy his enemies the Nandas…eventually he failed to persuade Alexander to continue his conquest… Chandragupta never engaged in battle with Alexander, nor did he stop him, that is myth…what is true however is that much later on Chandragupta did fight with one of Alexander’s generals and he did win, but he knew that he could not continue the fight forever, so married the daughters of one of the Greek Generals so that he could have peace (you can call him an ancient love jihadi :) ) … Here is an interesting account on his life… Also isnt it interesting that Chanakya was advising Chandragupta on defeating other Hindu kings not some foreign invader…also think of it Porus’s enemy was not a foreigner but a fellow Hindu king who again collaborated with Alexander to defeat Porus….this is the tragedy you must know about our great culture…our ancestors sold each other in bribes and greed…we are doing the same today also

  33. Pradeep

    Durgeshji about Shivaji fighting Delhi, did you know that several Hindu kings collaborated with Muslim rulers to attack and finally destroy one of the greatest empires in India- Vijaynagar. Did you know that the Rajputs under Aurangzeb fought Shivaji. Did you know that several Maratha chieftains were loyal to the sultan of Bijapur and fought Shivaji….The knowledge of one kingdom (whether yoga or Kamasutra) spread just as knowledge spreads today across countries on any topic. That does not mean India invented it…there was no concept of India, we have thank British Sarkar for giving us united India and for telling the princely kingdoms that they had no option but to submit to the Indian Union. We can Manoj Kumar’s song and we can compose more such fairy tale fictitious songs about ourselves and soothe ourselves and have a feel good factor…Like a drunk man, we will have to wake up someday..the world is laughing at these pathetic falsehoods we are preaching because they know the truth about us. We are closing our eyes and saying there is no such thing a the sun. Wake up my fellow Indians, stop fooling ourselves and cheating ourselves…We are only cheating ourselves and we are becoming the greater fools…That is why I like Sunil Dutt’s song…Chodo kal Ki Baatein…Whatever has happened in the past forget it…let us now look ahead and march forward…Let us not rely on fictions that we create in our minds…But with effort, wisdom and hardwork be proud of what we are now going to create…the World eventually will take notice and applaud at our future

  34. Nitesh

    Dear All,

    We are working on Panchgavya theropy. I dont want to tell about process but from last 2 years we are working on Panchgavya theropy and taking Results from it. We have collected almost 3000 Patient data who have cured b Gomutra (Indian Breed Cow Urine), Ghee, and Panchgavya Medicines. So don’t get in such questions that cow urine have patent or not. Patent are with Go vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Devalapar, Nagpur. you can get copy from

    and i dont want to go with qualification of Some one, I just want to see intention on one man who worked hard for this nation. and sanjeev sabhlok i want you to please meet Mr. Niranjan Varma from Chennai who has worked with Rajiv Dixit. you can get in touch with him at He is also researching on various Swadeshi Techniques and Tehnology. May be he can clear all you doubts definately. He has worked almost in Core team of Rajivji.

  35. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks. I think this is a good start. This institute should now tie up with major research institutions to validate their results.


  36. Nitesh

    Niranjan Varma’s Maharshi Vagbhatt Goshala and Panchgavya Anusandhan kendra is already tieup with Indian Celltheropy Institute, Tiruanantpuram. Which is leading institute in Alternative Medicine.

  37. Pradeep

    Dear Nitesh, Nobody is debating whether you have a patent to distill Cow urine or not…Please understand there is a big difference between a patent for distillation and a drug for patients. A patent for a process in the US is given by the US patents office.…The efficacy of whether a drug works or not or is good for human beings is certified by the US Food and Drug Administration… If you have a patent to distill cow urine, its not very difficult to apply for a patent for pig urine distillation, zebra urine distillation etc etc… Infact I would encourage RSS to apply and patent for all animals urine distillation process…That way at least they will be in Guinness book of world records for patenting all animals urine distillation.

    What very cleverly is being tom tommed is the distillation process receiving a patent, Medically and pharmacological this has no scientific basis for making this into a medicine… I am saying again the toughest tests are conducted by the US food and drug administration (FDA)…If RSS has the guts let them get a validation from FDA that Gau Muth works for all the diseases that are mentioned: (Some sites mention even HIV and cancer cures thru Gua Muth, but now even the claimants are finding it too atrocious and seem to be dropping those claims).

    If RSS can get validation from US patent office, they should not have a problem in applying with US FDA… But they wont because they know they will become the laughing stock of the world. (In fact if they were really really so confident, they would applied to the FDA long ago)… Sanjiv you are an optimist to think the that they will go to the major research institutions for validation…If they were really sure they would have done so long ago…Actually it would have been better if they got the correct and best approvals in place before tom tomming cures to a simple Hindu populace…

  38. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks, Pradeep. My point was that in India there is a belief that just because something is writtin in some scripture it is good, or that it works. There is little knowledge of, or awareness of the scientific process. Now, I do have many concerns about FDA as an organisation (some I’ve raised earlier on this blog – re: blockage of drugs that actually assist in cancer). It is a government regulatory body and like most government bodies, it is conflicted and therefore at least partially unreliable.

    Having said that, I think that multiple layers of testing by independent research institutions is the way to go. FDA could well be one of them. Indeed, none of these medicines can be sold in USA without such appproval. All this is deemed to be quackery unless FDA approves.

    If the proponents of these medicines are so confident, nothing should prevent them from getting independent testing carried out.


  39. Virender Singh

    संजीव जी,

    पहला सवाल आप अपने जीवन के बहुत से महत्वपूर्ण कार्य छोड़कर केवल राजीव दीक्षित की शैक्षिक योग्यता के पीछे क्यों पड़े हुए है और

    दूसरा सवाल क्या अगर उनकी शिक्षा का कोई प्रमाण नहीं है तो क्या उनके ज्ञान को अपने बड़े बड़े अंग्रेजी के शब्दों के नीचे दबा सकते है?

    तीसरा सवाल: अगर झूठी शैक्षिक योग्यता दिखा कर सोनिया गाँधी आज देश लूटने में लगी है ( तो अगर राजीव दीक्षित जैसे देशभक्त की बात सुनकर लाखो लोगो में राष्ट्रवाद जाग रहा है तो आपको इस से क्या परेशानी है?

    चौथा सवाल: राजीव दीक्षित के पास कोई डॉक्टर की डिग्री नहीं थी फिर भी केवल उनका व्याख्यान सुनकर मेरे जैसे हजारो लोगो की कई बिमारिया दूर हो गयी जो बड़े बड़े डिग्री धारक डॉक्टर ठीक नहीं कर पाए क्यों?

    अगर आपको प्रमाण चाहिए तो उनके गुरु प्रोफेसर धर्मपाल जी को पढ़िए जिनकी शैक्षिक योग्यता शायद आपको न पूछनी पड़े प्रोफेसर धर्मपाल जैसे इंसान ने अपने पूरे जीवन का ज्ञान एक ऐसे इंसान को सोंपा जो आपके अनुसार अगर अपनी शिक्षा का प्रमाण ने दें तो उसका पूरा व्यक्तित्व बेकार है

    मेरी किसी भी बात का जवाब देने से पहले आप नीचे दिया लिंक से धर्मपाल जी की पुस्तक “The Beautiful Tree” डाउनलोड करें और फिर कोई भी धारणा बनाएं
    और अपनी वेबसाइट की लोकप्रियता बढाने का कोई और बढ़िया कोई और बढ़िया तरीका ढूंढो भाई
    और मेरी मान्यता है की वो हम जैसे युवाओ के लिए प्रेरणा स्त्रोत है और आप जैसे लोगो के लिए लोकप्रियता बढाने का जरिया

    राजीव भाई के अनुसार मान्यताओ पर बहस नहीं होनी चाहिए क्योंकि वो मुर्ख लोग करते है
    आप अपनी मान्यतो पर चले और हमें अपनी पर चलने दें आपका समय बचेगा और हमारा देश,d.bmk

  40. ajit

    Main Virender singh ki baat se bilkul sahmat huin. Rajiv dixit ke degree se kya matlab hai. Rajeev dixit ne bhartiyata ka prachaar kiya.. bahut se logon ko ayurveda ka gyan diya hai isse bahut logon ko fayada bhi hua hai.. Rajiv dixit corruption aur poverty ko mitane ke liye system change ka movement lana chahte the. In my view , wo ek aise leader the jo Right to Recall procedure draft ke saath mass movement khada karna chahte the . For more details (

  41. Suyash Awasthi

    Kindly open your eyes and see that he did B.Tech from NIT Allahabad established in 1961 (wikipedia) and not Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad.

  42. indian

    dear blogger………..
    his qualification does not matter . tell me whether he is right or wrong when he talks about nehru’s aristocracy, his affairs , his blunders.
    he is right or wrong when he says britishers looted india . he is right or wrong when he says our resources are being sold to foreigners.
    ….don’t wish to elaborate more …………. there are many things as such ….. he was an indian .. i like him for his nationalism….. bharat mat ki jai.

  43. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I think everyone is entitled to say good/bad things. But no one is entitled to LIE. I suspect he has lied. I only ask for proof of his OWN claims.

  44. Sid

    I have been listening to his views. Very biased and one sided, always pitting Indians against Westerners, creating a narrative so as to project as if entire world is conspiring against India. He may be a good orator, but doesn’t mean he is right. People who comment in his favour here, I sense, are a minority ignorant representatives of Indian society. Swadeshi is long dead, no country can survive on swadeshi. It is a connected world and market forces rule. India is just another cog in the wheel of this massive economic-political machine called market.

  45. satender khatri

    Rajiv dixit was a gift of God for all the citizens of Bharat. He prevent us and our money, rather then to got wasted to the MNC’S. He told us about real history of Bharat. I am very sad as he is not among us.

  46. mahadevan

    I have listened nearly 50 lectures of Rahiv dixit. Let us not discuss about his qualification and all.
    What he did to the people at young age that we have to see.

    He has opened our eyes on indian culture, religion, language, gift of india to the world, our political system. Many things on coca cola, pepsi, all proved to be correct. Corruption – he has highlighted a lot.

  47. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I wish to emphasise that no one has a right to question anyone’s “corruption” unless he is totally honest. Dixit’s claims about his qualifications and achievements have NOT been substantiated despite this blog post being out there for more than six months. This is not a discussion of Rajiv Dixit’s contributions, etc., but about his basic credentials.

  48. Raj


    I was going through the comments . couldnt make out whether he was faking his qualification. However i have serious doubts now that do you really want to investigate his credentials or just circling round to fool everybody to accomplish any hidden agenda. We have RTI and many other means to get the credentials on his educational and other documents. You mentioned that you are awaiting response from his brother? Did you get any? If not are you still going to wait for endless years?

  49. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I have no time to waste searching for Dixit’s credentials. I just asked since there seemed to be no evidence of scientific outputs claimed by Dixit. If anyone has them, provide them, if not I’ll assume he was faking at least part of his self-professed claims.

  50. Raj

    In that case dont think anybody will waste his valuable time to search or even if someone has is going to provide his credentials. Its a free democracy, so anyone can assume and express until its harmful to others.

  51. Atul

    Search functionality at IITK alumni website is probably not working well, because I tested it with my own name and it did not give proper results. The directory listing sorted alphabetically is working correctly though I could find my name in it with all the correct information. I checked all 2963 record starting with letter R, but did not find his name there.

  52. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Well, then the question remains. I don’t see how Rajiv Dixit (many of whose comments are absurd in the extreme) can be said to be a qualified scientist.

  53. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    That basically confirms that he did not graduate. The question then is how did he get his allege research jobs. And where are his published papers? Or ANY record of his research work?

  54. roy

    Rajivji’s lectures clearly indicate an understanding beyond the normal intellect. His explanation of various subjects shows that he knows stuff which is deliberately hidden from general public. The issues he raised were well worth noting and I have personally gained from his videos and audios. He has correctly blamed the congress for destroying India after the British and his research has brought to light the various methods used to control India by the Britishers. The destruction of our gurukuls, the sad state of affairs with out present education in English, the acceptance of western supremacy as we have lost all respect for our traditions and religious practices, food … which the west is quickly adopting and patenting while our Indians are learning the same ancient Indian knowledge from the west and PAYING dollars for it… we are the ORIGINAL founders of farming, cultivation, irrigation, dams, metallurgy, ship building, technology, research, god particle..but the west is now taking all the credit discrediting us along with imposing their false history of debauchery, war, genocide… there are many valid points Rajiv Dixitji makes along with solid proof he has obtained and presented…. there is no doubt that he will definitely be destroyed as his work is HARMFUL for WESTERN interests in every field whether plagiarizing indian history or robbing Ayurveda and creating the AVEDA with no benefit to our Indian nation …

  55. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Roy, I get tens of junk messages on this blog post from Rajiv Dixit fans. Unlike you, I prefer to use MY HEAD, and cross-validate his various claims and “knowledge”. In a few (VERY few) cases he is right. In MOST of his statements he is BLATANTLY wrong. He spoke falsehoods with great confidence and aplomb, easily misleading millions of DUMB, half-literate Indians.

    I teach crticial thinking. Accept NO ONE’s statements as valid. Verify. Study. Find out for yourself.

    If you have to “benefit” from anyone, that can only happen if you use your own mind and research skills to cross-check. Do that, and your DELUSIONS about Dixit will disappear. I watched only about three videos of Dixit and found him to be an ignorant charlatan, taking gullible Indians for a ride. That’s precisely what “godmen” also do. Indians get cheated VERY easily because they have NEVER been asked to use their own mind.

  56. Rajneesh

    Huh ! corruption everywhere ? Ancient History of India is corrupted [whether India existed or not], medeival history of India is corrupted [bribes, mughals, rajputs conspiracies], Modern history corrupted too [INC, Nehru, Gandhi] and corruption in my comtemporary era. :( I don’t know what to believe what to leave. That means, I am jobless graduate, learning FALSE history to clear JOB EXAMS. Isi chakkar mein maine dharamo ka bandhan tod diye. Kuchh clear hi nahi kahin pe, kisi bhi dharm mein. For me, RELIGIONS = Business. I believe only in GOD

    Somebody please clarify the whole issue, so that we, the new generation get FACTUAL HISTORY to rely upon.

    Panga ye hai ke, Jobs lene ke liye GK poochhi jati hai, jisme history v hoti hai. Now, I am in dilemma. KUCHH KARO INDIA ka

    by the way, I just started following Rajiv dixit [not his hindu philosophies] and sudddenly encountered this article . . . . Before reading this article, i checked wikipedia about RD, it says birth [1967] and only at age of ~21.

    Banda sahi tha ye REVOLUTIONARY. Sachai to hai, par main dharm grantho par aadharit sachai ko nahi maan sakta

    lööking for no. Of replies . . . ;)

  57. Yashvir Singh

    Brother, i can only say for your question is that, there is no need to question on Rajiv Dixit’s work as whatever reality in the form of Real Facts on various issues/ topics he shared with us all. Was, no doubt correct, he researched on each topic very deeply before sharing it with all.
    And, when he passed away on 30th Nov. 2010, i believe a conspiracy was planed against him. Which led to his sudden passage. It’s really hard to get another person like Rajiv Dixit, having True Nationalism.

  58. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Many of Rajiv’s opinions were wrong/ false. He was also right on a number of issues.

    This question is not about his competence or about the opinions he held. It is about proof of his publications and academic credentails. That he is alumnus of IIT Kanpur is also not the issue. Did he finally get his degree is the question.

  59. Yashvir Singh

    Actually, my previous reply was for what Rajneesh had written. Anyway, in some websites it’s written that he did his B.Tech in Electronics and Communications from K.K.M.College, Jamui, Bihar, in 1984 ( Here, it’s not written IIT Kanpur.
    But, in this audio clip of Rajiv Dixit, he is giving lecture in Pune Engineering College. One, will doubt on voice tone, but its Rajiv Dixit only. So, from this and many other Audio Video clip’s on Youtube. It’s obvious that he had done B.Tech. In, many lectures he shared many common engg. points to which we overlook in our daily life, like surface tension, etc.
    So, have you asked Pradeep Dixit his brother, regarding the same to clarify your doubt ?

  60. Satyajit

    There will not be any response and you probably know the reason why (by now)! I do not understand the logic of still claiming that some of his preaching are right and some are wrong and that it doesn’t matter whether or not he LIED about his credentials or qualifications. As per that even some followers of some legally convicted and tainted god men (I am not taking any names here) may crop up saying that although he was wrong on some aspects and LIED on certain other, he had good intentions and still some of his work make sense. Also, preacher of Hindu way of life and an anti-western (through his preaching) puts up credentials (which apparently aren’t verified yet) such as BTech etc. as BTech/ MTech etc. are western way of education and I believe that an honest person bullying western academics/ developments in almost every speech will give the slightest importance to western academic credentials and instead probably ignore/ hide them. This would also augment his own confidence on his teachings and the claim that his degrees do not matter as long as his preaching is wise and well cited. But there is not much sense in keeping him alive through discussions anymore now and let the departed soul rest in peace.

  61. Dr. Vaibhav Yawalkar

    I came across this blog with common intentions (validating credibility of this man).
    After reading subramanyam swami’s latest post on facebook regarding Narendra Dabholkar, in which he says Dabholkar was a traitor with a mission of destroying Hindu culture, which is not so surprising having seen extreme pro-hindu attitude of swami now-a-days.
    After further research i found that these claims of swami were based upon certain lectures given by Rajeev dixit on Narendra Dabholkar’s anti-superstition organisation.
    The first question that came to my mind after listening to few lectures from Rajeev Dixit was regarding his qualification. lectures were equivalent to views of any religiously blind man with basic knowledge of various faculties. I mean those who have been impressed by his knowledge (someone claiming “knowing about surface tension” was an advanced engineering thing) themselves are lagging behind in their academics). Even a 12th passed average student would know most of things he has discussed in his lectures, ofcourse the same would be received differently by ignorant and religiously blind people. His lectures are infact proofs of his unscientific thinking not consistent with self claimed credentials.

  62. Swapnil

    Sanjeev sir, i appreciate ur research… ur criticism against Rajiv Dixit was amazing.. we should be rational always… but what u say about Rajivji’s criticisms on our constitution… he claimed that we had took 34735 laws of Britishers…

  63. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    To answer your question, you should look into Rajiv Dixit’s claims look for any source documents he cites, and thereafter form your own opinion. I have not come across this particular claim, although it is clear that all British India laws were automatically applicable to India unless specifically revoked. Many British Indian laws continue till today since 99.99999999 per cent of Indians are either ignorant about governance or not interested in reforms. This requires dedication and commitment to learn public policy. Indians mostly like hero-worship and are unfit to make or change laws.

  64. digvijay

    Have been reading these comments for a while….
    I have heard his no. Of lectures a no. Of times. The problem with you is you have formed your opinion just listening to a few lectures..I never felt the need to verify his qualification because there is no need of it actually. Even if he was illiterate how the hell do it matters.
    I have many times not agreed with rajiv dixit’s view points on certain things( complete swadeshi being one of them). But some of his lectures were indeed eye opening.
    Somebody called him an idiot. No he was not. He was indeed very intelligent and sharp minded.
    I wish he would have been alive today. I and even you had so many things to clarify from him on his claims.

  65. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I agree it doesn’t matter whether he was illiterate. What matters is when he CLAIMED to have done high level research. That does require proof. Till today not a single commentator has bothered to provide proof.

    Re: his views. That’s neither here nor there. I agree with some, and disagree with most. He was TERRIBLY wrong (off by a mile) on a few. Yes, if he had been alive, I’d have surely challenged him publicly and debated with him. His early death is a great loss to India. His love for India was never in doubt.

  66. Ravi Kumar

    Hello all,
    I would like to thank Mr. Sanjeev Sabhlok for the wonderful research he has done in bringing up the facts. Its evident that unless You get facts about his education, most of his theories would be baseless. Being an engineer, he should also know that every thing is made of some complex chemical structures and whether organic or inorganic most of them now are made in labs.

    To Sanjeev Sir, In case you get details about his study and work, Please do share it. As most of his theories are undigestable and I had debated with peoples over his sayings.

    For some facts:
    Human stomach can digest even small plates of lead.
    Lemon is more harmfull then Carbonated drinks.
    Still he said no for Cold-Drinks..

    Please do respond if such details are made available.
    Also we can do RTI if his website claims that.

    NOTE: 90% of things in Wikipedia is not true and can be edited.

  67. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Look, this is not my main occupation (to find out about Rajiv Dixit). This was just a matter of curiosity and I put out this post. I notice a lot of people are coming to this post, with different opinions. I am not discussing Rajiv Dixit’s views here but seeking substantiation of his own claims about his scientific credentials.

  68. Mohit


    Did you get any proof from either his brother or any of his fans ?

    Plz mail his bro and guru / professor few more times

    As somedody said he wa right hand of ramdev, so if by chance any1 meets ramdev,tthen do ask him about rajeev dixit- if he was a genuine guy or a fallacy

  69. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    No. If you have proof, pl. provide it, or write to whomsover you wish.

    I will not publish any further comments on this topic unless they add value.

  70. subbarayan

    Having gone through the comments ,counter comments, I feel it serves no purpse. I do not find any reason to go after the qualifixation of an individual. Whether he is qualified or not his lectures have been inspirational.As he dead and gone no purpose is served in either going after his education or his expertise in fields he gave lectures. It is best to bury things and enjoy his lectures on various topics .

  71. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’m not “going after” Rajiv Divit’s qualifications. This is an old blog post which keeps getting visitors. Not my fault. But I don’t intend to remove it since the questions I raise are important (they go to the root of Rajiv Dixit’s credibility regarding the claims he himself has made in one of his talks).

    Note that some of Rajiv Dixit’s speeches are good (ie. evidence-based); many are VERY poor (totally baseless claims made). Let’s not “enjoy” his lectures. Let’s ask questions about everything, so only the TRUTH is “enjoyed”.

    Satyameva Jayate.

  72. JAVED

    Dear Sanjeev,
    After listening few of Mr. Rajiv Dixit’s lectures, I too was curious enough to dig out his credentials. I was literally shocked when I find on Wikipedia, his list of qualifications and ‘a’ Doctorate too within so early age. How could a person with so much credentials doesn’t know the correct location of 9/11 attacked ‘WTC’, as he locates it in Washington DC instead of New York in his lecture on “Rajiv Dixit ji Exposing 9/11 Attacks FULL – YouTube”
    In his majority of lectures he has advised the same advices which I’ve heard by somebody or other in the past.
    Moreover, there are plenty of claims which are quite incorrect, I’ll not go in to detail since it’s his opinion. Somebody may agree or discard, it’s their right.
    But, the most important of all is ‘Credibility’. If a person is not true to his ‘Conscious’ then all his lectures, sayings would be doubtful. One should be most careful about every word or sentence he/she delivers or discloses personal details while addressing in public, it’s a question of credibility.
    We Indians were easy pray in the past and are still same due to our behavior of attesting anything without our own research. We are easy going public. We use to trust anybody easily. That’s why third grade politicians are quite successful in parting this nation in the name of religion. We’ll succeed building this nation only if we make our decisions based on our personal findings, not over others thought.
    Long Live India

  73. एसबी

    डिग्री क्या होती है ? आप सुरत आओ बताता हूं अंगुठाछाप लोगों ने कितने डिग्रीधारियों को अपने नौकर बनाकर रख्खे हैं ।
    सत्य क्या होता है ?
    किसी के भले के लिए बोला हुआ जुठ सत्य होता है या किसी को नूकसान करनेवाला सच सत्य होता है ?
    राजीवभाई का सत्य मोटा सत्य था, मतलब कि उनको भारतकी चिंता थी, भारत को जगाना था, भारत के असली शत्रुओं का परिचय कराना था । मोटे सत्य में सत्य तो होता ही है, साथ में सुक्ष्म जुठ भी आ जाते है, अन्जाने में या कभी जानबूज कर । आप की नजर में मोटे सत्य की कोइ किमत नही है सुक्ष्म सत्य के पिछे पडे हो ।
    सत्य का ठेका क्या हम भारतियों को ही लेना है ? जब की अमरिका जैसे देश जुठ के बल पर दुनिया का दादा बन कर फिर रहा है । दुनिया की सबसे महान जुठी यहुदी प्रजा, बेंकरमाफिया बन कर युनो और वर्ल्ड बेंक की मालिक बन बैठी हैं । उन बेन्कर माफियाओं की इस्टइन्डिया कंपनी जुठ बोल बोल कर भारत में व्यापार करती रही और सत्यवादी भारतियों को गुलाम बनाती रही ।

    आज के हमारे काले अंग्रेज राज्यकर्ता जुठ बोल बोल कर जनता को पटाते हैं और सत्ता में आने के बाद वो ही धनमाफियाओं की कंपनियों को वापस भारत बूला रहे हैं । सत्यवादी नागरिक कुछ भी नही कर पा रहे हैं । असत्य पर सत्य की विजय होती है वो मात्र आदर्शवाद है, फिल्म और नोवेल में ठीक है असली जीवन में ऐसा नही है । हमने तो मात्र सत्य पर असत्य को विजय करते देखा है ।

    कभी विचार किया, जनता को ही क्यों सच बोलना है ? जब की जनता के सभी कंट्रोलर नेता, धर्म गुरु, मिडिया, भुध्धिजीवी, समाज सेवक जुठ के टिफिन खोलके बैठ जाते हैं एक साथ खाने पिने के लिए ।

    मुझे भी राजीवभाई की काफी बात समजमें नही आती है, क्रोस चेक करो तो जुठ निकलती है । लेकिन उनकी सच बातों के लिए बाकी बाते कुरबान !

  74. Kumari Nidhi

    Sanjeev Sabhlok ji,

    Why don’t you file an RTI to know the exact status of different degrees of Rajiv Dixit Ji? In my opinion,there are many editors of wikipedia and that too can’t be all time reliable sources.

  75. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    You are most welcome to do so. I have other priorities. I don’t know why this post gets so many comments, it is just one out of thousands.

  76. dharam singh

    I have personally benefitted from few unique things which only rajiv dixit mentioned. I have found no other source for those things e.g. method of drinking water and when not to drink water. Knowledge is not the prerogative of degree holders only. There are so many degree holders who are utterly idiot. And there are so many illiterate who have unmatched wisdom. Experience and self teaching is also a degree. I wonderthat we degree holders have questioning mind but no will power to step forward and protect our nature because we are addicted to comfortable and consumerist life style. Blogger himself by looks seems addicted to such lifestyle. I think those tribals are doing fantastic jobs of protecting environment even if through superstition. What scientific degrees have done to theworld is patently visible. Educated have become far more dangerous than illiterate but people like blogger will respect only degree holders. Rural wisdom for him is no qualification. For him traditional knowledge is no knoowledge unless certified by some degree awarding institution. I salute such attitude. Everyone in democracy is entitled for ” attitudes” so is this blogger.

  77. Pankaj Pandey

    I have also listen some of the videos of Mr Rajiv Dixit, and i am very much agree with Sanjeev Sablok, that, 70% of his preaches are untrustworthy. I don’t doubt his integrity and love for india but, it is just not good to make the gullible mass misinformed, whatsoever the reason is. About his education, i also believe that he has deliberately exaggerated his academic achievements, as this might help in his motive, to impress upon the masses, with his fact-less observations.

  78. Somnath

    Rajiv Dixit is not only an IIT-K alumni but also a distinguished alumni. Just google IIT kanpur alumni it will show a list of distinguished alumni. Along with the names of Ashoke Sen etc you will find Rajiv Dixit’s photo.

  79. Rohit Dhiran

    All Political Parties and YOU are also destroying the POSITIVE issues of Bharat which was created by RAJIV DIXIT JI.

    99 % people of Bharat dont know about these issues.Why did you not revealing TRUE history of Bharat, IIA-1947 Transfer of power agreement(India is on lease for 99 Years) India is Still UK’s Dominion State, Black Money, Truth of Globalization, Taxation System,How Devaluation of Rupee happen,Mauritius Route(Double taxation avoidance agreement),SEZ-law is used to corner export business in hands of few Elitemen ,FDI(WALMART) is Coming,100% FDI in allsectors(Defence,Telecommunication,Insurance etc etc.) is coming in Bharat. Britisher Laws(34735) which are still running in independent india, Loot of World bank and IMF Bank ,Free trade Agreement,WTO agreement( Gulami aur loot ka agreement), Impact of Fatal Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides on Farmers,Patent Law, The reality of INDIA-USA Nuclear Deal 2008, NPT and CTBT agreement,123 Agreement(Ban on Nuclear Test),Global warming,MNCs(Multinational Companies) domination,Conspiracy of MNCs, Swadeshi, Right to Recall,Kashmir issue,Weakening of Indian Miltary,Poverty,Hunger,unemployment,Corruption and Many more.

    And what you have done for this country until now.

    If you have guts then Pls File or re-open Mauritius case.

    Rajiv Dixitjee had won Mauritius case in 2002 Delhi High Court.

  80. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Normally I delete such pointless emails since they are entirely tangential to this particular post.

    I’m posting it merely as evidence that the Rajiv Dixit followers seem to have no idea of how analysis of issues takes place. I do not wish to engage on SIDE ISSUE to the question posed on this blog post.

    Not ONE person has so far answered it satisfactorily.

  81. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    No one is saying he was not an alumni. He didn’t complete his degree, though. That’s what I wish to confirm. Only send official website (e.g. IIT website).

    Also his PhD and publications – pl. send proofs. Stick to the questions I’ve asked on this post.

  82. Manoj

    Reading this post and the comments thereupon made me comment as there seems to e a serious problem where nothing can be debated on facts, but each is trying to make their opinion seem above reproach. Most part of the post AND the comments ignored the substance and tried to make it look like some side-issues are the main ones.

    Some of the gems are : “If I cant verify the academic credentials of Rajiv Dixit, I will start considering he was a serious fraudster” – Sanjeev.

    “We are easy going public. We use to trust anybody easily. That’s why third grade politicians are quite successful in parting this nation in the name of religion.” – Javed

    “Rajiv Dixit is an idiot & you are right in raising these issues about him. He (and many BJP, RSS, hindutva idealogues) often display a very inferior intellectual capacity…” -AD

    “First of all, i wouldnt even expect an Homeopathic doctor to understand the procedure DM-Cardiologists (Super specialists) perform. Anyway, it is a different branch of medicine altogether.. It is all a piece of shit.” – Apoorv Bhat.

    I do realize Sanjeev did interject a few times and sought information, but may I ask if this is how you seek information? Why not simple put out a post saying there are these conflicting claims aout Rajiv Dixit’s academic qualifications and work history, and can someone please corroborate or deny them? Nope, you had to stamp your own opinion and label a person a fraud with zero reason why you believe they defrauded someone or you? Wierd

    As the blog descends further and further into name calling, I can see many losing respect for Sanjeev Sablok as a rationalist, as I did today.

  83. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    If someone can mislead re:credentials (e.g. his own alleged research) and NO ONE IN INDIA can provide ANY proof, then this is known as fraud.

    There are a lot of ***really*** stupid things that Rajiv Dixit has said in many of his videos (which I’ve only come across tangentially: I’ve not watched many of the) and do not – a the moment – intend to comment on his many ridiculous ideas, since it is essentially pointless to do so (I’ve commented on a couple, though).

    But the idea of his pretending to have been a RESEARCHER on cutting edge topic/s without ANY published research paper/ proof of a doctorate, etc. is something perilously close to fraud.

    Yes, one day, if NO ONE can provide me with any proof of Rajiv’s credentials, I **might** put out a post on his being a cheat and fraud. But at the moment all I’m asking for is proof of his credentials and publications.

    Don’t distract from the topic of this post. Stick to any proof you have.

  84. Manoj

    Sanjeev, I am sorry but your ‘answer’ has NOTHING to do with the questions I raised. Can anyone whose antecedents you cant research be called a fraud? It just tells me that either you are a bad researcher or you are shooting off your mouth.

    I have nothing to do with Rajeev Dixit. From the few blogs I’ve read, he seems to be trying to coach rural indians to be cautious against being swindled by powers that be. I may or may not agree with the scenarios he draws, but then who can claim to be accurate all the time about future? Noone that I know at least.

    As to your last comment, .I will again call your post and the reply a deviation from the point I made, and sincerely hope for your sake and India’s that we see more responsible and helpful posts in future. This approach of calling everyone who is not PLU an imposter or cheat only shows paranoia, not great intelligence that I expected from you.

    Wish you happy holidays and a great 2015.

  85. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    “Can anyone whose antecedents you cant research be called a fraud?”

    YES – if that person claims to have conducted cutting edge research. ALL such researchers are well documented and their papers etc. published. Self-claimed geniuses with very poor knowlege of most things (as Dixit displayed) and a tendency to inflate their “achievements” without demonstrating ANY proof, are perpetrating a fraud on others.


    I will still hold off for a while before I conclude that Dixit was a fraud, an imposter.

    I would like ANYONE IN THE WORLD to provide me with proof of his research/ credentials – since no such proof is available in the world of academia/ reserach.

  86. Alok

    Namste Sanjeev ji,
    I stumbled upon this FB page [ ]
    Sri Varma is said to be a retired BARC scientist and is now propagating self-diagnosis/naturopaty etc. to the people on the instructions given to him by Rajiv Dixit ji just a couple of days before his death.
    You may find a connection.
    Also, although you’re correct to verify these credentials, and you should pursue it, I personally donot feel it’s need as far as Rajiv Dixit ji’s intents are concerned.
    I remember our NSA Sri Ajit Doval ji once saying that “believe firmly and undoubtedly on who you think is righteous, and your this belief will further empower you to accomplish great tasks…”


  87. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I don’t mix up things. And I’m not an irrational person like Doval. I need proof in order to believe anything.

    Stick to the topic of this post.

  88. Tareq

    About 50+ thoughts (few of them quite lengthy) on this blog post are waste of time. Further wasting precious time of Sanjeevji too! What he has simply asked:

    “Did Rajiv Dixit ever qualify from IIT Kanpur?”
    Qualify means Pass out successfully, no proof yet!

    “Did he get a doctorate from France?”
    No evidence yet!

    “Was he ever employed by CSIR?”
    No evidence yet!

    “Did he publish anything on anti-gravity?”
    Neither any proof nor any publishing found, even over Internet too!

    Blog author never remarked about his personal behaviour or his intelligence, but somewhere credited him with respect too. He simply asked for help to find out truths behind the claims made by Shri Rajiv Dixitji, if not made by him but he was aware of it during his lifetime. Credibility of a person is more important this his qualifications. A person’s intelligence is not deprived of any institutional backing, then why he was so starved of?

    Readers might be aware of Independent India’s first Education Minister Bharat Ratna M. Abul Kalam Azad, the founder of IITs in India, never attended any School or University but, had mastered several languages including Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Bengali, Arabic and English. He was also trained in the Mazahibs of Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i and Hanbali fiqh, shariat, maths, philosophy, world history and science by reputed tutors at home, hired by his family. An avid and determined student, the precocious Azad was running a library, a reading room, a debating society before he was twelve years of age. He was teaching a class of students, most of whom were twice his age, when he was merely fifteen and succeeded in completing the traditional course of study at the young age of sixteen, nine years ahead of his contemporaries, and brought out a magazine at the same age. And was already an editor of a weekly (Al-Misbah), in 1900, at the age of twelve.

    Jawaharlal Nehru referred to him as Meer-e-Karawan (the caravan leader), “a very brave and gallant gentleman, a finished product of the culture that, in these days, pertains to few”.
    “The Emperor of learning” remarked Mahatma Gandhi about Azad counting him as “a person of the calibre of Plato, Aristotle and Pythagorus”.

  89. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Credibility or Dixit is fraught. He has been promoting a lot of nonsense, as well. I’ll come to that separately some day. But he is also a fraudster if his claims of having researched on high-level scientific subjects are found to be false.

    I’m not gullible. I care for quality and truth.

  90. parvez khan

    Sanjeev bhai….please give me a proof …k rajiv bhai ne apne lecture mein kaha kaha jhooth bola ???

  91. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    His own claimed research is a lie. Not a SINGLE shred of evidence so far.

    Also his claims re: Nehru are false (see this:

    I’ve only heard his speech twice or thrice. Too long. Too bloated with innuendo, too laced with falsehoods. I recall hearing a speech in which he praised Mao. That man was a KILLER. But such was Rajiv Dixit.

    If I were to spend the 10 hours or so necessary to watch his talks (which I don’t have at this stage) I can guarantee I’d find hundreds of falsehoods/ misrepresentations in his speeches.

    But if you have the time to do so, then go and do your own research.

  92. soumya

    in one video, he clearly told he is frm iit kanpur, i think he was lecturing against IT company and software, I am 100% he is not an engineer from IIT kanpur. his lecture was shit and he did not have any idea about how sw and hw industries work together.
    damn funny the lecture was, i am still wondering y did ppl listened to his lectures? listen from 8:44
    he himself in his own voice claimed he is from IIT kanpur and called it home,, lolzz
    i seriously doubt his knowledge and integrity

  93. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’ve only heard a very few (probably 2-3) of his talks. This one I couldn’t listen to more than a third of this one that you linked. It is UTTER CRAP.

    The man is a nut case: American government investing 3 trillion in IT, there being debates in America’s parliament, there being a planned demand for ‘bodyshopping’. Deliberately setting fire to semi conductor complex. WHAT AN IDIOT.

    I don’t see any need to study Rajiv Dixit’s “brilliiant” findings and comment on them. Too many nut cases in this world (and in India) to waste time on.

    But so far no one has given me any answer whether he completed his IIT degree.

    Btw, in Patanjali, EVERYTHING IS IT BASED. The entire organisation, including Rajiv Dixit Bhavan, runs on IT.

  94. Dhanaji

    Sanjeev / Rajeev , You both are asset for Upcoming India…I listen his six hours lecture and agreed it is mostly on Ayurveda( I cured myself from his ideas) but he also talked on Medical Researchers, which will be changeable by Experts like you… Regarding his qualifications , some one who studied with him should clarify but unfortunately no-one coming ahead. Rajeevji is No more and at this point better we should study all our Ayurveda claims and make Patents for at-least remaining areas by researching more. Modiji claimed in One of the Speech we reach from UPnishad to UpGraha, its really wonderful.. After 21 years working in Construction Industry after my Graduation in 1993 in KIT’s College , I experiencedthat Vastushastra had some meaning, like Lot of Sages who don’t have Degrees but they got Pragnya likely they becomes Trikaldarshi…which will be experienced by who work hard & awakened…. So its miracles of this world… I salute all peoples who keep interests in finding this.. Satymeva Jayate!!! Be United for Go Green & Save Earth…

  95. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    ” some one who studied with him should clarify but unfortunately no-one coming ahead”

    – that’s a sensible thought. Why is it that no one who studied with him – or his own brother – has stepped forward to clarify?

    Re: other issues, let me say that Ayurveda has largely been unproven and therefore any claim/s you or others make in isolated cases are likely to be the result of the placebo effect.

  96. Dhanaji

    It’s beyond imagination that Rajiv Dixit being well known personality, Baba Ramdeo using his photos for selling Swadeshi movement No one coming ahead for giving proofs of his qualifications nor filing any complaint, it’s create Doubt. I hv tremendous respect for Rajiv Bhai as I experienced his thoughts are worth …. I started appealing the peoples who was with him to give clarity on it…..

  97. Bikram

    I think he(rajiv) may had completed some internship in iit kanpur in his entire engg study carrier & he amplified this fact just to gather attention to the people…
    But this thing is sure that he was in iit kanpur & did some project on fundamental physics(btw which was rejected by his team leader)..i possible know this things bcz one of my mtech project mentor knew rajiv dixit while his(my mentor’s) course of mtech at iit kanpur, physics dept.(& then completed his phd in US & worked project director in chip making division INTEL)…btw i’m also doing phd in iit..
    But one thing is definitly wrong about his(rajiv) year of birth in is written 1967..if he might alive now his age should be only 48..but in other hand my mentor’s is arround this could be possible such a huge difference in age in yearmates?

  98. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks. This is the first concrete info.

    One problem: your English is so poor I need to check your credentials first! Pleas separately send me your credentials by email ( so I can confirm (I won’t disclose details on this blog if you wish, but will confirm the authenticity of your credentials.

  99. AK

    In one speech he says, he had to complete engg in 3years, while it worthed only 2 years.
    It might be possible that he had to create an environment where people listening must accept his views. For creating that atmosphere probably he used to preach his educational dominance. Even if its true I am OK with it. People will believe a person who is a PhD than a graduate.
    And his objective was to make people feel great about their country.

  100. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Country should be happy to be “consoled” by a man who (potentially – I have no proofs yet, either way) made up his credentials? Surely we have SOME people who want to know ONLY the truth?

  101. beena

    Ok,so this comment is way off the original comment of the blogger but thought it apt to respond to a statement he made.there is more to ayurveda than just being placebo.I have benefited from it.I have read its philosophy. There are other alternatives medicines/therapy which have similar philosophy ..that it works on the whole body vs fragmented physiological systems to treat a condition. the approach to a conditio will vary in different cases of same diagnosis hence variables cannot be controlled as methodology is different.I am a Craniosacral therapist/visceral manipulation therapsit too and have seen wonderful outcomes. But the start point and ending is different for 5 patients with lumbar disc prolapse or liver issue or migraine or tinnnitus or understand a particular philosophy of medicine you have to go through the body of work done by founders to teach it and to print it.why does nobody research it ? because there is no funding, the therapist themselves are busy helping people.they do not have the time to prove point that will be viewed with such ultra of the korean drs who practise a form of traditional Chinese medicine called the Korean cupping mentioned that the methods were established at a time when the physicians goals were to save/prolong the life of their king . they killed hundreds of slaves to study the effects of a techniques…similarly Mr Rajiv Dixit talks about the work of a maharishi called Wagbhat (may be mispelt it)who noticed the effect of a med/ change in lifestyle over a period of time in so many number of people to say it works.well 3000 yrs back that methodology me ? that makes sense.FDI approves meds that have harmful effects on maybe a limited no people including death,yet it accepted and sold. even though a definte study of risks is not mentioned in traditional medicine,the adverse effects are way less than the FDI approved studies. traditionally people have been following an ayurveda lifestyle for 100s of yrs until current times where they have more choices to choose from (may not be the right one),hence prone to ill health both physical/ stands to reason that there are greys not just black and white.everything in research cannot be a linear cause and effect …like you take BP medicine and your BP is reading a number on BP
    machine…life does not work that way…
    On the other hand ayurved Dr’s can get away with lot of crap because of sub standard college education and poor quality of meds.Ultimately,it’s the consumer’s duty to research the Dr,the institute and make sure the credentials are sounds and the institutes have sound reptation.BTW there are a lot of patented ayurveda meds and any new formulation cannot be sold with the govt of India could check out Arya vaidya pharmacy ayurvedic and treatment /research center to learn more….

  102. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I have elaborated elsewhere (do search) that anything PROVEN is now part of the GLOBAL repertoire of medicine. All the unproven rubbish now remains with various “systems” like ayurveda, etc.

    If ANYTHING further can be proven (beyond placebo) from ayurveda, it will be absorbed into the GLOBAL knowledge base.

  103. ANKIT

    Respected sir

    I really dont know much about u also not much about Rajiv dixit.
    he (Rajiv dixit ) may have claimed false ( as u r proving) degrees , background etc, but 1 thing must be noted very carefully.

    whether we know him because of his degrees/past work exp or we talk too much about him because of his AMAZING knowledge of herbal medicine that may distroy million $ medicine or other harmful industries ?

    i strongly belive that instead of wasting ur energy in searching his degree authentication you must check & verify whether the solutions told by him for any disease works or not?

    whether what he told about history is true or not?

    his always criticizing america tendency has some base or not?
    what ever knowledge he shares with us is true or its fake.?

    if you can verify & prove any thing ( relating to his knowledge in spite of chasing his degree authen.) it will be a real contribution to society.

    i am not a devotee of him but i really like & admire his knowledge.
    and i will admire you more if you can prove his tips or tricks ( about health ) wrong ….

  104. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I just don’t have time to disprove Dixit. Around half his stuff is wrong/ false. You should read yourself and find out.

  105. Rohit Dubey

    Rajiv Dixit College
    Joseph Fourier University

    Ph.D. from Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble City in France – 1986 -1987

    M.Tech. from IIT Kanpur – 1985 -1986

    Allahabad University

    B.Tech. from Allahbad University- 1983 -1985

    For more Information and Secrets about India visit or If you have guts go to Allahbad University or IIT KAnpur to check this proof !
    There are billions of liers in India, but we are silent , while few are true like Rajiv ji , and you have doubt on his qualifications. Better you do this research on Sonia or Rahul.

  106. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’m publishing this nonsense just to show how ridiculously stupid people are (I’ve probably deleted 90 per cent of the comments on this blog post over the past two years).

    I’ve SPECIFICALLY REFUTED – in the blog – claims offered in this comment. That’s old hat, pure nonsense. How can people be so ridiculous? Can’t even READ what’s explained in detail on this post?

    Rajiv Dixit’s case is increasingly proving to be a fraud perpetrated on gullible people in India (i.e the vast majority). Dixit’s deep ignorance on show in his talks can only be explained as part of a deliberate racket to mislead India. Even after 2 1/2 years of this blog post, who does NO ONE know ANYTHING about his credentials?

  107. S Patel

    Thanks ! Mr. Sanjeev Subhlok

    For your long lasting efforts –
    The following msg i want to share to all followers of INDIAN peoples..

    “To think your self (use self research skill) rather than blindly follow some one”.
    “Half knowledge is more danger than No Knowledge”

    pls. Do research your self to protect your self.
    Kindly, filter out the truth from all stuffs presented by such person (Mr. RD).

  108. Upender Nain

    मैंने राजीव दीक्षित के बार में बहुत सुना था। Youtube पर वीडियो खोज कर देखी। पहली वीडियो देख कर ही समझ आ गया कि उनके दावे सिर्फ एकतरफा है। वो तो कोई भी कर सकता है। वीडियो में बोल रहे है कि लोकतंत्र खत्म कर दो। पार्टी खत्म कर दो। बीजेपी भी चोर, कांग्रेस भी चोर। सबको गलत बता दिया। क्या भाई वही था बस जो सही था? पता नहीं लोग कैसे विश्वास कर लेते है। सबको Expose कर दिया। BTech पढ कर इतिहास सिखा रहे है। जबकि वीडियो में बोल रहे कि कपिल सिब्बल जो कि वकील है, उसे सांइस एवं टॅक्नोलोजी मंत्री गलत बनाया। तो भाई उनकी ही बात खुद उन पर भी लागू होती है। खुद सांइस पढकर इतिहास बता रहे, तो कैसे यकीन करे सही होगा।

  109. Rahul

    I have tried to contact his brother on several occasion regarding different matters, as this matter is of no significance to me.
    but Pradeep never seem to reply to anything or anyone about anything. a lot of my activist friends tried contacting him but no response.

  110. Bhaskar Tatoo

    Rajiv dixit never passed-out iit kanpur.
    Dr. NN Kishor, prof. In-charge (Admin.) is the Appellate Authority of the Institute in terms of RTI Act.

  111. Nitin

    Just go n ask Ajit Vadakayil may be he knows a lot as he writes excellent blogs as same as what Rajiv Dixit speeches…He knows lot of history too …

  112. Jay pathak

    Today 30 November 2015 on Rajiv Dixit Birthday (*I hope at least this one is genuine) and 5th Death Anniversary, wishing his soul rest in peace & happy birthday.
    But the fact remains that he knowingly served us lies with confidence, which is unacceptable because whether it is good for us or bad ”Truth alone Triumphs”. Even his boss Ramdev admits he was modern Natwarlal (*a con man who sold Taj mahal) watch from 5:30

  113. Dhaval Jhaveri

    I have gone through most of the videos of Mr. Rajiv Dixit and would like to mention that most of the things that he is mentionING is not right. Also the way he is promoting Swadeshi is not in the right spirit. One should never try to criticise some other culture. This is definitely not the spirit of our great country.

  114. Dhaval Jhaveri

    Further to my comments I would also like to further mention that the story of india’s partition is also not right. Rajiv Dixit mentions that Nehru, Jinnah and Edwina mountbatten were studying together in England which is absolutely wrong. Following are the facts:-
    1. Jinnah was 10 years older to Nehru. When he wenot to England to study law, he was 20 years of age. At that point of time Nehru would have been approximately 10 years of age!!
    2. When Nehru went to England to study law, Edwina was approximately 2 or 3 years of age!!!…so how did they all meet together in the same college at the same time in England?
    3. When Edwina and Louis
    Mountbatten came to India they had 2 daughters and one of them was a teenager. So how is it possible that Edwina and Louis Mountbatten could have just married before coming to India as claimed by Rajiv Dixit??? Again there is a very strong evidence that both their daughters always were with them years before they came to India.

    Hence I appeal to all good citizens of India not to go as per the claims and talks made by Rajiv Dixit. He is only talking in extremes which is not right.

  115. Karthikjayraj

    Hi Mr.Sanjeev , I read your article and many of the comments posted, Firstly you are not wrong in asking for a proof to Rajiv Dixit’s qualifications. It’s just an RTI.

    For some time while you read my comment, let’s forget about the question to his qualifications and the claim to his research which the German’s wanted.

    My question now is directed to you Mr.Sanjeev.

    Let me introduce myself to you, i am an IT professional with lot of personal interests like Gardening, Programming, Body building, Part time Writing , Nature loving and a Long distance runner(my best has been 20km in 2 hours 8 minutes non stop). the reason i give my introduction is to make you aware that i am not a Adrenalin or Emotion driven person who will reply out of instinct than thinking something wisely.

    I had been suffering from gastroenteritis since 6 years, I suffered badly in public places, home and office, no matter how many doctors i visited i could never be satisfied as it was very recursive and annoying. On one of the days while browsing i happened to watch a Rajiv Dixit video on how it can be cured. Out of all the years of frustration I decided to give it a try. I stopped drinking water while eating only 20 minutes before eating and 1 hour after eating. in 2 months I saw the result coming through. I am now cured to 70% of my problem the remaining needs some occupational changes which I am planning to.

    Qualification in the modern times(i mean the English Era from the 1400’s to present day) is a term coined to to degree your awareness from what has been mentioned or preached and importantly how much career and business relevance it makes. whereas in the olden times especially in India, it has been more related to how we exist in the system with harmony and peace with the nature and our activities. Rajiv Dixit’s speeches may have had many instances of self claim to better knowledge and information. Yet, the fact that he understands the creation of human kind and its existence through Baghbhatt’s preaching’s and his own experimentation with proper understanding and testing cannot be denied by anybody leave alone Ramdev or even you.

    My request to you is, please listen to his speeches on the various ailments and how they can be cured, and even go through scientific reasoning that he gives rather than sitting and brooding over his Qualification claims to prove him wrong on that one claim of his German links. I can predict by the tense of your writing in this post that you like many of the beings look for a quick shot relief from ailments and problems. This is the problem with most educated people in our world, if a person is not Educated means he must be illogical , fraud whereas the Educated are all logical and intelligent. Your very blog is a proof to that! Pleas read your own blog again, rather than talking of what good he has done for mankind,you are finding a fling in creating a blog to demoralize him.

    Rather than creating such posts, please write on how we can make our planet green, how children’s of present day can be protected of becoming porn addicts, depression stuck and some anger management.

    My sincere apologies if I hurt you or anyone by praising Rajiv dixit ji. He will remain as a wise man to many of the generations yet to come and who are sensible to the good of others.

  116. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Karthikjayraj – this post is not an assessment of Dixit’s ideas/ work (while most of his ideas were **entirely** false/wrong, no one is 100 per cent wrong). It was intended to confirm his own claims. Not one person has been able to provide any proof, to date.

  117. Dhaval Jhaveri

    Dear Mr. Karthikjayraj,

    I would like to inform u that what this idiot called Rajiv Dixit is explaining about gastroenteritis, blood pressure, diabetes etc. is a form of naturopathy which has been practiced in India for several thousand years!!!….Again on this issue I had a discussion with several doctors from Allopathy, Ayurvedic & Homoeopathy & they too have explained me about this. This is not a new concept!!!….This Rajiv Dixit is only advertising an existing concept which has been active for several thousand years!!!!!…….Instead of talking all this nonsense he should instead ask the Indians to go as per the Japanese way of Kaizen which means improving on existing technologies & making it more better!!!…let me elaborate:-
    1) Japan never invented the bullet train!!!…yet today they are the experts in the technology. In case this Rajiv Dixit considers Indians so intelligent(which they actually are) why is he not asking Indians to become masters in absolutely all forms of technologies!!!!!…
    2) Japan never invented television….yet most of their companies are leading the television industry!!!!….why can’t Rajiv Dixit ask Indians to lead in several of such kind of technologies!!!….
    with all his nonsense talks he has only proved that he is another highly negative thinker!!!… again against the spirit of our great country!!!…..instead he should encourage Indians to become masters in all foreign technologies & products & make the so called “Foriegners” in his language to become completely dependant on Indians in their own called technology & “introduction”!!!…fine example is the game of cricket!!!!..a game invented by the British but today the Indians are completely controlling & dictating it!!!!!…..why could he not have asked the Indians to dominate each & every activity of the so called westerners in this manner!!!!….

  118. Swami Aman

    After watching some videos of Rajiv Dixit I was wondering that no one has criticize him. I searched and this way I found your website. Good work. I wonder someone ever will come with some proof of his education. His talks fulfill Indian ego and that’s what people want. Mostly I find him quite fool in his videos but sometime even fools talk some sense.

  119. Jasminder Singh

    Even if Rajiv Dixit was IIT graduate or even P.H.D from wherever I don’t care. But where did he study Medicine.

  120. Foreseeing the Future


    Not a trace of info on Rajiv Dixit’s qualifications anywhere on the Internet. And all concerned individuals / institutions don’t say anything about him. In other words, we’ve been chasing a mirage for a while. I thought his birth year might have been much before 1967 and that he could’ve faked that, but in all possibilities, he never even got through undergrad. Now forget doing a post graduate doctorate in France.


  121. Shailesh

    Rajiv Dixitji is much better than Dr Zakir Naik who is continuously talking things about all religions and.glorifying Islam. It is a surprise that no one has come forward in putting forward info about his educational credentials. I do not think bloger is wrong in asking about his education.I have seen him in all discussions to be rational while the Pro Rajeev Dixit are going too far out of topic

  122. Dr Brajaraj Sundar Ghosh

    Hi Sanjeev, Really thankful to you for writing this article! How much I came across he was a fraudster in every way including academics! Today I came across one youtube video on treatment on cancer….. . how horrific it is the way he is misguiding innocent people!

  123. Gee Raa

    Urine therapy is used, only in the west it is pregnant mare’s urine and the medicine is called Premarin…do not know if it is still on the market but it was in the 80s and 90s. So, Sanghis are not the only one’s making the urine claim.
    Also, India as a nation and India as a country are two different things. Google the meaning of the two words. India as a nation existed from the beginning of time. India as a country exists from 1947. Just as Britian as a union existed only after 1707. England also existed only as a nation at the very beginning. They were divided into the country of Wessex, East Anglia, Essex but they always thought of themselves as English despite being different
    countries. Europe was also just a bunch of tiny countries but they always thought of themselves as Europeans. The modern Europe formed only after World War II.
    It is the same with India. Despite being different kingdoms in our history, the idea we were a nation always existed from vedic times.

  124. Gee Raa


    Also, you people talk of scientific methods. In what “scientific method” do you accept whatever the conqueror tells you without doing your research. The victor writes history, that is a fact. Primary sources of British in India is available…in India House in England, in India itself, and on the Internet.
    Also, why do you accept everything blindly if a white guy says so and question everything that the Indians say? In what way is that a scientific method according to you? Have you done any research to prove or disprove what the British said. No, they wrote the history books and you blindly repeat what ever they said in those books.
    Do you know why they called the Ramayan and Mahabharat myths?
    Because two Christian Englishmen said that the earth was created only 6,000 years ago according to the bible and therefore anything that happened before that must be a myth coz it is not mentioned in their Bible.
    This is the example of the colonial British “scientific methods.” And what do you do, you just vomit the same rubbish. In what way are you different from the Sanghis? You are just at the other end of the spectrum of the same Sanghi mentality.
    They say everything Indian is great and you say that nothing intelligent can be done by our ancients just coz the British said so…see the similarity between you and the Sanghi? Where is your independent research before you say anything?
    And no, I don’t belong to any organization, Hindu or anything else. And, I did not know a person called Rajiv Dixit existed until recently. So, don’t accuse me of blindly supporting any organization or person.

  125. lokesh

    Rajiv ji said in one speech ,i m btech dropout . then all is clear , he was not iitian or any degree holder he also accepted these things.

  126. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Send me the link to that speech, since he has made a lot of bogus claims about his “doctorate” and other such false “qualifications”.

  127. Global Citizen

    My question to the Rajiv Dixit supporters- how many of you following the tips/ advice given by him. Do’t be hypocritic. If he was not poisoned and died a natural death then why Ayurved not saved him? Before his death he insisted for Ayurvedic treatment.He might have followed what he preached, then why this untimely death? He suggested treatment for cancer.Will the supporters go for it, if by bad luck, one of supporters/ his family member is diagnosed with cancer? (i pray nobody should be). I respect his patriotism but it does not make me to blindly follow him.I am also a patriot.All of you also patriots, but religion, caste, gender, country should not come in the way of truth.

  128. Vijay Thore

    Respected Sanjeevji you are asking for the proof of shri Rajiv Dixitji educational qualification .Did you have any strong proof that Rajivji has not completed B Tech,M Tech ,PhD.If you have then publish on blog .Otherwise you are just fooling all Bharatwasi.

  129. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I posted this blog post many years after hearing Rajiv Dixit’s bombastic and impossible claims about his qualifications and his greatness. No one with such qualifications will EVER talk such nonsense as Dixit did. Only grossly ignorant people talk like that.

    It is my experience that upon reading my post someone or other always provides the answers. Now we know FOR SURE (100 per cent) that Rajiv did **not** qualify from IIT. I have no evidence to date of his alleged masters degree/PhD. To the best of my understanding that, too, is a bogus claim.

    Rajiv Dixit was an ultimate scamster and fooled a lot of ignorant people. I’m not fooling Bharatwasis. It is Rajiv that made a TOTAL FOOL out of most of his blind and ignorant “followers”.

  130. CS Manish Rakesh

    I don’t doubt his credentials as a man having a mission to bring changes in our chaotic and mismanaged society. But no matter how much pious your intention is, if you build your strategy on fake premises no one would pay heed to it. His claims must be authenticated and corroborated and reliance could be placed on it if found to be true. Else it is tantamount to betrayal of faith of many people as he was a mass leader. May god rest his soul in peace.

  131. ANKUR,Incomeboy





  132. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    We have 100 per cent proof that he DID NOT QUALIFY from IIT. And his other claims are almost certainly fraudulent.


  133. The Truth shall set you Free

    I salute you Sanjeev Sabhlok for standing up to what is rational and commonsensical. And esp. standing up to all the bullies and jiogoistic rantings of so many of the respondents here. After all, the earth was always spherical and never flat even though all the people of the world believed, in one day and age, that the earth was flat. So, belief is belief, and facts are facts. If you want to take a logical, commonsensical view on anything, one’s passion for one’s beliefs cannot be allowed to overlook and undermine facts in any way.

    As for Rajiv Dixit, he was either completely deluded into truly believing the veracity of things he propogated or taught through his discourses… or he was a complete fraud, a charlatan, who misguided millions of unsuspecting people into believing his nonsensical drivel. The so-called gurus such as him exhibit rabid jingoism in all they do and say. They attempt to show that we Indians are the greatest (of cause a lot of Indians are great), they shout from the rooftops “saare jehan se accha,” etc. Regretably, they then proceed to mix truth with falsehoods, and speak half-truths. Mixing truth with falsehood is their GREATEST weapon to confuse unsuspecting people into believing what they want the people to believe. Its a fine art. Such people are hardly stupid or foolish. They are plain scamsters.

    Any person with a scientific bent of mind can very easily see through the utter drivel, the complete rubbish in the various claims and quack remedies of Rajiv Dixit. So, trust in God, but keep your door locked.

  134. Jaideep

    Even I was interested in one of his speech i.e. Anti-gravity .. Just wanted to add one thing that he also mentioned his guide’s name in his speech . ‘MR N T Kaushik’ (Not sure about the spelling) . So we can find if anyone with that name is or was has any links with CSIR !!

  135. Akshay

    Sanjeev…rajiv dixit ji has completed education till 4 the standard in single year and he was directly admitted in STD 5th.And he completed his b tech in two years.(later this course became 3 years course). For evidence meet his father in vardha in Maharashtra.

  136. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    IIT has clearly stated in an official document that Rajiv Dixit DID NOT get any degree from IIT. Matter has long closed. The man is was a chronic and vicious liar – in addition to being massively ignorant in a vast number of areas in which he pontificated.

    Don’t be blind. Wake up.

  137. omprakash yadav

    ॐ जिस भी ब्यक्ति ने राजीव दिक्सित नाम के इस बहुरूपिये का पर्दाफास किआ है उसको बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

  138. Dr. Pawan Kumar Aryan

    A big fraud and melancholic, Egoistic crook he was. Like PM Modi and his RSS ilk, he injected his venom to further turbid the stinking intellectual environ of India.

    Manual work-force is very honest and dedicated in India. But the so-called intellectuals (Manishis) have eaten up the BODY, and turned into HYDROCEPHALOUS giants.

    He was one such…

  139. Narayan Jangid.

    Are you sure ??
    You are a liar, mr sanjeev. I do not know about rajiv dixit’s bachelor degree,but he did his masters from iit kanpur. I am giving you a link just look at the photo (at bottom, in the middle). You can not spread false propaganda. Just visit at the link of IIT kanpur. You should apologize.

  140. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Of course he was an alumni, but the question is not that – it is of having qualified. And IIT Kanpur has publicly and clearly said that he did NOT get ANY degree from there.

  141. Hemant Dalvi

    Mr. Sanjeev … In one aspect you are correct … and that also confirmed by RTI Dept.

    Why you are not taking Late Shri Rajiv Dixit Death Mystery on your forum.

    You should take this.

  142. Anoop kumar sharma

    I met rajiv dixit in 1984 when he was a student of intermediate classes.then I was a student of srk inter college firozabad and he was a student in pd jain I c firozabad.he discussed with me on some topics .I was much influenced by gandhiji and nehruji whereas he was praising sadhu gomutra hinduism etc on which topics he later worked and succeeded.undoubtedly he was intelligent honest hard worker and philanthropist.but at that time I found his ideas some 1989 in mathura I met a young man who wanted me to join his movement __change the world order _ change the I am not sure the young man who met me in mathura was rajiv dixit or someone else.
    He was of my age.he lived in firozabad :,my hometown.i couldn’t imagine at that time that he would earn national wife fame so I did not remain in his contact.i repent now for this.
    I am of the opinion that he became the victim of multinational companies .He was very innocent.the nation lost a jewel.

  143. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I have no particular interest in studying Rajiv Dixit’s life or death. Just a few minutes I’ve spent on listening to his bogus nonsense – that’s why this (and perhaps one or two more) posts.

  144. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    “I am of the opinion that he became the victim of multinational companies .He was very innocent.the nation lost a jewel.”

    Sorry, he was not at all a “jewel”. He was deeply and badly confused. And no, don’t spread weird stories (e.g. multinationals) on my blog.

  145. Hemant Dalvi

    Mr. Sanjeev. I have gone through your blog from the beginning and coming to the conclusion that you are correct. Because, you are just concern about Late Shri Rajiv Dixit academic credential and you collect all the relevant information. But I am totally disagreeing with your statement that Late Shri Rajiv Dixit was lair and fake personality.

    Now coming to the contribution and involvement of Late Shri Rajiv Dixit’s in the Swadeshi Movement. I would say that was not fake. He did commendable work in the past against all MNC.

    I think you forgot the incident in 1984 Union Carbide (MNC – US Company). Company was responsible for the Bhopal disaster. Around 10 to 12 thousand people deaths related to the gas leak. There are many chemical companies who banned in their countries for production. Now point is why Indian Govt. allows them to establish in India. I know this is not our job but at least we can stop and support them who are standing against wrong system.

    I don’t want to elaborate each and every example here. I think above example is enough for you.

    Think each and every corner before coming to any conclusion.

  146. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Yes, Union Carbide case is a very serious matter, but at least 50 per cent is due to the socialist and ultra-corrupt model of the Indian government which does not have the capacity to regulate and monitor. Such incident will almost never occur in any developed CAPITALIST country.

    Rajiv Dixit was wrong in almost everything. And he probably lied about his alleged Ph.D. No one has provided any proof he had a Ph.D. And his alleged anti-gravity publication/s.

    Indians are very easy to fool since they have been so badly educated in basic history, politics and economics. Try to read my book/s and other writings if you want India to succeed. Following Rajiv Dixit is a sign of total folly.

  147. Ramesh Sopan

    After reading all the comments above on Rajin Dixit. I can just advise you not argue with fools & with closed minded blinds.

  148. Praveen

    Rajiv Dixit made some tall claims. He was just a good orator nothing else. He said that Government of India Act 1935 was copied as it is in our constitution. Its not true. I have researched it. He said page 1 to page 90 were same in our Constitution and government of India Act made by Britishers. Its Not found true.

  149. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Actually, there’s a lot of overlap between India Act 1935 and the Constitution – but not a page-to-page overlap. Dixit was a clever manipulator of ignorant people. Don’t know of anything positive that he contributed.

  150. Md Sadruddin

    Thanks sir, i read the blog and comments, people like Rajeev Dixit only use emotions of gullible people to make them feel our ancient hindu culture is great and better than even today modern scientific era, most of his fans are right wingers who think praising our Indian culture and science make us feel great, despite being an Indian, i never feel proud of my any identity, we all are human, some groups at all ages, did great service to the world, we should not limited ourselves by saying only my India is great or west is great, this Narcissist trait is dangerous for human civilization.

    Thanks for this blog, i was looking for something like this and now can say Rajeev Dixit has no higher qualifications and such people are always doubtful to believe in other issues


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