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An ominous portent of things to come under Modi? Togadia’s public statement about Modi’s strategy of deception?

It seems to me that the following tweet gives away the underlying deception of BJP/VHP's public strategy for the forthcoming elections.

Vivek Garg kept telling me that Modi is being supported PURELY for his ability to put Muslims in their place. Modi is being promoted by RSS/BJP youth leaders like him PURELY to promote the religious cause. The concept of development is but a facade.

Him I can ignore, but can one ignore this by Togadia, the head of VHP? I think we will ignore this at our greatest peril.

If we unpack we get this:

This is from the horse's mouth.

Either Togagia is lying or he and Modi have discussed that it is a GOOD thing to PRETEND to arrest VHP hooligans. Doing so will get Modi some extra "secular" and Muslim votes. Once he gets elected then all gloves will be off.

Anyway, that's what I read into this Togadia statement. This is ominous:

"Let him add secular votes".

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “An ominous portent of things to come under Modi? Togadia’s public statement about Modi’s strategy of deception?
  1. Kishan

    Do you think if Tagadia was serious he would be so publicly showing his intent? His following has greatly gone down. So, he is either showing off or he has gone mad.More likely later.
    Wish you gave as much attention to the real dangers facing India.

  2. AD

    What utter nonsense sir!

    This is not the first time Modi has had a problem with Togadiya or acted against such:

    Here is a para from Wikipedia on his second term as CM (2002-07):

    During his second term, Modi’s emphasis shifted from Hindutva to the economic development of Gujarat. Modi’s decisions curtailed the influence of organizations of the Sangh Parivar such as the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) and Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), which had become entrenched in Gujarat after the decline of Ahmedabad’s textile industry.
    – Modi dropped Gordhan Zadaphia, ally of Modi’s former Sangh co–worker and VHP state chief Praveen Togadia, from the cabinet ministry.
    – When BKS launched a farmers’ agitation, Modi ordered their eviction from houses provided by the state government.
    – Modi’s decision to demolish 200 illegal temples in Gandhinagar deepened the rift with VHP.
    – Various organisations of the Sangh were no longer consulted or apprised of Modi’s administrative decisions prior to enactment.

    Not just this, even Barkha Dutt covering the election campaign of Sanjeev Bhatt’s wife Shweta Bhatt said, sangh workers were strangely campaigning for her on the ground. Because in Gujarat, RSS and sangh leadership have issues with Modi. Madhu Kishwar ji also says the same thing about RSS-Modi relationship in Gujarat.

    Indeed Togadiya is supporting Midi – but Modi is always smart about being cautious with people like Togadiya.

    He does not hesitate in demolishing illegal temples (has demolished many hundreds this year too).

    Here is a video of Gujarat police ransacking Asaram Bapu’s ashram 3 years ago:

    His election agenda has always been development & never religion.

    If you want to use comments like ‘he has shown muslims their place’ – kindly substantiate it with facts on exactly how muslims are being discriminated against in Gujarat.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Glad to read this. I didn’t say that Modi said this but Vivek Garg – a BJP/RSS student leader, who repeately asserted on FB that Modi is only being supported by him/people like him because their belief that Modi is going to ‘fix’ the Muslim problem. 

    Given the massive reputational problem Modi has already built, it is very difficult situaiton where:

    a) VHP chief says that Modi’s strategy (i.e. some form of deception) is to “add secular votes” by showing neutrality in matters of law and order

    b) BJP/RSS student leader keeps threatening violence towards Muslims and assures me that Modi is not being supported because of ‘vikas’ but because of his support to the cause of the Hindus.

    And now, VHP is threatening to revive the Ram temple movement in a big way.

    I think Modi is not speaking out strongly enough against these people/efforts and therefore risks confirming perceptions that he wants power to run a religious, not reform agenda. Much as I appreciate the info you have provided, it is important that Modi condemn such sentiments in a big way at every opportunity.

    In any event, if VHP is going to increase its current activity/polarisation, then the country will perhaps reject BJP. That is my sense.


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