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Two ways to improve government policy and implementation

(These are notes I made from some readings.) Two ways to improve government policy and implementation:

Do things cheaper (efficiency)

  • Technical proficiency
  • Understand the details (devil is in the detail)
  • Cost effective/ Value for money
  • Contestability, collective bargaining by government (in procurement)
  • Customer centric

Do things differently (innovation)

  • Always ask: What is Government’s role? Sunset all grants, programs, subsidies (in addition to regulations)
  • Imagination/ aspiration. Aspire for the world-best.
  • Create room to innovate. Be prepared to fail (but don’t fail on the same thing twice). Seek opposite views. Be concerned about the big stuff.
  • Private sector service delivery: facilitate the community in delivering its own needs (e.g. dams/ roads: allocate property rights)
  • Use technology to increase transparency, build mobile apps (getting citizens to work for you for free – i.e. pothole identification; feedback which builds knowledge, patients can share their stories)
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