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Launch of the world’s first unorganised “religion”: Scientific Hinduism

Yesterday I published the first book of this religion (regarding a good diet). Today I've started a Facebook Page ( and published the Doctrine of this "religion":

This is intented to be a TOTALLY UNORGANISED "religion". Since it stands for the truth, it needs no organisation, no 'leader', no 'follower'. The truth stands alone, unaided. Always. I suspct this is the world's first avowedly unorganised religion. It is not a 'missionary' religion. Membership is entirely voluntary and no one is ever going to 'count' the number of its 'members'.

You may, if you wish, "promote" this "religion". It is a free-form, free-thought, truth-based endeavour to integrate science and spirituality (whatever that might mean to you). This religion has no proven god, no theory of god, no belief in anything. Only a bunch of proven facts from which it seeks to interpret the universe.

This 'religion' is therefore a totally open-ended system where only that which is PROVEN BEYOND DOUBT is considered legitimate. All else is classified as mere hypothesis, mere unproven theory not worthy of attention.

To that extent, almost everything in various "religious" books is merely a theory, a hypothesis. "Followers" of scientific Hinduism will check and validate everything for themselves. There is no need for any organised 'system' to do that. Just use the scientific method and open, critical thinking.

Unorganised relgions are now long overdue. For too long have we allowed orananised cheating, deception, theft, and crime through oganised religion to dicate to us what we should believe. These people fooled us through all kinds of subterfuge. They never PRODUCED anything of value, but sucked us and our 'souls' dry. They spread fear of the unknown and hatred towards others. These criminals, often glorified as saints and prophets by people too scared to question them and bring them to book, will no longer get a free ride.

Unorganised religions like this one will challenge their hegemony to the land of the 'spirit'. We will FIND the truth ourselves without your coercive 'help'.

Scientific Hinduism only accepts PROVEN truths. Either you prove your theories to me, or I will treat them as invalid hypotheses and attempts at decption. No more. I'm calling your bluff. Your time to fool the world is over.

As I've written on FB today:

I'm starting this reform movement. In my view Hinduism is best advanced through science, critical thinking, truth and universal brotherhood. This approach could also be called Scientific Islam or Scientific Christianity, or anything similar.

This "religion" – which has no particular God but leaves the matter to each 'member' to work out on their own, consistent with the great Indian tradition of free thought – opposes all bigotry and attempts to impose any particular God described in any particular book on others.

The ONLY uniting thread with others and other religions is the TRUTH and UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. Not any specific "God" or "prophet" or "book". If you wish me to believe in your "specific" God, please produce him/her before me and let me check out your God myself. Through scientific tests and experimentation.

Of course this is not new. I've said similar things for the past 40 years, including an article publshed in Caravan in 1980 (click this).

I also wrote something pretty much similar here, in March 2011, where I first introduced the concept of scientific Hinduism.

Indeed, I'm from the land across the Indus, the land known as Hindustan. And I'm a MEGA sceptic in the highest traditions of Indian scepticism. With this, the battle lines are drawn between all mythologies and the truth.

Logo of this "religion"

I've selected, for the 'logo' of this religion, a baby in the womb. ALL humans are born thus. They are built with great care, cell by cell, by nature.

Every child, a Homo sapiens sapiens, is "given" the same consciousness and nerves as other children. Then the child gives enormous pain to its mother on the way into this world.

And then when it arrives "religious" people start killing it and each other in the name of "religion". What absurd nonsense is this thing called "religion"?!

Can't make a single baby from scratch, but want the power to kill it.

This logo is a reminder of WHO we ALL are and a tribute to all mothers across the world.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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