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What exactly is the purpose of Swarna Bharat Party?

Here's an email I just sent out. Ignore its typos. Focus on its message.
Dear Friend

I'm sharing a question asked on Facebook, and my response to that question (see below).

It is crucial to note that Swarna Bharat Party will NOT become a "real" party unless it is strong enough to win a large number of seats (if necessary through seat sharing).

Its intention is NOT to fight elections like any other "micro-party" of India (which  in my opinion are wasting lakhs of rupees of hard earned money of the people of India in merely losing one after another election, each year).

We have had micro-parties for nearly 7-8 years. They will NEVER work. So why not be strategic? Why not achieve the success you deserve?

SBP is a CLEAN SLATE with no names written on it. Yes, it has "office bearers" but there are intended to be replaced when everyone merges. It is proposal to India from me and from the Freedom Team of India that asks: "Are you serious about reform? If so, please MERGE your micro-parties and lead India to success."

But I'm not asking anyone to merge. Not yet! Before you merge, please let's discuss the manifesto (agenda for change), etc. And please learn to work together as a cohesive team. Get to know each other. Talk. Be friends.
Former FTI member and good friend Somnath Bharti of AAP asked me a month ago in Delhi whether this was about me becoming Prime Minister! I didn't even respond, for that is such an absurd idea. I'm an OCI, not eligible to contest elections.

Please note therefore that this party (and all work I have been doing for many years) is NOT about me. I am committed to doing this till I become 65 and after that I'll STOP and do what I really want to do: to paint, write and walk up the hills.

I am NOT a threat to anyone with political ambitions. I am your greatest supporter, your guide, your greatest well-wisher. I want you to succeed, but only if you are going to give India a genuinely good governance. So I care a lot about the policies you advocate. I'm very harsh with those who want to impose their "pet fancies" on India. Please step out of the way when you form government. Let India be free.

So please be clear (for those who think SBP is going to compete with their "micro" party) that this is purely about India, not about challenging you.

Now read my response to Surya Loonker of Jago Party:

Surya Prakash Loonker asked me about SBP formation: "why not use Jago Party or Lok Satta Party or PPI or ILG as your platform ?"

My response

SBP is intended as an option for small political parties to merge (assuming they are serious). It has no other purpose. It will otherwise be a "paper" party, without any activity (except the minimum required by the law). FTI is a platform for leaders. SBP is a potential party for the entire country.

FTI members will NOT contest elections unless there is a VERY huge combined political effort. We'll invite all these and other groups to consider a TOTAL MERGER sometime in Jan/Feb 2014. Every party will be given senior roles based on its proven support base, etc.

So please support the formation of this merger option for India, to give good people (including all those you've listed) a REAL chance to succeed. I do not want to waste a single paisa on failure. This is a platform to ensure success of India and Indians. It is not for me, anyway, since I can't even contest elections. I hope people see this as a simple and SURE WAY to succeed – together.

REQUEST: We need to get this party registered (ideally), so it can be used immediately if needed. I request as many of you who can/ want a GREAT India to write to me to help in its registration. Let's build this option for India to use in 2014.

Neither Congress nor BJP has an answer to India's problems. In fact both have jointly created the mess. Let's build a new MASSIVE movement and massive platform.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “What exactly is the purpose of Swarna Bharat Party?
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    We must follow the law or change it. The notional declaration is mandated by ROP Act. It must be changed, but the only way to do is politically. A distortion of democracy can either be change by revolution or democratically. I suggest we choose the democratic path – makign clear through policies that we are not socialist.

  2. Amarbir Singh Toor

    Great initiation sir.
    As a citizen I will definitely vote for SBP when presented with an opportunity.
    But the hard truth of today is that most middle class of India have lost intrest in elections and very few turn up for voting.
    That is one of the main reasons that corrupt politicions are getting re-elected again and again by raising some issues abt religion or quotas or taking credit for building some monuments for religion(wont specify the ny1 in particular here).
    tz the poor class of people who go to vote thinking may be this time something might be done.
    4 SBP to be successful t is very important to address this class of people .
    4m my guess jus to get enough number of politicians working together in India will take a long time because of the shear size of our country.
    T is very important to make people aware of this initiation right from day 1.
    and to be honest not many people even read blogs 4m my experience as I have been trying to get many people to join your blog so that they can know that some 1 is working to achieve things in india.
    Sir SBP needs to find not only honest politicions but also honest reporters.
    I am suggesting this jus coz I feel tz gona take equally long time to spread awareness about t.
    T is the most important thing to do 4 now as people of india are loosing hope day by day.
    Forming an honest party is jus 1st step sir spreading awareness about it gna be a completely different game.
    Hope you get what I wanted to convey.
    Great initiation sir.


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