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The imperative of awakening farmers: Swami Om Poorna Swatantra

Swami Om Poorna Swatantra has issued the following message today to awaken the Kisans. In my view the message of awakening applies to everyone, and we should never forget the producer – whether a manufacturer or knowledge worker. The fact is that if an economy is FREE, then the price system will equilibrate all value. The problem arises when the bureaucrat or politicians starts meddling with freedom to favour one or another party in the system.

New National Order

Ever since the times of Mahatma Gandhi down through the period of Acharya Vinoba Bhave and Jai Prakash Narayana there has been a constant call for the radical change or transformation in the country  which has been variously described as Sarvodaya, upliftment of all beginning with the lowliest, Total Revolution or second phase of National Liberation, — Gandhi brought the seat of Power from London to Delhi in the first phase, now it is to be brought from New Delhi to the villages of rural India by making common man the Master (Malik) and Maker of a new India.

First of all for the performance of this historic task we need a super Gandhi, a person equipped with vaster vision, deeper comprehension and more creative Energy than the Mahatma, veritably a spiritual Authority since the task of undertaking the second phase of National Liberation is more complex and heavier than the first one. In the first phase you just had to remove the subjugation to a foreign rule which was a negative action performed by Gandhi ji whereas in the second phase you will have to awaken all your creative energy and build something which was not there earlier. This is a much more difficult task, therefore for its performance you would need a greater Gandhi to lead.

 We shall have to go to the fundamentals and discover the foundation from where could be started the building up work. Obviously, in the democratic structure of a free nation, it is the people, the common men who are the base and building blocs of the entire edifice. It is they who make or break, that is, determine the outcome of the whole human endeavour. They are the original cause, rest of the structures, institutions and organizations —good and bad — are their effects and derivatives. From the point of view of starting the work we shall specify the people as rural people whom we call as Kisans — every resident of a village or rural India who is dependent on agriculture for their livelihood is considered as a Kisan. In the country as we shall see shortly Kisans are the most deprived, greatest sufferers and severest victims of unjust structure.

The Kisans who are 70% of Indian population in a democratic structure form the  governments with their Vote power, economically they feed the entire nation of 121 crores of people with their Roti and on the development front Kisan along with his younger brother Mazdoor produces all the wealth of the nation. Additionally the son of the Kisan, the Jawan defends the country externally as well as internally and ensures our comfortable sleep while standing on guard in shivering cold and scorching heat. Thus in every way Kisan plays the role of a guardian and master (malik) serving the national family politically with Vote, economically with Rot (Roti) and developmentally with Note. But see the irony of fate what does the nation give him in return for his relentless and endless services. When even his right to live is forfeited, he takes recourse to suicide and sleeps eternally in the lap of mother death. This is the justice (injustice) of 21st century India! Could there be anything more barbarous in a so-called civilized world than this?

What is the root cause of this whole problem? There are two fundamental causes:

1. Lack of awareness or consciousness on the part of the Kisan about his status that he is the malik, head and heart of this national family, — though he is proving it by the performance of his duty and service to the nation.

2. He is not organized as a force at the national level.

Once the Kisan gets awakened and organized, he will be the greatest Force in the country. Then he will be able to do anything to uplift this great nation to its glorious heights. The governments will humbly follow his directions as they (governments) are people’s representatives meant to serve and not to rule them and the bureaucracy will serve him faithfully as the servants of the people. This will be a truly free India built according to the dreams of our forefathers, its structure based on truth and justice. Then all the ills afflicting the national body will automatically be removed: when the cause is removed, the symptoms are automatically removed. The tragedy with our approach during the past 65 years history of free India has been that we have been dealing with the symptoms ignoring the underlying causes. Though we made lot of noise but achieved nothing. So we shall have to correct this fundamental wrong to achieve the desired objective.

To achieve the objective of Total Revolution or New National Order (Poorna Vyavastha Parivartan ) as envisaged above we shall have to launch a movement of mass awakening with Kisan in the focus. The approach of the movement will have to be two pronged: intensive as well as extensive simultaneously. In individual capacity the Kisans will have to go deeper and deeper in the realization of their status that they are the maliks and masters of this nation and they are under inherent obligation to shape its destiny and determine its future. Collectively the Kisans as a community along with their brethren the Mazdoors have to organize themselves into a national force. Moving along these two lines they will have to grow into greater and greater force for action. When this growth reaches the ‘Critical Mass’, the Revolution will happen and a New National Order will be established.

This will be the India of our forefather’s dreams and our vision: an India spiritually of great quality and wisdom and physically strong and powerful. This India will be a model for the modern world to re-structure itself accordingly where the wisdom will guide and the power will execute. In this new orientation India will lead and the world will follow towards the ultimate fulfilment of mankind.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “The imperative of awakening farmers: Swami Om Poorna Swatantra
  1. Yazdy Palia.

    Dear Sanjeev,
    The message here is not clear. This is what the CPI(M) have been saying all the while. We have to be clear in what the enlightenment should be?


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