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So what’s my offer to the youth of India?

Here's a conversation from FB, and my response

Abhishek Nath Tiwari: "Barring exceptional voices like Rajaji and Masani, no one ever spoke of freedom in our Parliament. Freedom was already lost in the wilderness well before independence. No one went out in its search after the British left India. No leader tells us today that their policies are designed purely to preserve our freedoms. That is the nub of the problem that India faces today – that Nehru’s victory over our minds is so total and complete that we only think of trivial, second order issues such as economic development. We have never cared to go back to the basics to look for the main reason why we wished to be independent; or even why we wish to live at all!" (From Breaking Free of Nehru – a book by Sanjeev Sabhlok )

Omkar Dabhadkar I think, instead of talking about attractive and articulated ideas intellectuals like Sanjeev Sabhlok should give pointwise solutions – action plans – to us youngsters.

I tried asking a simple Q – Exactly WHAT are you offering ? HOW are you gonna achieve that ? All that they say is – read a book. Then if you ask about freedom and liberty – they say "Indians are not ready for this – we are going to prepare India for that". That disappoints people like me who need exact direction and assurance. That's why IAC has lost interest of REAL ACTIVISTS. IAC speaks idealism but doesn't give exact plan.

Well, here's my response

Fully agree with Omkar that idealism without action is a pointless waste of time.

I'm NEVER an idealist. Always a scientist, a realist. That means I do what I can and must, then I wait for others to do their bit. If they respond, well and good. If they don't, I move on to living my life the way I must lead it.

I've NEVER said that I'm going to prepare India for liberty. That is not my business. There are plenty of people who think that's the way to do things. I disagree with them.

My offer to India is simple: I offer you liberty (which is YOURS, anyway). Are you ready to take it? If you are, then TAKE IT! If you are not then goodbye. I'm not going to "prepare" you. I have no patience with slaves.

So what's the plan?

It is exceptionally simple:

1) Leaders first.

2) Strategic ground work and networks.

3) Actions towards a national liberal political formation.

PILLAR 1: Freedom Team of India

First we must find leaders.

All revolutions, ALL change has always begun with leaders. And usually a handful. There is no other formula.

Followers have NEVER created movements, regardless of the myth of the Bastille. The French Revolution was a conscious effort by leaders to persist – which ultimately led to the change known as the French Revolution. Even the 1857 Mutiny was led by a few. NOTHING in the history of the world has happened without leaders.

A leader is a resourceful and imaginative person who can build strategic alliances, inveigle those who are cynical, and persuade. Else he/she is not a leader.

On Freedom Team of India (started in December 2007 as a concept, based on my eight years of past experience and learnigns from various other reform efforts), registered on 1 July 2009, and now nearly FOUR YEARS OLD.

FTI has within a short period demonstrated the power of leadership. First FTI agreed to key principles, then it prepared a policy framework, then it created a brand, then a movement. On 4 June 2014 it stewarded the launch of the Sone Ki Chidiya movement. This is the work of four years of about 50 people scattered across the world.

Getting membership of FTI is not a trivial exercise. You must first meet the joining conditions which are very stringent.  One of the most critical conditions is willingness to contest parliamentary elections. Then you must pay a fee (Rs.1500 per year). Then you have to PROVE your worth and get five full members to vote for you. Only top notch leaders are finally inducted.

We are in the process of tightening our conditions, since two full time members went off and joined the socialist AAP party. We have NOTHING to do with any socialist. .

PILLAR 2 Sone Ki Chidiya TOTAL REFORM Movement

Second we must undertake strategic ground work and build networks.

The Sone Ki Chidiya Federation was started by FTI in late March 2013, and activated in April-May 2013 after getting the agreement of a number of organisations. SKC movement offers a package of total reforms to India. Please see its total reform agenda which subsumes all anti-corruption efforts and picks the best ideas out of them, but also brings to the table an extensive set of world-best ideas which have never been previously heard of in socialist India (yes, Chanakya did articulate many such ideas – but these have been forgotten by an India smitten with foolish socialist nonsense).

Anyone can join SKCF. If a youth is not ready to contest elections, he/she can join the SKC Federation and promote the Sone Ki Chidiya Total Reform Movement. This movement demands the FULL SET OF SOLUTIONS to India's problems. These solutions are being developed iteratively, but always in light of the world's best ideas.

Note that SKC movement will NEVER BEG. We do not fast to death or do other stupid things to harm ourselves and beg from CORRUPT GOONS AND RASCALS. We demand liberty and good goverance, and spit on those who will refuse to give these to us.

If elected reprsentatives do not GIVE into our demands, we will contest elections and throw them out. WE will FIGHT these enemies of India. We will NOT beg. We will NOT fast to death.

We have SELF RESPECT. These goons are below our dignity to fast for. We want to see them in jail.


I believe in non-violence BUT you corrupt rascal (as I say to members of Congress and BJP and other corrupt parties) have NO BIRTHRIGHT TO LOOT INDIA. Sometimes, if everything else fails, if democracy fails to work, then a violent revolution may be needed.

I can sometimes empathise with the agnst of those who have followed the violent path (Naxalites, ULFA). The Indian system is so badly corrupted and distorted that the youth sometimes may feel that there is no other option.

But to the youth I say: first let's follow the democratic path. If that too, fails, then nothing is ruled out. All options will be reviewed once again, at that point. Non-violence (against the corrupt) is not the highest goal of life. LIBERTY is. Nothing can come in the way of liberty.

PILLAR 3: Swarna Bharat Party

To the third pillar of my plan is action towards a national liberal political formation – that will IMPLEMENT THIS TOTAL REFORM AGENDA.

The Swarna Bharat Party was started on 1 June 2013.

It is crucial to note that Swarna Bharat Party will NOT become a "real" party unless it is strong enough to win a large number of seats (if necessary, in the intial stage, through seat sharing – WITHOUT compromising its goals and principles).

Its intention is NOT to fight elections like any other "micro-party" of India (which  in my opinion are wasting lakhs of rupees of hard earned money of the people of India in merely losing one after another election, each year).

We have had micro-parties for nearly 7-8 years. They will NEVER work. So why not be strategic?

SBP is a CLEAN SLATE with no names written on it. Yes, it has "office bearers" but there are intended to be replaced when everyone merges. It is proposal to India from me and from the Freedom Team of India that asks: "Are you serious about reform? If so, please MERGE your micro-parties and lead India to success."

But note clearly that I'm not asking anyone to merge. Not yet! Before anyone merges, it is crucial that everyone discuss the manifesto (agenda for change), etc. in detail. And learn to work together as a cohesive team. Get to know each other. Talk. Be friends.

Former FTI member and good friend Somnath Bharti of AAP asked me a month ago in Delhi whether this work I'm doing is about me becoming Prime Minister! I didn't even respond, for that is such an absurd idea. I'm an OCI, not eligible to contest elections.

This party (and all work I have been doing for many years) is NOT about me. I am committed to doing this till I become 65 and after that I'll STOP and do what I really want to do: to paint, write and walk up the hills.

I am NOT a threat to anyone with political ambitions. I am every GOOD Indian's greatest supporter, your guide, your greatest well-wisher.

I'm also the greatest enemy of corrupt Indians, those who have been looting India. And that includes most members of BJP and Congress.

I care a lot about good policies. I'm very harsh with those who want to impose their "pet fancies" on India. Please step out of the way when you form government. Let India be free.

SBP is purely about India's future. It will act as an aggregator. It will NOT enter the fray on its own unless the whole of India wants to be free, and to be prosperous.

So to the youth I say: JOIN SBP and build it. Strengthen it and PREPARE.

This is the time to BUILD, to PREPARE. Do not rush around like headless chicken after one stupid "movement" or other. Focus on TOTAL REFORM. That is your ONLY hope.

We'll try to hold a Summit in Jan/Feb 2014 to bring as many small political parties and independents together for a discussion with the option of MERGING and becoming a force big enough to bargain with BJP for seats. Why is SBP an option for merger? Because its leadership roles are totally flexible. All we'd request is that the General Secretary and Treasurer should be from FTI (that's because we will PROVIDE OUR SERVICES as its managers). And since ALL leaders who agree to liberty can join FTI (including leaders of these parties), they can effectively manage SBP through FTI as well. FTI is an OPEN association. So is SKCF. So is SBP.

We'll give other people and parties the other (more important) positions. Without being totally open to such an arrangement – for the sake of India, and subject to adequate discussion and agreement – merger is never going to happen

If a mega-merger doesn't occur, SBP will remain unused. Alternatively some kind of coalition could be formed but I can guarantee that BJP won't waste time negotiating with any coalition. In that case 2014 will be completely ruled out for FTI. But if a merger takes place and a mid-sized party IS created, then it can bargain for those seats in which BJP is very weak and can't win. These seats – perhaps about 100, will be an opportunity for SBP to open its innings with the support of all good people of Inida.

We will not either activate SBP nor have FTI members contest elections unless key pre-conditions for success are met. That way, our "ammo" will remain unused, and we'll incrementally advance SKCF till we try the MERGER option once again in 2016-2017, aiming for 2019.


So to the youth of India I say: I'm not asking you just to read my book (or hundreds of other books and papers on liberty). I'm offering you REAL PLATFORMS and SYTEMATIC PLANS through which YOU can demand and achieve liberty and prosperity in your own lifetime.

The question is not about me. The question is about you. ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT A GREAT INDIA?

If you think that Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi can give you the India you deserve, then you are living in a fool's paradise and I have nothing to do with you. I've seen enough fools like you in my life and I ask you to spare me your idiotic fancies. Expecting corrupt socialist parties to change their colours just because they change their mask is such a foolish delusion.

You must first know what you want. And you must know that you have to work hard to achieve it.

And you must know that corrupt socialist parties can change their 'leaders' but their underlying methods remain unchanged. THEY ARE LOOTING INDIA.

I'm truly sorry that Swami Ramdev is supporting Modi without a CLEAR public agreement to implement total system reform – despite the fact that BJP is a proven corrupt organsation.

If your expectations are low, then you'll always get something low in life. Despite his aim of removing corruption and eradicating black money, by supporting BJP in the way he is doing, Swami Ramdev is certain to fail in his goals. India WILL remain corrupt since BJP cannot change India.

So set the highest expectations and goals and work towards them. Then you can never go wrong. So the goal here is (1) LIBERTY (subject to accountability (2) WORLD'S RICHEST nation (Sone Ki Chidiya) and (3) TOTAL integrity in public life

Anything less doesn't meet my requirements. If it meets yours then please run after it. Headless chicken are dime a dozen in India. Fools who are wasting their time on unplanned, non-strategic work – not knowing that it will never work.

I ONLY want the world's best nation (India) – which will be delivered through these three pillars. Or I refuse to return to India and take back my citizenship.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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