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On the rapacity of incompetent doctors and the need for the state to stay OUT of medicine

Manging a community's health is one of the most confounding of all policy problems.

In BFN I've argued the only role a state can have is in emergency care (and funding the poor through negative income tax – funding which contains a medical insurance component).

I had not seen Friedman's talk (below) on this subject, but it has assured me my suggestions have been on the right track.

Moreover, I'm reassured from his talk about the inevitability of my very stronly negative personal experience with much of the medical community which is "LICENCED" by government, but GROSSLY INCOMPETENT.

Friedman points out the great difficulty of weeding out the incompetents in a system of government occupational lincensing. (He also points out the great loss caused by drug regulators – vastly exceeding any benefit they may create: a finding which I've separately commented on earlier in relation to crucial drugs that never get out for use because of FDA; and very often really bad and useless drugs get approved – when a simple cheap alternative remedy can work wonders.)

I have been facing the brunt of the "work" of many of these incompetents. In fact I recent had a truly bad experience with a doctor of very poor moral and ethical standards, but the relevant government regulator STRONGLY defended this "doctor". Totally refused all evidence. I was hitting my head against a brick wall.

The fact that I'm alive is entirely attibutable to my fight for knowledge – regardless of the horrendously incompetent doctors I've come across in my life.

The fact of such large scale medical incompetence is unavoidable, as Friedman points out, when a govenrment gets into the direct provsion of medical care.

We all then suffer.

But listen to Milton Friedman if my saying so doesn't ring a bell. Incentives matter. And these monopolists (doctors) will NEVER learn about science, will NEVER care about their patients. Their only focus is money. And they've assured themselves of lack of accountability through the government regulatory system.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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