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Why Sone Ki Chidiya Party is urgently needed

Lok Satta candidates are doing very well in Karnataka with almost NO resources. With a bit more NATIONAL LEVEL strategic work, new parties have a serious chance of winning a good number of seats.
This is also a clear indication that Modi (BJP) on its own CAN'T form national government. The country doesn't like BJP one bit, because it is seen (and rightly so) to be equally corrupt as Congress. Modi is perceived to be somewhat clean, but not BJP. BJP hangs like an albatross around Modi's neck.
BJP and Lok Satta combined (seat sharing) could have (slightly) changed the situation in Karnataka (although I'd wonder why anyone would want to indulge in seat sharing with Karnataka's BJP!).
Essentially the country is now ready for a new MAJOR NATIONAL party.
That's what Sone Ki Chidiya Party aims to do. But it must be led by eminent national leaders/people. It can't be just one more flimsy party.
If it does things the right way then it can make WAVES across India.
I believe that if this new national party is based on good principles, then Lok Satta could agree to merge, as well – in the national interest.
But this party must be a PROVEN winner. It must attract almost all the best leaders of India. We can't have a flimsy party.
SKC Party must be HUGE. And all good people must merge into it.
At present the plan is to create it in standby mode. Then, if India is really ready for change, it will become active.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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20 thoughts on “Why Sone Ki Chidiya Party is urgently needed
  1. vijay

    Even the BPAC(corporates) supported Loksatta candidates have lost in Bangalore urban constituencies. It is disappointing. Combine this wiht the fact that the dirty Congress gets back to power and it makes it doubly disappointing.I see no hopes for the likes of FTI.atleast in the near future.

    I wonder why the BPAC supported candidates from Congress/BJP even if they were supposedly "clean". doesnt make any sense. These candidates dont need support of corporates/BPAC, their parties have enough money and musclepower.

    BPAC should go all out to support Loksatta candidates and should aim to promote the cleanest party, and not spread their support to candidates from mainstream parties. Ultimately BPAC should realize that it is a different party at the helm that can make a difference.

    These candidates from BJP/COngress would have anyway won even without their support. BPAC blew it.

  2. vijay

    Sanjeev, the likes of JP/loksatta should muster up more publicity for his party/candidates. Get some celebrity with a social mind(say like aamir khan, just as an example) and see if they can campaign for Loksatta. Try to recruit clean MLAs from other mainstream parties who are disilusioned with their party performances. Just like manager poaching in corporate circles.

    Loksatta keeps teasing but ultimately loses.If they cant win in urban Bangalore they cant win anywhere else.

    The rural voter's mindset in India is that his vote, once every 5 years, should not get wasted and hence they will only consider mainstream parties as choices and keep switching between them.

    In a state like UP, which sends maximum MPs to parliament, only Mulayam and mayawati are your choices if you are a rural voter. And that is scary..

    Like AAP/Kejriwal Loksatta too has to find a way to figure more in media reports in order to reach more.

  3. Raghavendra

    Hi Sanjeev,

    I am disheartened the way karnataka poll results have come. I thought atleast ashwin would make it. You pointed out that all good people(small teams) should merge together. I totally agree with you on this. We should have a bigger worhty team. And also we should have a bigger national presence.

    But i feel even if we form a big team with all small teams together, we cant win for the first time. New comers always have this problem either it is big or small.

    First thing people ask you, when you go and ask for vote is "why do you come only during elections and why not before".

    Any party should have enough ground and local presence also apart from national level recognition. All these congress and bjp goons have enough local presence apart from national level presence.

    So we need to be all the time on ground between people. We need to connect to the people with their local causes too.

    Even though ashwin had delivered good governance to bangaleorens(BIG 10 bus and others), people of bommanahalli constituency couldnt trust him and make him win. Ashwin had dedicated 100+ volunteers. He could have made it. We reached more then 1 lac houses and explained our cause and what ashwin stands for. But still we couldnt make it. I feel we could only campaign but we couldnt connect with people in this short span of 3 months or so.

    To win it is necessary to be big and also to connect with the local people. If being big was only necessary condition, no independent candidate would have won any elections. I would say local presence is atmost important. Most of ashwin's volunteers even didnt belong to bomannahalli constiteuncy, including me. So where does the connection come from. And we coudlnt connect with the local voters over their.


  4. Raghavendra

    One thing i observed is that, where ever their is strong voter base, these conventional parties breed some people their to get local updates. and these are the people who help them during elections. From corporators (ward level) they have their chelas(disciples) till street levels. Bjp and congress have made their own addas in voter concentrated areas. Especially slums. And these people deliever them the votes during elections. We need to break this. And this is possible if we can have local presence. We also need have our agents at that level. Only then some thing is possible.

  5. ashok manthan

    क्या है आपकी दरकार कि कैसी हो सरकार 

    कोन बनाने देगा आपकी चाहत कि सरकार  

     कोशिश सफल हो सकती है आप लोगो कि,

    जन में आये बदलाव तो बने आपकी सरकार

  6. ashok manthan

    It will too early to form a new political party in India with these logic tha Loc Satta candidates are doing well in Karnataka and Modi will not able to become P.M. independently.You will have to do lot of exercises before launching the party.In my open ion Mr.Arvind Kejriwal did the same mistake. If his party App make the Delhi then and only then he will able to move ahead.
    I want to know the meaning and thought of "no reservation but favors to religious groups"in equality of opportunity secti


  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Raghavendra, couldn’t agree more.

    If you look at the slides I used as basis of the 2004 conference by India Policy Institute in which I appealed to all liberals to create a new political force THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I SAID.

    No one listened. JP wouldn’t even join Swatantra Bharat Party.

    So it is nearly 2014 and people are starting to say what I had already said in 2004 – very clearly!

    FTI was a necessary first step. Not many understood it. Still don’t.

    SKC Federation is a necessary second step. It combines with GRASSROOTS organisations. Not many understand this, either!

    Please try to undertand that I have already gone through all your experiences and visualised EXACTLY what is going to happen with these smallish haphazard efforts.  So the solutions I offer are well thought out and robust.

    Let LS join SKCF. Already a number of grassroots organisations are joining.

    LS came to the Haridwar Reform Summit. They know what I’m talking about.

  8. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Ashok, SKC Party is RADICALLY different to any other party.

    It will be registered but will NOT either organise/work on the ground/contest elections UNTIL thousands of organisations and lakhs of members FIRST agree to enrol. In the meanwhile SKC Federation will keep working on the manifesto and policies, and getting thousands of members.

    It will be a STANDBY party not a real party. Waiting for India to become ready.

    It will go forward only when India is ready.

  9. vijay

    "It will go forward only when India is ready.'

    and how do you figure that India will get ready on its own? How long do you think it will take India to get ready? who will get India ready?

    I think the FTI/LS/AAP should not just concentrate on urban constituencies but directly attack the rural voter base of BJP/Congress. I dont expect urban voters to come out and vote. Bangalore once again was a failure in urban voting. It is the rural voters and urban slum dwellers who made Congress win. The rural voter isnt bothered about classical liberalism or socialism.And somehow these voters have to be taught that they are caught in a vicious cycle and if they want a permanent change in ther lifre standards they need to vote for another choice. That is difficult.

    JP/LS has been around for quite some time now. They didnt come out just yesterday like AAP.So considering this, their performance is a disappointment.JP himself didnt win from some urban constituency in Hyderabad, if Iam not mistaken. So others in LS should follow his footsteps to win in their constituencies.


    "First thing people ask you, when you go and ask for vote is "why do you come only during elections and why not before".'


    valid question right? why didnt Loksatta anticipate this question? To contest in Bangalore in 2013, preparations to woo the voter should have started in 2011 itself or even before. If you go to them 2 months before the election they will ask only this question.

  10. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    First of all, let me be VERY clear that I have no intention of “working with” AAP. Socialists are enemies of India and we must not promote them in any way.

    Re: “how do you figure that India will get ready on its own? How long do you think it will take India to get ready? who will get India ready?”

    – that’s up to each Indian. Why not you do this job?

    re: “I think the FTI/LS/AAP should not just concentrate on urban constituencies but directly attack the rural voter base of BJP/Congress.”

    SKC Federation is designed for this task – to network with grassroots movements. Please join/support. 



  11. Raghavendra

    Hi SAnjeev,

    I didnt understand one thing. May be LSP would not have any problem in joining you. But if LSP joins SKC again we need to do brand building, including at grass root levels. LSP cant keep changing its brand right ???

  12. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    No. Brand building is a separate exercise. SKC would raise funds for that separately. 

    LS brand would need to continue UNTIL there is a REAL possibility of a national formation.

    I’m not saying SKC is a “winner”. It is an option. It can’t be the only option. It is an experiment to be cautiously pursued.

  13. ashok manthan

    as you are saying that arvind kejriwal( App) is socialist then 1).what is problem with socialism.2).what you understand by socialism.3)what is your idiology .which type of system you want.

  14. ashok manthan

    I read the slides presented by you in April at the governance reforms conference.that was good but still my quarries are pending.what is socialism and how it bad for nation.

  15. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Well, socialism is the OPPOSITE of what Arthashastra recommends. It doesn’t consider incentives and denies markets the main role in growth.

    Compare E.Germany/W.Germany, or N.Korea/S.Korea, or China before 1979 with China now, etc.


  16. ashok manthan

    sorry to say that socialism is not opposite of whar Arthashastra recommends.the faulty imlimentation of social economic policies is responcible and the selfishness of masses,leaders and officers eat thr fruites.

    any how there is need to rediscuss the economici policy for better give ideal hapyness to public.

  17. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    “socialism is not opposite of whar Arthashastra recommends”.

    How, young man?

    Can you explain your statement? I have explained at great length why Nehru’s socialist ideas were ENTIRELY WRONG and ruined India. Can you do me the courtesy of explaining your statement, which violates all knowedge known to mankind so far about what socialism stands for and what Chanakya stood for.


  18. ashok manthan

    economics is a financial  system /study to provide betterment to the society of a country. 2.I was not  talking about the Nehr's socialism or any other perticular.3) I am talking about a better system in our country which makes our country as a strong human aware idealistic democratic country.4) aware masses of our country can develop new Earthshastra..Guru Chankya developed earthshastra according to his period,system and requirment.Democracy was not there .cast wise divisionnot there which is not required today.he thaught according to his vision and need imaginations.that may be more ahead of his period.5)New good earthshastra may be evolved.Motto happyness to the masses.   

  19. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Ashok, were there humans in Chanakya’s time? Are there humans toady in India?

    If so, the SAME principles apply.

    This, by the way, is also known as standard economics. The WHOLE world uses it – except India.

    Does India have a separte physics or chemistry? Then why economics?


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