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The thick headedness of some of my IAS batchmates

While I was on the topic of IAS, I thought I'd also share the following comments by a batchmate (let's call him RSP). Such is India's fate – to be "ruled" by either totally corrupt or totally arrogant "senior" bureaucrats who are never accoutnable for anything they do in their life and are ruining India through their TOTAL ARROGANCE.

And they will happily point fingers at politicians (I'll come to that separately! – a further recent intereaction).

I rest my case. The IAS MUST GO.

RSP: Capitalism cannot have any religious hue.. It is ruthless and materialistic… sans any religious motivation… Capitalists all over the world are – "CHOAR CHOAR MAUSEYREY BHAAYEE" .. AND SO ARE THEIR IDEOLOGUES…

Sanjeev Sabhlok This is an entirely incorrect position re: capitalism, the most moral system of all. Do study it. You may wish to start reading my book, Discovery of Freedom, still under preparation:

RSP Books on the evils of Capitalism outnumber those on evils of Socialism… by a factor of 100 is to 1…. Read them all…

Sanjeev Sabhlok I suggest the truth doesn't depend on numbers. Fools tend to follow numbers. The wise think for themselves.

RSP Every ideologue considers his own view to be the supreme ..the rarest among the rare… fools included…

Sanjeev Sabhlok RSP you are commenting without understanding, nor reading what I've written. I must ask you to either give me the courtesy of reading my work or leaving this group. Thanks!

RSP The five Gems of Truth (1) Wise think for themselves… They don't read others' books.. They write their own books..

(2) Fools follow numbers.. Wise follow their own path..

(3) If one does not read the book of the wise , he must be driven out of the arena.. Only those who follow the self-proclaimed "wise", are allowed to remain..

(4) Those who differ with Capitalist ideologues, must be branded as misguided …

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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8 thoughts on “The thick headedness of some of my IAS batchmates
  1. vijay

    Sanjeev, I sometimes think that maybe the tone of your comments might be buying you more “enemies” on facebook and such. You need to be maybe be a bit more persuasive but without being aggressive or condescending. Tone is often as important as the content in social media when you dont have the advantage of face to face interactions. Just a thought/suggestion. In your business, you need to be able to suffer fools a bit more

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Vijay, I was nice and kind to the IAS for a long time. I’ve completely reversed my position and now consider most of them to be India’s enemies. Let’s call a spade a spade. 

    Despite 10th rate performance they make one excuse after another. 

  3. Tilopa

    Sanjeev, its very ironic!

    Your batchmate there says that ideologues consider their ideology to be supreme by pointing at you but he is actually doing the same thing by denying undeniable empirical evidence which suggests that socialism has failed societies and countries wherever it has been implemented.
    So he must be pointed out that he has a typical ideologue trait there :)

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Indeed. I’m very tired of these types of thick-headed arrogant people so I’ll just move on. One goal: to get rid of the IAS and bring in a modern, accoutnable civil service.


  5. vijay

    Sanjeev, what worries me a bit about these kinds of people is that they are not dumb or lay. These are educated, fairly intelligent people who have been in civil services. And yet if they have been somehow convinced that socialism is the panacea and capitalism is all evil, that is a bit worrisome. Delving deeper,Iam wondering what are they basing these opinions on? He has said that there are 100 books on capitalism evils compared to every 1 book on socialism evils. If thats really the case, then Iam really interested in knowing the arguments against capitalism from the other side to gauge how solid they are and how much empirical evidence is there and such.
    what makes people like your batchmate so much convinced about socialism? Is it something with their education/background? A blind belief? brainwashed? Or a really rationally thought out stance?

    Unfortunately the conversations/debates dont get to that level. Often it ends prematurely as things get personal on faceboomk and such. If you have links/screenshots to a really intellectual debate on this ideology clash between 2 civil, yet differing discussants, please let me know.

  6. Radesh

    Socialism is only solution for India till basic human rights are given to every human being.

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Radesh, you'll be surprised that capitalism gives the greatest rights, and creates prosperity for all. This delusion that socialism gives rights is a total myth spread by Nehru and his family (and BJP and other parties). Look around you: what has it given India except poverty and corruption?

    Evidence is overwhelmingly clear: capitalism is a MORAL system, socialism an immoral system. Please do not mix capitalism with "crony capitalism" for that is a creation of socialism. That's what prevails in socialist India today – where corruption is king.

    You need to look to free societies (economically free, first) to understand what I'm saying.

  8. vijay

    “Socialism is only solution for India till basic human rights are given to every human being.

    66 years and we are still waiting for “basic human rights”, except that the number of those who are waiting have only increased in the meantime

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