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Request to join SKC Federation as a first step for consolidation of all REFORM efforts in India

Edited extracts from a private email I sent out just now, plus from a public comment

I had already visualised EXACTLY what is going to happen with these smallish haphazard efforts (LS/AAP, etc. etc.)

So the solutions I offer are well thought out and robust. Shortcuts WON'T WORK. Period.

Ideological clarity is the first step. Arvind Kejriwal is a total socialist so there is no question of working with him or AAP. (In response to someone who said we should try to work with AAP). Having said that, if AAP broadly accepts SKCF's vision then it can be part of the story.

In any event I'm not referring to merger with these little outfits (like AAP) at all. I'm talking about quite a different thing. Some LS members came to the Reform Summit in Haridwar and know what I'm referring to.

I'm talking about merging LIBERAL leadership with strong semi-liberal grassroots movements.

At the minimum such a new party should have one lakh registered members across the country within three months, else there's no point in doing it.

A first step is going to be for LS (and other such entities) to join the SKC Federation. That's all. No consolidation/merger needed at this stage.

Only when we have hundreds of groups/parties on SKC can we consider consolidation.

Plus we must have the really big grassroots reformers like Swami Ramdev on board, and key commercial leaders, else this won't work.

Already a number of grassroots organisations have joined SKCF.

Let's first TENTATIVELY start working with each other on the basis of a common ideological framework (Vision).

Take baby steps. Start engaging on a SINGLE platform. Find out about each other. Leverage each others' strength.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “Request to join SKC Federation as a first step for consolidation of all REFORM efforts in India
  1. Soumik

    This is not yet an organisation (namely, it's not registered etc. ) but it has plans of being one in the future. I run this with a very similar vision like yours, only difference being that I'm not much interested in politics (there are better people to work with betterment in political reforms) and I want social reform, like I have already told you on fb about social evils like female foeticide, human trafficking, begging mafia's etc etc that are rampantly growing across the country. I, like SKC, want to unite all social organisations, NGO's that are working for the betterment of India from the social-angle that I recently mentioned. This is just a vision and a concept, because I think unity holds the key for a better India. Many organisations and such outfits are working for betterment, but REAL CHANGE – a change according to me that would ensure basic annemities to EVERY human being, and bringing down all social evils down to zero, is only possible through unity – and I believe no single organisation can ever bring out this huge change on it's own. I'll start some correspondences with Incredible India Page-owner Harsh Vora after things get a bit more sorted out. 

    So I plan that my group (the only online identity of which is the blog that I stated at the very beginning of the post) 'Rebuilding India' support SKC. I agree with the draft vision of SKC. But I'd like you to please list this group (Rebuilding India) under the 'Partner Organisations' sidebar widget in skc website. If you want I may give you some HTML code for the same. Please reply with your views…

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Soumik, you have to join SKCF and then any idea of partnering can be considered. Most member organisations we have are REAL ones with significant grassroots impact. I don’t think yours is a real organisation, yet. You should join in your personal capacity at the moment.


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