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Focus is only on one thing. So FTI, SKC Federation, SKC Party are mere tools.

I have said this a hundred times so should say it again: I'm not wedded to any organisation or any name for any activity I undertake.

The goal is clear: the reform of India's governance.

The principles are clear: life and liberty.

The process clear: a totally new SYSTEM of governance.

Thereafter the rest is merely a vehicle, a receptacle for action. Organisations are not the substantive story or goal. I am not attached to them in any way.

Someone mentioned to me that one should not form a party unless there is a credible structure associated with it. Of course, that should be the case. And, indeed that is the case: even now.

I don't intend to have SKC party used in any form or shape UNLESS it has a fully credible structure. Not interested in building a flimsy party with one or two MPs or MLAs. It should either win 100s of seats, or not participate in politics.

I have not budged one inch from the strategy I've been propounding: that we need to build a COMPREHENSIVE and CREDIBLE NATIONAL POLITICAL FORCE before we physically offer candidates to the people of India.

FTI's goals remains the same as before, of finding at least 500 active leaders on the ground before we start engaging with the people of India. I'm not in a rush to have people contest elections. When people contest, they must win. Or we must not contest.

But even if we were to find 500 outstanding leaders today, where are their grassroots connections going to come from? For that we'd need grassroots work at the constituency level, and strong connections with grassroots movements.

That is why SKC Federation has been agreed by people in April 2013 as a valid option to bring together all reform oriented organisations and people. Through SKC Federation we'll find outstanding leaders, and leaders will find connections with the grassroots.

But even assuming all of these people come together. What next? How will reform occur? We will necessarily need a political party.

Well, so we must build and keep a political party concept ready and available to use. It takes months of work to get a party established, even on paper. And that is why Sone Ki Chidiya Party is being created.

SKC Party is NOT expected to be activated. It may well be, but may not. We don't know how far India is ready for change. Do we have enough leaders? Do we have enough grassroots support?

If after five years, this party is not needed, it may be disbanded.

I never have any emotional attachments to the organisations I help create. These are tools, vehicles. Not the GOAL.

But we need to build the right tools and keep them ready, as well. And so I've requested anyone who wishes to be a founder member of SKC Party to indicate interest here. Please be very sure that you agree with the Sone Ki Chidiya vision before you indicate your interest. Even if this is merely a standby party, your belief system must be compatible with liberty.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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