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Priyanka Gandhi LOOTS valuable land in Himachal Pradesh while Ramdev’s Trust is given the boot

I chanced upon this. Shocking, if true.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is constructing a house at Chharbara, 12 km from Shimla. An acre of land was bought by Mrs Vadra in 2007 after the-then Congress government relaxed rules in her favour. Land in Himachal Pradesh can't be bought by non-residents under the state's laws.

The land for Priyanka was apparently given in two installments, the second was released by BJP chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, who is now in power. [Source]

Similar rules apply in Meghalaya. Even non-Meghalaya resident IAS officers working the whole of their lives in Meghalaya can't buy land there.

And we know what has recently happened to the land that was allocated for PUBLIC PURPOSE to Ramdev's Trust.

There must be an end to this TOTAL CORRUPTION and discretion vested in Congress governments.

The Gandhi dynasty has been LOOTING INDIA FOR DECADES NOW. And yet the loot goes on. Even as honest people who want to do some real work are blocked and barricaded at each possible step.

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