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Death threats against me and my father by Vivek Iyer of London – for the public record.

Some time ago a person by name of Vivek Iyer (an author) came into my life, by first providing comments on my draft manuscript, DOF. Initially he seemed OK, and I even recommended to FTI that he be considered as a Speakers Panelist for FTI. FTI agreed to my request and we even inducted him with a proper web page on FTI's website.

But I soon found that this person was a a foul-mouthed racist who did not discuss issues, but kept spewing hatred against individuals. Entirely unsuitable person for FTI to associate with. I therefore withdrew my recommendation to FTI to have him on our Speakers Panel (click for larger image).

Things became so bad in violent communication style that for the past two years any email he may try to send is automatically deleted. I don't get to see it at all.

Today, unfortunately, he has once again surfaced, this time with death threats on my blog through the comments section.

Consistent with my policy of publishing all death threats and IP addresses, I'm now posting his comments (which are truly foul, so I will caution you against reading them). I will send this blog post to London Police for their investigation and action, if any. He has also threatened violence against my father, but I'll let that pass for now.

He lives in London, so that's where the Police should get involved.

I've retained these comments in my "trash" folder for any Police scrutiny, but will – depending on the nature of any further comments he may make – mark his future comments on my blog to spam. I have no desire to spend time thinking or discussing this person.

Vivek attended the London School of Economics ( So he must have deteriorated into this frothing, blathering, ranting, jabbering unstable confused mess subsequently. All very sad.

His being a person of Indian origin, I might have been concerned about his health and informed London Psychiatric Services (or some such agency) to assist him privately. But he happens to be one of the most intelligent persons I've come across and so I take his death threats very seriously. An evil mind without intellectual capacity can be safely ignored. An evil mind with intellectual capacity should prudently be cause for at least some concern.

== (Click each of these for a larger image)

His IP address details:

== I couldn't lodge a proper complaint through any readily found method on London Metropolitan Police website, so I've sent info through the feedback portal. This is the receipt:

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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10 thoughts on “Death threats against me and my father by Vivek Iyer of London – for the public record.
  1. Paritosh J

    @ Sabhlok

    he says that you are a child rapist. if thats true, i dont even mind if he kills you. you know, there are people in this world who are completely different individuals on the outside, but from the inside they are vicious criminals. i hope what Iyer says is not true.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Paritosh, if a totally crazy (and I mean seriously crazy) person starts saying something you’ll start believing?



    You should distinguish between those who are severely deranged psychiatrically and those who are trying for 15 years to bring the world some order and justice.

    In any case, if you are curious about Vivek Iyer and his sadly deranged mind, why don’t you write to him and ask for even the REMOTEST evidence – even the name of any child “involved”. Or place! What utter imagination and tripe this man writes.

    I didn’t even read his rubbish. Just his death threat.

    I ALWAYS report death threats to the police.

    Here’s his email ID: vivek iyer . If you find anything apart from a sad raving psychiatric case, please let me know.


  3. jasdeep

    His traits looks very typical of internet Hindus such as crazy, aggressive, vicious, evil, educated and having good intellect, dogmatic, manipulating and twisting facts and brave behind the keyboard.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Jasdeep, Vivek is not a “typical internet Hindu” – whatever that means. In making shortcuts we perhaps generalise too much and besmirch a whole lot of good people. Let’s just think of Vivek as a particularly deranged individual. His religion (if any) is irrelevant. No religion can be blamed for his way of thinking.


  5. Paritosh J

    @ Jasdeep

    i am too the so called ‘Internet Hindu’. but i havent done anything crazy like this guy. so tell me what are you ‘internet Khalistani’?

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Paritosh, I was in two minds whether to publish your comment. I’ve already made the point. No need to label any group, please. I think Jasdeep had already got the point.

  7. vivek Iyer

    Many thanks, Sanjeev, for taking notice of me- something you singularly failed to do till I adopted your own tactics.
    Sadly, the British police won’t act in the manner you suggest but rather investigate the information I’ve been given about you. I have expressed my contempt for you in a manner which you and you alone have made public. You have published a libel against yourself and compounded the problem by referring to me as both ‘very intelligent’ and a sad nut-case.
    I’m afraid you have undercut any possible action you might have against me- criminal or civil- by your reckless manner of proceeding.
    What got my goat was your very unfair treatment of a LADY. Ungentlemanly behaviour, Sanjeev- you can have no conception of what women who try to speak up for their beliefs have to go through.
    It was very unwise of you to publish this rather than delete mention of the Lady in question from your worthless blog.
    BTW I am entirely serious when I admonish you that I will finish you and your family off if you persist in your obstinate, unrewarding, and fatal reckless disregard for the truth.
    That is my Dharma. Fuck you, you worthless cunt.

  8. vivek Iyer

    text of my first email to your Dept. I know this won’t stick. But, I know the people who can make this stick- I can and will get you dismissed from your job, made unemployable, and also deported on the basis of falsification of your Educational credentials (Yup. I know people at your old Uni).
    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    It has recently come to my attention that an employee of yours- Dr. Sanjeev Sabhlok- has libelled me and, if his word is to be trusted, made a false police complaint against me.
    I have known Sanjeev, through the internet, for some years. He is a blogger, so am I- we are both of a Right Wing, Hayekian, ‘free market’, inclination and both come from Hindu backgrounds.
    A break between us occurred when I edited an M/S of his which, frankly had unconscionable errors from the point of view of the standard model of neo-classical Economics. This, to my mind, was eminently forgiveable. Sanjeev wasn’t a mathematician and had come to Econ. late in life. Less forgiveable, though- for an Indian- endearing, was Sanjeev’s obstinate and reckless disregard for the truth- be it historic or scientific or even a mere matter of logical consistency or personal integrity.
    I became aware of material against Sanjeev Sabhlok, and his father, also a senior officer, when this gentleman publicly joined hands with an Indian Yoga-televangelist and multi-millionaire by the name of Baba Ramdev.
    I scarcely think, given my relative obscurity amongst Right Wing Indic bloggers, that the material sent to me- throwing a dire light upon the father’s religious hypocrisy and the son’s manic protestations of virtue- IN PARTICULAR BECAUSE THEY INVOLVED SEXUAL ABUSE OF PEOPLE FROM A MINORITY COMMUNITY- was not very commonly available.
    In my case, wholly commendably and within my previous remit as an ideological friend and ally of Sanjeev, I sent him a succession of emails, over a period of hours, in which I made absolutely clear that
    1) as a Hindu- I would kill him and his family rather than let his blot remain. The meaning was ‘look, Hindus are accused of being passive and unwilling to reform themselves. This is not the case. If the Law will not act I will- such is the individualistic, non Statist, Ayn Rand type ‘Ramrajya’ (Hindu Utopia) for which we are both fighting.’
    2) My intervention was not on my own behalf- but that of an older Lady from a MINORITY COMMUNITY- she showed me the full correspondence with Dr. Sabhlok from which he made selective and suggestive extracts.
    The blood boils against such abuse of High Born ladies who are older to us- we should respect them as Mothers- and also much more intelligent and educated. Sabhlok made a cardinal mistake by showing contempt and hatred towards a Higher Class Muslim Woman. By God’s Grace, I’m a Brahmin and will never be guilty of the blood of a fellow Hindu. But, this madman had to be admonished. If he had just published all intelligent comments, this lady would not have invoked her son.
    3) Sabhlok knows who I am- viz from a Diplomatic family. I warned his colleague about doing the Pakistani ISI’s dirty work and did manage to head off this prolix poltroon or foolish fellow in that regard. But now he is determined to be caught.
    4) Australia sells India a lot of coal. Good. Unlike Sabhlok, I’ve spent a lot of time in the India of the poor. The truth is, an ingrained colour based Racism, licenses the Sabhlok family’s natural reflex of putting a putative price upon my head. They will fail. I was perhaps one of the first young Indians of my class to switch alleigance to the dynamic and aboriginal element in our culture. I do not fear Sabhlok’s impotent frothing at the mouth either in India or Australia or London. He has every reason to fear my displeasure.
    I make this point to show that- yes we need Australian Coal. Sabhlok is a stupid worthless man not by reason of his advocacy for Australian Coal but by his indicating that the Australian Govt., unlike that of India, which got rid of Sabhlok, is riddled with stupid, feckless, nutjobs.

    I say nothing about your Govt. remaining silent about sexual outrages systematically carried out against minors and minorities by Public Servants now your citizens, but I beg you to restrain the idiocy of this man who is bringing your entire system of administration into a state of ridicule, hatred and contempt in markets which, Sir/ Madam, remain, I believe, vital to you.

    BTW- you really don’t want my friends to get on their high horse.

    God bless

  9. vivek Iyer

    I confess, I don’t hate you. You are a Hindu, a bit mad, just like me. I understand, curse it!, about sexual exploitation of the weaker section! I myself was sexually abused when I was too young to fight back.
    You know, it is my fault Shielaji came to visit your site. You should not have antagonised. Whatever I did- that means it will be less- after all, I’m a Brahmin and won’t kill or hurt that much- but you should not have created this situation. You know very well there are people in Australia who are indebted from blood towards her Grandfather. How long will you live, my dear Sir? How long will you family live? This is a matter not just of Religion but ‘Orientation’- Marnonite, Greek, they will order your killing- who will say them nay? Hindus? You say ‘I am not a Hindu’.Sikhs? They will be the first to take the bounty- you may not be aware many Sikhs are buying/sellling good property in Lahore- you insult an older educated woman for no good reason- hain?- why on what basis? You are above the law? Really? Where is your SPG? You think your family is not exposed?
    You will be extradited to India to face charges, you cunt. I say ‘innocent till proved guilty’. But, you cunt, you published what I said to you privately in an infamous legal strategy well known in South Asia but in a manner such that you brought the London Police into it!
    A cunt like you will spend his life writing lies about the London Police unless they do Justice.
    You worthless fuck- I’m not stupid- you are.
    And I will destroy your family. Jiu Jitsu. Karma’s a bitch.

  10. vivek Iyer

    You wish to bask in the glory of a death threat. I issue one to you- the women of the oppressed and minority class that you and your father have mercilessly raped- they demand either civil compensation or that a Revolution occur such that you compradors and servile servitors of Statist power and brought to book and your heads forfeit, as the Bible says, even till the third generation.
    You think I live only in London. I don’t. At the LSE, in 1979, I espoused the cause of S.C and S.T peoples. Over the last 20 years, I have helped secure scholarships to over 20,000 people- it will be interesting to see you argue that I’m a Hindutva ‘Brahmin’ opposing your ignorance and stupidity- this is what is hinted at by your suggestion that my being more intelligent than you gives you an escape capsule into Jat jahilliyat.

    Worthless cunt, I slapped down IAS officers ten years your senior in 1981. It increased my prestige and ability to get things done across the whole of India. Since then, this drunken old Zatalli, commands respect in the highest quarters whereas you are simply a joke.
    Why did you publish my comments on you? You have a will-to-downfall. You feel guilt for what your father did and what you did- perhaps as an act of filial piety. You are disgusting human beings. This is why you have repetitive stress injuries to your inartistic and foolish hand. Manic protestation informs you. But, protestation against what? The dirty secret was supplied by a Great Lady’s son- you raped children of the minority community. The evidence is undeniable.
    As a Hindu, mindful of my responsibility to Hindus, I say I will cut off your head and that of the pervert you call your father unless you desist and withdraw back into the shadows.
    You thought you were advertising my impotence to have you and your family killed by your tendentious and false account of my intervention in your family’s criminal case. You are and were greatly mistaken in me.
    I do not kill. I warn against such moral hubris as must get people like you massacred.
    Hindus have always relied upon people like me to ensure that- on the basis of Smriti- ignorant and evil men like yourself and your father and, it may be, other members of your family- are utterly cut off from our Hindu community. You are an ACHARABRASHTA- you say ‘I am not a Hindu’- if your people are killed, I, personally, have nothing to revenge.
    Worthless cunt, you know how to twist what people write but not how to come up with any ideas of your own.
    I will get you dismissed without a pension and put in Jail- you worthless cunt.
    What can you do to me? Nothing except increase my prestige.
    Worthless cunt, I can make you feel my power today, right now.
    I stay my hand because, unlike you, I maximise benefits for my adherents.
    Fuck off, you stupid, ignorant, sexually deviant COWARDLY cunt

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