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The veracity of Rajiv Dixit’s claims about Nehru, Jinnah and Edwina Mountbatten

Someone has sent me an email pointing me to this shocking lecture by Rajiv Dixit that makes the most astonishing claims about Nehru and Jinnah. I've been asked to provide an opinion on this talk by Rajiv Dixit.

My first step has been (given the many other things I'm working on) to investigate whether any of the facts indicated in the video can be confirmed.

Edwina, Jinnah and Nehru were classmates in Harris College, London

This claim is made at 4 minutes 50 seconds.

About Nehru, Wiki says the following:

Nehru went to Trinity College, Cambridge in October 1907 and graduated with an honours degree in natural science in 1910.[17] During this period, Nehru also studied politics, economics, history and literature desultorily. Writings of Bernard Shaw, H.G Wells, J.M. Keynes, Bertrand Russell, Lowes Dickinson and Meredith Townsend moulded much of his political and economic thinking.[13]After completing his degree in 1910, Nehru went to London and stayed there for two years for law studies at the Inns of Court School of Law (Inner Temple).[18] During this time, he continued to study the scholars of the Fabian Society including Beatrice Webb.[13] Nehru passed his bar examinations in 1912 and was admitted to the English bar.[18]

What about Jinnah?

In 1892, Sir Frederick Leigh Croft, a business associate of Jinnahbhai Poonja, offered young Jinnah a London apprenticeship with his firm. Soon after his arrival in London, Jinnah gave up the apprenticeship in order to study law. The aspiring barrister joined Lincoln's Inn, later stating that the reason he chose Lincoln's over the other Inns of Court was that over the main entrance to Lincoln's Inn were the names of the world's great lawgivers, including Muhammad. Jinnah's biographer Stanley Wolpert notes that there is no such inscription, but instead inside is a mural showing Muhammad and other lawgivers, and speculates that Jinnah may have edited the story in his own mind to avoid mentioning a pictorial depiction which would be offensive to many Muslims.[17] Jinnah's legal education at the Inns of Court followed the apprenticeship system, which had been in force there for centuries. To gain knowledge of the law, he followed an established barrister and learned from what he did, as well as from studying lawbooks.

What about Edwina?

Edwina Mountbatten, Countess Mountbatten of Burma was born Edwina Cynthia Annette Ashley in 1901.

Further there is no evidence that Edwina ever went to college.

Conclusion: Rajiv Dixit's claim that Jinnah, Nehru and Edwina were college mates is TOTALLY FALSE.

There was a gap of over 10 years of age EACH between the three of them, with Jinnah being the oldest, then Nehru, and then Edwina. Edwina was a little girl of 9-11 years when Nehru finished his college. The claim that they could have had any relationship at that stage is therefore TOTALLY FALSE.

The root cause of the enemity between Nehru and Jinnah was Edwina:

(see 16 minutes 15 seconds)

Based on the evidence provided (above), there is NO EVIDENCE to substantiate this claim.

Edwina's marriage to Mountbatten:

Rajiv Dixit claims (at 7 minutes 36 seconds) that Edwina was "gotten" married to Lord Mountbatten JUST BEFORE he came to India.

What does Wikipedia state?

Ashley and Mountbatten were married on 18 July 1922 at St. Margaret's, Westminster. Louis Mountbatten's relatives, the British Royal Family, were all present. The then-Prince of Wales and future King Edward VIII served as the best man. The Mountbattens had two daughters, Patricia (born 14 February 1924) and Pamela (born 19 April 1929).
Regardless of the truth or otherwise of any British conspiracies that Rajiv Dixit further refers to, it is clear that his statement about Edwina is once again TOTALLY FALSE.
I've only spent about 1 hour on this entire issue, and that is sufficient to throw SERIOUS questions about Rajiv Dixit's claims. Time permitting I'll investigate further. But I doubt if I'm going to explore this lecture further. What amazes me is the smoothness and ease with which Rajiv Dixit makes these claims.
There may well be some truth in a possible relationship between Nehru and Edwina (reportedly platonic), but to what extent it influenced India's partition is a matter for scholars to investigate and comment on.
Clearly, regardless of how good a man Rajiv Dixit was, he was no scholar.
Addendum 12 February 2013
The nature of Nehru's relationship with Edwina
The commentator who brought my attention to this talk by Rajiv Dixit has now sent me this link:
I don't trust First Post. So I counterchecked and found this:
An extract:
Pamela pored over Nehru's letters to her mother, "and I came to realise how deeply he and my mother loved each other".


According to the author, it was a spiritual and intellectual relationship, not a sexual one.

"Neither had time to indulge in a physical affair, and anyway the very public nature of their lives meant they were rarely alone."

As far as I can see this closes off any possibility of "blackmail" through prurient photos, that Rajiv Dixit alludes to. One would have expected such photos, if they did exist, to have surfaced by now. No photos, no documentary evidence, no witness. One more figment of imagination by Rajiv Dixit.

ADDENDUM, 27 July 2015

After the total failure of anyone in the world to provide any evidence re: Dixit's credentials, I spent a few minutes to compile the following blog post: The confused and deeply ignorant Rajiv DixitIt points to the HUGE ignorance of this man on the most basic scientific matters. 

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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27 thoughts on “The veracity of Rajiv Dixit’s claims about Nehru, Jinnah and Edwina Mountbatten
  1. stalin

    Dear Sanjeev Ji,

    Appreciate your well researched analysis and thoughts.Nowadays many educated people itself losing tolerance and patience for truth and putting many false and irrelevant claims just to oppose a personality for some unproven claims.This is totally unjust;people should oppose his adopted political ideologies well knownly India’s nehruvian socialism.


  2. Ashok Kumar

    Sanjeev Ji ,

    What u hav shown to us is just the part of information which even those historians wanted to show us…..the people like you and me are not in that Era to investigate what actually happened…..the only thing that remains is the “Belief” ….you or the Web is right at some points like “ofcourse How those Three can be collegemates”…but about the relationship of Nehru & Edwina, Rajiv Dixit is right at some points…..what I’m saying is that after getting education from Cambridge , he would hav become familiar with the british culture or u can say the culture which is “full of vulgarity”…..i mean “ofcourse some physical relationships persisted between them”…..but my point is that How can a person” who hav studied abroad not believing that his own country can provide some education” can do good to his country….i mean if he really wanted his country people to be happy and prosperous …then he wouldn’t have parted the country into two parts.
    …..Think About it Mr.Sanjeev Ji

  3. Harsimran

    For a second i thought you were right Mr. Sanjeev Ji but the second comment in that video proved the above whole article u wrote to be ill researched, it read like

    "He's talking about college in London not in India …. m also studying in Canada and we have some classmates who are of our double age, so age dosen't matter…. This is not India that same age group will study in class……."

    so next time before publishing some thing do your search well, Rajiv Dixit spoke so many truth in public because he had the facts & thats also why he was murdered to stop him from speaking any more truth… RIP Rajiv Dixit


  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Can you please prove your hypothesis? You can readily do so by studying various biographies since you are a student. Don’t believe anyone. Ask questions and find the answer.

  5. Umesh Bhatia

    I also did lookup biographies of Nehru,Jinah and Lady Mountbaten.There is no way that all three were in college at the same time.Jinah and Nehru did become barristers @London in different time frame and back in India before Edwina was even college age.She was married for almost quarter of century before her husband Mountbaten became last Viceroy. Of course Gandhi did offer Jinah the position as first Prime minster of undivided India.Also Jinah's doctor did know about his terminal illness.Nehru was almost 75 yrs. when he died.STD or AIDS is purely speculative and there is no background or proof of it. Was Nehru manipulated to agree to the partitition  is purely subjective interpretation of the close friendship between Edwina and Nehru. Thanks .

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    What about those photos? I’m not absolving Nehru of any foolishness and potential impacts on India. He damaged India far more in many ways, later.

    I’m only pointing out that there are severe lacunae in Rajiv Dixit’s story. We must ask questions. I would appreciate if you can conduct research and prove (or disprove) Dixit’s hypotheses. I’m a votary of the truth. Nothing but the truth.


  7. Tituna

    How can u give comments about Dixit ji by studying just 1 hour. He z the person who moves to collect data from country to country. Better you go through some other topics of Rajib Dixit’s speech. U can know the truth not only on this topic on many different topic. A simple question to you “Who did create Kasmir issue”? You just watch the other link of Rajib dixit on Indian History, Indian Police act, Indian Independence act, current economics… U will find urself in a -ve dirrection.

  8. yvsrao

    in number of web sites i found like this”Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah; “Mamad (Mohammad Ali Jinnah) enrolled in the Sind Madressa on December 23, 1887.” The website of Sindh Madressah carries this note: “Finally, after about four and a half year of his association with the institution, while studying in Standard V [fifth grade], he left Sindh Madressah on 30th January 1892.”

    This statement confirms the authenticity of the enrolment date at Sindh Madressa that Stanley Wolpert used in his book. The mystery begins from this point onward. In January 1893 Quaid-e-Azam left for London and joined Lincoln Inn on June 25, 1893 to start his law study. Within one year’s period, his big jump from fifth grade to the post graduate level studies seems like a very surprising and humanly impossible achievement. What makes it further mysterious is that he successfully completed the examination and became a qualified Barrister on 29 April 1896 at the age of 19 years only.” I agree with sanjay jee truth is what we all accept nothing but truth.

  9. vnc

    Some links are missing over Wikipedia and biographies. Since Wikipedia writers are also person. May be he don’t wish to disclose all details.
    Rajivji was scholar . Only 1 hr study is not sufficient to comment over Rajivji workout . It is crucial subject to give answer :why India- Pakistan Partition: Unstable India:Pakistan? Why Power given to Jinnah:Nehru only?Not to Dr.Ambedkar or Sardar Patel or Maulana Azad? Do congress elected Nehru and Muslim league elected Jinnah for handling sovereignty of India :Pakistan? May be partition won’t happened?.

  10. Ragesh Nair

    Mr. Sabhlok with due respect I’m saying this to you and everyone else who follow you NOT TO BELIEVE IN WIKIPEDIA or any other such sites. I myself and many of my colleagues have already rectified many wrong claims of wikipedia. If you really want to investigate do it for yourself, go to to the british library, house of commons, indian library and also get some sources beyond what you see. Please DO NOT insult Shri Rajiv Dixit the way you have done. people like dont have any clue of the indo-pak war or kashmir issue either and claim to debunk the present political system with your wikileaks, go through the tashkent agreement which is till date applied agreement and please again I would direct you not to use wikipedia or other nonsense, get up from your seat and A.C room and go out and walk and find the original agreement. Do some hard work like our revolutionaries had done. DO NOT be an over-educated ignorant fool like these politicians of 21st century.

  11. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Actually, the burden of proof is on you, Ragesh. Today ALL useful information is readily available on the internet. If you have any specific information to rebut the information I’ve provided, plase do so. I’m entitled to make deductions based on readily available information. Btw, Wikipedia is generally more accurate than ANY encyclopedia ever created by humankind. 

  12. anupama

    @ Ragesh Nair

    Okay so you mean that you are an intelligent one, who believes on someone’ s faceless documents ??

    Even hard copies don’t prove Rajiv’s claim and topic maker is not even expressing his POV just comparing someone’s faceless claims and history timings to reach a conclusion .

    How you the intelligent one can call someone fool for such small research. Why is it enraging you , his logical questioning ?

    you want him to believe Raji’v fact then do your physical non AC research bring and post your proofs and then have the audacity of calling someone fool ….

    I am not saying Rajiv is lying but his facts can only be true if Jinha ,Edwina and Nehru used Time turner to complete their education.

    and yeah you are right we shouldn’t relay on internet but where who went schooling is some basic facts for which we don’t have to buy a history book
    if Rajiv’s story’s time don’t agree go with Indian history’s story time then how could you ask us to believe that

    only logical people try to dig facts others just bark

  13. sarma k

    “Edwina Mountbatten enjoyed a close and warm relationship with Jawaharlal Nehru but it was spiritual and intellectual, not a sexual one, says the lady’s daughter Pamela Hicks.”

    if every one support above statement say nothing in between.
    I have some ?

    is Nehru is spiritual leader?, is he so intellectual?, why so many love letters?, why he is so close to them when no one other?, why Sardar Patel or others good leaders have no such a character? etc…

    do not stick to small points…

  14. durgesh

    Most of Rajiv’s lecture are such that which does not require any prove. You are picking out only video which can be doubted.

  15. Prince

    I heard most of Rajiv Dixit’s video lecture on Ayurveda, Bhartiyata, WTO/IMF agreement, foreign dominancy, forieng product’s expose(e.g. pepsi/coke, maggi etc),. All are almost almost true, There are very few speech which has no docuemented prooof..
    By the way in above lecture, half of lecture is true like Indo-pak partition, nehru and jinnah want pm seat etc. Rest thing i cann’t say.

  16. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Sorry to disappoint you, young Prince. But you need to open your eyes and study these issues. Rajiv  Dixit is extremely incorrect on many economic and political matters.

  17. Shanta

    I doubt one of the claims made by Rajiv Dixit that Gandhi knew about the health condition of Jinnah. Surely Jinnah’s doctor knows though. What I comprehend is that had it been that Gandhi knew about Jinnahs health, he would have surely delayed the declaration of independence. (afterall the statement claims that it was only three months of Jinnah survival). There was no impending pressure to declare a particular day as Independent India, it was only a mutually agreed upon date.
    It is written all over that Jinnah was extremely careful not to get his health condition leaked. He knew for the fact that any such information leak is a sure shot loss in the game plan.

    For that matter why would Jinnah’s trusted doctor share this news with Gandhi. Any why did not Gandhi act on it if he had knownt??

  18. Duke

    M.O. Mathai wrote books “Reminiscences of the Nehru Age” (1978) and “My Days with Nehru” (1979), after he served as the Wholetime Private Assistant to PM Nehru from 1946 to 1959. He explains/exposed clearly on Nehru-Edwina relationship, that British and Congress Party of India both wish to hide…
    …Jinnah was a British agent, his Gujarati Parents were groomed by British & so was Jinnah’s Sindh to British life..
    ..Reasons of British supporting both Nehru & Jinnah, was to counter Pakhtun leader Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan who wanted a strong united India of Hindoos-Moslems and whereas British also wanted to derail growth of Lahore-born Indian revolutionary Bhagat Singh. Thus British gave charge of Congress and Muslim League to Nehru and Jinnah whom they tamed effectively through Edwina…
    …Gandhi’s nonviolent political growth @ India was similarly engineered by British using English newspapers of India so as to counter revolutionary Bhagat Singh’s strong growth in India.

  19. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    These claims are not the subject of this blog post. The post rebuts some factual statements by Dixit. It doesn’t purport to discuss or revisit history.

  20. Amar


    1. I am not too sure of the claims of the 3 studing in the same college , would need to do a little omre research on it .
    2. Whats age got to do with realationship between a man and women especially when for a person like Nehru .

    Most in the country know about Nehru’s flings .you should do a little more research on it before dismissing the claims.

    We should probably debate more on Rajiv’s claims before dismissing him .Think about it When you can see the silliest of people on the political scene and news channels Why ahvent we seen Rajiv on Tele Channels

  21. A.Attavar


    Well written analysis and whatever claims folk may make, one can never dispute the timelines. However it seem people are so hell bent on being convinced by rhetoric rather then facts, that they come out with such stupidity that classes can be of mixed ages due to failures repeatedly, late starts etc. The implication that Nehru and Jinnah, both highly intelligent men would have had to fail 7 and 17 times respectively or started their education the same periods later for Edwina to catch them up in college doesn’t seem an absurdity to these idiots!

    Also the alluded inference of Nehru’s death being due to a STD from his affair with Edwina doesn’t bode for a 17 year timespan from the the time in 1947 during India’s independence when this affair was to have happened and Nehru’s death in 1964. A 17 year STD infection may confound the medical fraternity but not the idiots here.

    Finally I understand the perpetrator of these fables Rajiv Dixit was killed. I wonder if it was by a Muslim irked by his comments on Jinnah or was it some by some historian who couldn’t take this lying bastard any more!

  22. kanu2p

    Dear sanjeev,
    Its great that you are pointing out such merely false imaginations of dixit and opening eyes.
    I dont understand how we Indians believe easily on such absurd stories..we should question how he learned late night conversation of edvina and nehru, The STD and all.
    Indeed, Nehru has done some errors in the history but it doesnt mean you cook anything to people who are emotional about partition.
    You see his talking about SEZ, FDI etc also are totally fiction and seems antidevelopment version.
    Either mr dixitji was habitual of making rhetoric stories or planing to encourage antigovernmental agitaion in india.

  23. agam

    We want to readily believe anything negative about a famous personality. Before watching the clip Nehru and Jinnah haters had reached their conclusions. When Mr.Dixit makes claims about Mountbatten writing in his diary about not keeping any relation with Lady Mountbatten, pause the video and read what is actually writtin on the photo of the page. I am an amateur but still I can see what all is going on. Please guys don’t try to make lies history.

  24. Dhaval Jhaveri

    I am completely in agreement with sanjeevji. I have seen several of the videos of Rajiv Dixit and would like to say that most of the things he is saying is completely wrong and over exaggerated. On the contrary he is spoiling the name of our country’s great culture and our great heritage with all his nonsensical lies!!!…India is always a very tolerant nation and what he is talking about is completely against the spirit of India. Some interesting facts which I would like to mention :-
    1) He talks against alcohol saying it is against our culture!!…utter nonsense!!!…Several alcohol products like Somras, Madira and Bhaang originate from ancient India!!!…In fact there are evidences even in the Mahabharat where people used to consume alcohol on occasions.
    2) He talks against sex saying it is taboo in our culture!!!…again absolute nonsense!!!…does he even know that the greatest book or encyclopedia called ‘Kamasutra’ was invented in India thousands of years ago!!!…
    3) He promotes swadeshi by criticising foriegn culture and foriegn products. This is completely against our culture. You should promote swadeshi but not in the way he is doing so.
    4) He speaks against eating non vegetarian food claiming that it is against our culture and it was introduced in india by the British!!!….another lie!!!….What about the meat consumed of the religious sacrifices of animals that are done in the temple of Goddess Kali????…Is that not our culture?????…This practice has been active in india for more than thousands of years. Also again in the Mahabharata there are evidences of people eating meat. It seems that he does not know anything about this!!!!…or he is deliberately avoiding it to prove his absurd point.

  25. sidkp24

    Thank You Mr Sanjeev for the information. I uses to watch Rajiv Dixitji’s videos about Ayurveda and I really liked the knowledge which he was sharing but then I watched a video about USA in which he clamed(8-9 years ago) that America’s economy would fall after 3 years. But that didn’t happen then I watched this video and I was stunned and really angry with Pdt Nehru. Then I realised that may be he was wrong here as in the USA video. So thank you again. This proofs that नीम हकीम ख़तरा-ए-जान

  26. Dipak Basu

    You are correct about Rajib Dixit, but another idiot entered the scene, since Dixit died after eating possibly too much Ghee which he had suggested to be used in snake bites. His name is Rajib Malthotra. These two Rajibs are propagating against Raja Ram Mohan Roy, and Rabindranath Tagore ( Dixit only). I wrote to their websites a number of times pointing out their falsehood and stupidity.


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