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Introducing The Story of Indian Business: A series of books edited by Gurchran Das

In my recent trip to Delhi, Gurcharan Das very kindly gifted me the following two books (1) and (2) below. In addition, one more has been published, making three books so far in a series that is expected to cover a very wide range of topics in the history of Indian economics.

1) Arthashastra, the Science of Wealth

2) Merchants of Tamilakam: Pioneers of International Trade

In addition the following has been published:

3) The East India Company: The World's Most Powerful Corporation

Many other books are expected in the series, e.g.

Bombay Plan

Business Model of Early Buddhist Monasticism

Maritime trading world of the western Indian Ocean

The Mouse Merchant, etc.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “Introducing The Story of Indian Business: A series of books edited by Gurchran Das
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’m proposing to review these two books on my blog, time permitting. Briefly

    a) Merchants of Tamilakam. This is sheer delight. A most fascinating book with so many valuable leads strewn into such a short book. Do buy it.

    b) Arthashastra. The author – who is a historian not an economist – is not as insightful as Balbir Sihag is. He uses a different translation, as well (Kane’s). This means you get a different perspective to Sihag’s. And to mine. I see things in Arthashastra which even Sihag hasn’t yet (in my view) noticed, because I bring a new public management perspective which neither Trautmann nor Sihag bring.

    My problem is time, else I’d have reviewed both these books by now.

    The review at Flipkart is very poor. A scholar should be happy to get a different interpretation – and this is not a tiny book: 168 pages of actual text. I don’t see why the reviewer is complaining about this book. I’d give both books 4 stars.


  2. Saikrishna Satyavada

    Hi sir, I have been treating that this is a 15 book series. Across all online shopping portals I child name to find only 11 of them. Can you help me to understand on the rest of the 4.

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