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Conclusive evidence that Arvind Kejriwal is a hard core socialist

A lot of Arvind Kejriwal supporters like to delude themselves that Arvind is an open-minded thinker.

He is not! He is a hard core socialist.

Not only are his ideas clearly socialist, he is surrounded by communists like Prashant Bhushan (his main funding source) and Yogendra Yadav, for whom total economic equality is the only driving force, and for whom big government is the only way to achieve their goals.

Nationalisation, increasing the number of social welfare programs, and fixing prices is ALL they talk about. What's this known as? Socialism.

I request those who believe Arvind is NOT a socialist to please go through these bog posts that I've put out over the past 18 months or so.

We can then discuss further, if you still think AK is an advocate of liberty.

Why delude yourself? 

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “Conclusive evidence that Arvind Kejriwal is a hard core socialist
  1. KK Verma

    I fully agree that Dr Yogendra Yadav is a hard core socialist. His views are very close to many communist leaders of the country. He always talk about solving social problems or ills by enhancing government effectiveness and efficiency. He keep coming on various TV channels and keep repeating his outdated financial perspectives. It will create the same problem what Mamta Banerjee is creating in West Bengal, change of Government is not going to change the life of people.

    It is ironic that even after the failure of communistic ideas across the world including in China, Germany and Russia, many thinkers and activists in India are behaving like slave to these outdated ideas. We have suffered for last 60 years because of wrong policies based on socialistic and communistic ideas, still we are unable to take a lesson from our past failures.

    I agree with Sanjeev’s strong objections to these outdated ideas and I feel that activists in India who want to see the change, must change their economical perspectives. I am sure that strong views of Sanjeev will bring some significant change in understanding real change what India needs in the time to come.

  2. Anil Kumar

    I don’t agree with either Sanjeev/KK Verma’s objection. It’s really very thin decision to divide the socialist & communist. As concern the thought process Arvind K is quite different. May he need people who working with him biased but if you rethink even MG Gandhi had some bad influence. I would like to add here that please discuss what could we learn & earn for our society by this gentleman. The time is so crucial your debt may interact people to see your text but it’s a poison. So again I would like to request you both please be fair & restrict to chat biased text. The big question is- Do you agree what he is working or not ? If not when you tried to come in front and ask it’s wrong and stop it right now. I think not at all, so please be pleasant and fair.