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The greatest tragedy of India: Its utterly useless “eminent” people and intellectuals

Extract from an email I just sent out:

I've been working precisely on the project you refer to: that of a liberal party which will ensure rule of law in India. I'm afraid the task is far more challenging than you think. After 15 years working on this project, I can tell you that it will never happen till India's elite put in the hard work to build the kind of party India needs.

Even today, getting millions of unhappy people on the streets is easy. But doing anything constructive is well outside the capacity of most Indians.

I'm only looking for those who can organise. That's why the Freedom Team of India.

Unfortunately India's elite also have a general policy: they will NEVER mention anything about the efforts underway to bring reform in India.

That means I have had to operate amidst the stunned silence of the media and intellectuals. Everyone wants to express an idle opinion. No one is willing to either do the necessary work or to at least guide the youth to the right place.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “The greatest tragedy of India: Its utterly useless “eminent” people and intellectuals
  1. Rakesh Bhatt

    “The greatest tragedy of India: Its utterly useless “eminent” people and intellectuals” This is so far best adjective I have heard for them.
    Shameless are our Media and So called intellectuals.But History will never forgive them.

  2. Sandeep Shelke


    I suggest you to watch ‘Chanakya’ serial. It has lots of learning from the life of Chanakya which will be very essential for us in this long journey.

    I find the contents very inspiring and path showing. I enjoy it while learning most important lessons about expectations.

    Jay Bharat!

  3. Manoj

    Am interested to make a difference. I have no inclination to just join a political party and jostle, in the fond hope I will be ‘rewarded’ one day. I can do better things with my time Unfortunately I haven’t seen such organized parties yet:
    1. Most have no internal organization – chaos rules.
    2. Want either the looker hookers or the indefatigable legworker. I don’t fit either mould, though I am decent at collaboration and planning.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    FTI members do multiple things. They not just prepare for contesting elections at the right time (with proper preparation), they undertake a lot of collaboration and planning.

    But FTI has two strict requirements: you must be in-principle committed to contesting elections, and you must be a supporter of liberty (with accountability). If you meet these reqmts. you can get the chance to do what you like to do.



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