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The dissimulating smear-monger, Sarbajit Roy. Please boycott all his “work”.

I'm posting below the last communication I'm going to have with Sarbajit Roy. My email (in response to his response to my blog post here), is self-explanatory.

I call upon everyone to boycott Sarbajit Roy's "work" of which I know nothing but which – going by the record of his communication – must be one of the most intellectually dishonest "works" around. He apparently heads the rump of "India Against Corruption" now.

That, to me, is best left alone.

Regardless of my strong differences with Arvind on policy matters, I'm now clear (as I was before) that Arvind is an honest, good man. I will continue to hold that belief till I'm proven wrong. I will call upon Arvind, as I've always done, to learn some basic economics, but that's said in the nature of a friend who wants him to succeed in what he has set out to do; not in any confrontational sense. If Arvind is able to pick up the phone and talk to me – as I've requested him on innumerable occasions – it can only be good for India.

Note: By no means am I saying (or have said) that all of Sarbajit Roy's statements are incorrect. I have not even examined all his statements. Merely that the four (and related) claims he made against Arvind Kejriwal are NOT SUBSTANTIATED IN ANY WAY. Hence he has lost credibility, and any credentials to debate anything with me. To qualify to talk to me you must be honest. Roy is at least intellectually dishonest.


Dear Sarbajit, I'll immediately publicise this email on my blog, as one more example of your obfuscating issues instead of sticking to the point.

After having COMPREHENSIVELY failed to prove ANY of your allegations against Arvind, you have, in keeping with your style, now started attacking me and my work! As if that will help prove ANY of your allegations against Arvind.

Please do try to prove ONE thing first, Sir, in your life, before making wild allegations about everything and everybody under the sun. That is also known as the scientific approach. We prove a thing, then move to the next. Wild allegations and hypotheses signify seriously flawed thinking capacity.

Please note that NONE of what I wrote/did (regardless of your opinion of it, which to me matters not a whit) has anything to do with your smear campaign against Arvind Kejriwal.

I personally have many issues with Arvind's policies, and am not by any means his "defender", but I will NOT have an honest man maligned. India is so seriously short of honest people that if even honest people are slandered, then we will have nothing but the corrupt or the fools.

Since all you can do – after you have TOTALLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY FAILED to prove ANY of your allegations against Arvind – is to now point your rotten "smear gun" at me, then I have no recourse but to block your email (as I've done for a few really stupid people in the past) and mark it to my spam folder.

Please note that you will henceforth not be able to write/communicate with me. I gave you a fair hearing – given the explosive nature of your allegations – but I clearly wasted my time, and that of others.

Let's move on.



On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 7:02 PM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:

Dear Sanjeev

Firstly, I believe that the appropriate course of action for anyone who seeks to take up cudgels on Mr. Arvind's behalf would be for them to first respond with evidence to the 27 queries which Mr.Digvijaya Singh had publicly posed to Mr. Kejriwal on behalf of the public of India .

If you have chosen to forget them (collective amnesia) they are available here:-

These allegations are extremely serious. If anyone has to apologise, it should be Arvind Kejriwal to the nation and people of India.

Secondly, and I did not choose to bring this up earlier since I am a gentleman, the public of India is fed up with so many former public servants (including yourself) who descend from foreign skies scattering foreign (?) money (from unaccounted / carefully laundered sources) teaching / lecturing us about corruption and alternate governance/ economic systems.

Thirdly, I have read your book on Nehruvian socialism, and it is not well written (actually it is very poorly written) and your knowledge of economic systems (especially socialist systems) needs to be upgraded considerably. India is still a socialist country per the Constitution and your public allergy and libelous remarks about socialism betray your own anti-national leanings and agenda. Why did you leave the IAS BTW, and start working with the Australian Government ?

Fourthly, there is no question of my apologising to anybody for a blogpost you published on your website of an email I sent in response to your father when he mass-mailed me with yet another of Arvind's wild allegations (this time against Mukesh Ambani).

Fifthly, your blog/website is not a court of law. You are nobody to frame issues/charges or demand that I reply/apologise.  (And neither is Mr.Arvind Kejriwal for Mr.Mukesh Ambani).  Emails circulated privately between individuals do not constitute publication – and in fact I never gave my consent for you to publish them and I don't see what I have to apologise for.  If Mr.Arvind Kejriwal is aggrieved he can contact me directly instead of hiding under your petticoat and piddling from there. He is now a political figure and heads a political party and is up there rubbing shoulders with all the rape accused and murder accused of India whose alleged numbers in Parliament he enlightened us on.

Sixthly, insofar as one Mr. Kishore Asthana is concerned. I suppose you do know that he is ex-Tata Adminstrative Services and is directly affected by my statements concerning Tatas in this controversy which you ex-IITians have "engineered" to save Arvind's increasingly tattered reputation.

Seventhly, instead of my responding to your issues. Why don't you respond to mine ? Especially concerning role of foreign funding in people/NGOs seeking to interfere in India's governance.  This is known as LOBBYING and you seem to be such a person and should come clean about yourself.

In equity, I am publishing this email to various lists I am a subscriber of , alongwith the link to your blogposts for anyone else to interject on beyond your limited circle of cronies.


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One thought on “The dissimulating smear-monger, Sarbajit Roy. Please boycott all his “work”.
  1. sureshan

    his level of thinking is visible from his response ,,u have given unnecessary importance to his allegations,, the place for such thing should be waste box..


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