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Sarbajit Roy I ask you to apologise to Arvind Kejriwal for your endless, unsubstantiated allegations

I'm reproducing my conversations with Sarbajit Roy following on from Ayush Das's rebuttal of his allegations. There might be some basis to some of Sarbajit's statements. I don't know. But the FOUR allegations he made on 25 January have NOT been proven. 

On 25 January 2012 Sarbajit Roy made the following FOUR claims against AK:

1) "Why does Arvind not speak (as a ex-Tata employee) about the mega money which Ratan Tata's trusts donated to his NGOs and if there is any conflict of interest"

From Sarbajit's response to date no SPECIFIC PROOF has been provided to prove that Arvind has been protecting Ratan Tata. That he has picked on Ambani is a problem but it is not sufficient reason to prove that AK has spared the Tatas. It is not necessary for Arvind to chase every single corrupt corporation in India. Sarbajit is welcome to produce evidence re: Tatas if he likes. I must give Arvind the benefit of the doubt. 

The case has not been made

2) "Why did neither Reliance(ADAG)  or Tatas (NDPL) get Arvind arrested for bijli theft last year in Delhi, for which any lesser mortal goes to the cooler".

Sarbajit has not provided ANY evidence of bijli theft by Arvind. This is therefore a false allegation. [Sanjeev: See below]

The case has not been made.

Addendum (info by Ayush Das)

You can check out the following 3 articles to get a clearer idea of  what had happened:

So yes, kejriwal did do something illegal by re-connecting the disconnected connection of a man, but he did it as a 'protest' and was prepared to go to go to jail for it.

But to say that Kejriwal did not go to jail because Tatas or Ambanis were protecting him was utterly ridiculous. [Sanjeev: I agree with Ayush]

3) "what happened to AAP's LokPal which was inquiring into his close cronies Anjali Damania, Mayank Gandhi and PRASHANT BHUSHAN scandals

Sarbajit has not provided any evidence against these "cronies". According to Ayush Das, "There has been a delay because there is no 'formal complainant' – and without a formal complainant the judges say that it will be difficult to hear cases – as there will be nobody to fight a strong case against the accused."

In any event I am unable to see how this issue reflects against Arvind's integrity. It could be a case of incompetence/inefficiency but it there is any underlying criminal issue, Sarbajit should complain to the Police. AAP's LokPal has no legal standing. It may be all smoke and mirrors, but that doesn't mean it is a crime to not complete an inquiry in time. Let us use the law. 

The case has not been made

4) "will the Joker duo deny  that they only formed a political party to themselves EVADE TAXES on the unaccounted funds collected during the IAC"

No evidence has been produced by Sarbajit on this (perhaps) most inflammatory charge. Ayush wrote: "…they have gotten their accounts audited over 3 times per year by external agencies and all details are on website. They do not even accept money from people who cannot provide ID/proof (i.e anonymous donations)."

To the extent I can see, Sarbajit has not refuted this rebuttal by Ayush.

The case has not been made

In brief ALL FOUR ALLEGATIONS made by Sarbajit have been made in vain. 

Instead, Sarbajit has repeatedly gone off on a  tangent, and make yet other allegations – each without proof. I could try to explore these other allegations, but I've decided it is not worth my while to follow this wild goose chase that Sarbajit is leading us, into. 

To Sarbajit Roy I have, therefore, this to say: you may well have a point to make somewhere (I don't know where) but you have not done yourself any favour by making an ENDLESS SERIES OF ALLEGATIONS WITHOUT PROOF.

You made four allegations first, and didn't prove them. Instead, you went and made many OTHER allegations, each of these without proof.

There is not the slightest iota of evidence from that Arvind is a conflicted man or that his integrity is in doubt.

Yes, you are absolutely right that Arvind's policies are bad. But that does not mean he is a dishonest man who is evading taxes or spying on India. 

I therefore ask you to apologise publicly to Arvind Kejriwal for smearing his name without proof. 

Alternatively, if you DO have CONCLUSIVE proof of any criminality, please offer it. More importantly, please lodge it with the relevant authorities. But please do so, first, ONLY FOR THESE FOUR ALLEGATIONS. Don't go off on any tangent. That is a seriously misleading style. Don't hit and run. PROVE. Then move to the next point. 


First substantive email from Sarbajit Roy (27 January 2013)

Dear Ayush (and other friends on this thread),

Before I get into your points (in another post), perhaps it would help you to know where I am coming from.

As Sanjeev has pointed out, I did my Mechanical Engineering from BITS Pilani (batch of 1980 – passout in 1984). Thereafter, I have continuously practiced as an Engineer, whilst doing social work alongside. By God's design I was placed in certain situations which required me to quickly develop legal skills/knowledge at a very early age on both the criminal and civil side. I thereafter used my knowledge (in the 1980's and early 1990's) to help many poor people (pro bono) who I used to meet floating about in/outside courts to get their grievances redressed from the higher Indian judicial institutions.

In 2002+ We got the Delhi RTI Act. This is the time I came in contact with Arvind and his friends, waiting outside the office of Ms.Shailaja Chandra (IAS and former Chief Secretary of Delhi) who was the Chairperson of the Delhi Public Grievance Commission and also Appellate Authority of the Delhi RTI Act for our hearings. 

Perhaps because of my personality, court manner, self evident public interest and precise drafting Ms. Shailaja Chandra always used to ensure I got information out of her officers, which I used to tremendous effect – silently without media publicity. The other people (mostly average Delhi citizens using RTI for the first time) including Arvind always used to get rammed by this lady who hardly ever gave them info and she used to pass all kinds of orders against them. Arvind then became leader/patron of what was known as "Delhi RTI Manch" – ie. all the people disgruntled by Ms Chandra and I attended a few of their meetings and advised them to change their approach but they refused to accept that they were wrong and Arvind kept instigating them – I realised then that Arvind is a "loser" and surrounds himself with losers. One of them, my friend Mr. Ravinder Balwani, was instigated to file a series of complaints alleging corruption against Ms Shailaja Chandra to the Lok Ayukt of Delhi, which she fought out and won eventually in the High Court. 

Using the Delhi RTI Manch, Arvind came close to Mr. Shekhar Singh and Ms.Aruna Roy and became a member of the NCPRI. The NCPRI is basically a front for these 2 people and also Mr. Harsh Mander, and is a tremendously anti-national foreign financed group which has been very well exposed by Aruna Roy's IAS batchmate Dr. Krishen Kak in his book "NGOs, subversive activists and foreign funds" accessible online at the "vigilonline" website. [Sanjeev: I did a bit of research and chanced upon this article: Scoring Against Paganism: Untangling the Manderweb. I'm shocked by the allegations in this article, but no evidence of criminality by Arvind is readily offered there.]

Arvind, who was very hard up then used to file RTIs himself or get RTIs filed on NCPRI's behalf through his network. I don't wish to comment at this time on the RTIs he was filing or their purpose or his other actions. Sufficeth to say that for his anti-Indian activities – spying – under NCPRI he was richly rewarded with 2 prizes – the Ashoka and the Magsaysay arranged by his handlers.

I have had a long running tiff with NCPRI (Arvind was too junior in NCPRI then) bigwigs as my/our RTI group the "Humjanenge" was a counter-force to NCPRI. In 2008 Humjanenge foresaw that the 2010 CommonWealth Gameswould be a great scandal/scam. Accordingly we started RTIing the bodies involved. We were taken to court by IOA and we won a tremendous victory in the High Court and info started flowing to us. This prompted a reaction by the Congress/UPA and Aruna Roy tried to hijack our movement (IAC) to keep the scam money flowing for the Congress and later she organised Sri Sri Ravisakar, Kirtan Bedia, Prashant Bhushan and a host of other "eminent" people to misguide the public of Delhi who were agitated with the information we were releasing, we withdrew at this stage but allowed the CWG scam movement to continue. 

I won't comment on Anna Hazare and his role in IAC now, since we seem to have recently sorted out several matters (read about it on the IAC wikipedia page).

The present IAC is a very different operation from Arvind and Anna's time.

It would be very interesting to see how Arvind and his AAP operate/evolve. Till date I have not seen Arvind actually achieve anything against corruption except to make a big noise about it with stale information – usually obtained in RTI by someone else. Every action of his and Prashant Bhushan's is designed in such a way to ensure that nobody else can go after the culprits – who invariably manage to get away. This reinforces my opinion that either Arvind is still a "loser" or that he is corrupt.  I certainly don't want India to become a nation of losers if we go down Arvind's path.

Therefore, unlike most people, I prefer to keep my opinion on Arvind's honesty,  integrity and effectiveness open.

My response dated 28 January 2013

Dear Sarbajit

Thanks for this. Glad that the discussion has begun (please note all this will be published on my blog, once we have reached the final conclusion) for the matter is extremely important. I'm now waiting for your main mail to substantiate your allegations, and also defend yourself against the rebuttal by Ayush, who is, as far as I can see, a disinterested observer. 

Also, given your new claims, I'd now like you to provide evidence for the following:

1. You now claim Arvind was undertaking "anti-Indian activities – spying – under NCPRI". 
This is truly a serious claim. Please substantiate. Was he transferring state secrets to foreign powers? Did he harm India through RTI activity that sought information on corruption? What harm (if any) was caused India by such data supplied to foreign countries by Arvind? Have you or the police ever investigated such spying by Arvind? What was the result of such invesigation?

2. "Congress/UPA and Aruna Roy tried to hijack our movement (IAC) to keep the scam money flowing for the Congress and later she organised Sri Sri Ravisakar, Kirtan Bedia, Prashant Bhushan and a host of other "eminent" people to misguide the public of Delhi who were agitated with the information we were releasing"

You further state: "very action of his and Prashant Bhushan's is designed in such a way to ensure that nobody else can go after the culprits – who invariably manage to get away."

Now, I know Aruna Roy for many years (she may not recollect me but I have been to Tilonia, had many interactions at the LBSNAA with her and Bunker – when they were together). I've rarely come across a person of such pure intentions and commitment to India's disadvantaged, even though I may disagree with some of her philosophical foundations. I can't even imagine the kind of difficulties she has put herself through after joining the IAS, then resigning within just a year or so. Her whole life has been spent in villages. If she wanted, she could have been not just a governor or ambassador today, but possibly Prime Minister. But she chose the hard way – to reform India from the grassroots. By making such a statement you've now roped in not just Arvind but besmriched the great soul Aruna Roy who is (or at least was, till you wrote this) beyond reproach. I will now need substantial evidence on this assertion. 

I trust all the points you've raised earlier, plus these new points, will be proven beyond reasonable doubt. 

Sarbajit Roy's response of 28 January 2013

Dear Sanjeev

We can go round and around these ancillary issues without reaching anywhere. But

1) I will give a response to Mr. Das for your blog.
2) Insofar as the other matters are concerned,

a) It is undeniable that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, Mr. Shekhar Singh, Mr. Harsh Mander, Ms. Aruna Roy, Ms. Maja Daruwala etc and a host of other persons associated with the NCPRI are/were  massively foreign financed either directly or through organisations associated with them..
(Can anybody make the same charge against me – to the extent of even 1 rupee  ?) [Sanjeev: It is ridiculous to suggest that NGOs that have proper FCRA authorisation can't take foreign funding. Yes, I object to such funding being used for political purposes, but so long as they are compliant with Indian law I don't see what's the point.]

In the case of Ms. Aruna Roy (who works so selflessly in the NAC not even taking 1 rupee as salary – which would make her a public servant liable under Official Secrets Act but nevertheless gets access to extraordinary amounts of information with Govt being a member of NAC) her organisation the SWRC Tilonia (which she piously claims she handed over to some illiterate villagers) gets huge funding (tens of crores each year) routed from dubious places like Tibet, Sierra Leone and USA. Her husband Mr. Bunker Roy's sources of finance are equally curious. 
b) In the case of Mr. Shekhar Singh (Convenor NCPRI), there is a CIC decision where I accused him of spying on behalf of a foreign entity by misusing RTI. (By spying I mean contravention of Official Secrets Act by Indian citizens to obtain and transfer information to foreigners who are paying to receive such information). CCIC Mr.Habibullah although recording some of my allegations didn't allow the matter to proceed down my course of action but denied the information to Mr. Singh using some other grounds. [Sanjeev; The "syping" charge or violation of OSA is therefore not proven.]

c) In the case of Arvind, his actions and sources of financing between the period of 2004 to 2008 will be very interesting – especially as he was a public servant for much of this time. I have many emails on this subject already in the public domain, but as Arvind is my co-participant in the anti-corruption movement I am not raking these up again.

d) In the case of Maja Daruwala (daughter of our First Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw) and Mr.Shekhar Singh, they and their junior associates represented some of the accused in the Navy War Room spying case in various proceedings. This is in public domain [Sanjeev: We are talking about AK. How many diversions are we going to make?]

All this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to anti-national activity of NCPRI where Arvind at some period in his development was an active participant. Now it seems he has come out of the spell they cast on him – and which I welcome.

Sarbajit's further email of 30 January 2013

Dear Sanjeev

This is a short and hurried reply to a rebuttal by Ayush Das to your blogpost "Explosive allegations against Arvind Kejriwal. I trust he will soon respond." I am sending this at your invite that I respond to Mr.Das.

Firstly, I cannot agree that the "allegations" against Arvind are "explosive". Numerous facts and charges against Arvind have been in the public domain for a very long time and some of these were again raised a few months back by Mr.Digvijaya Singh of the Congress Party. To which Arvind,  strangely,  never replied. [Sanjeev: I don't care about Digvijay Singh. We are talking PURELY about your allegations, Sarbajit]

Secondly, I'm sure that even Arvind will agree that the IAC's interim reply to Mr. Digvijaya Singh, which Arvind could not acknowledge at the time due to his blossoming political compulsions and new sponsors, certainly blunted Mr.Singh's attack on him for the time being, and the IAC new team's own extensive credibility and media contacts ensured that IAC's counter-attacks on, say, Mr.Pulok Chatterji saved Arvind's skin when he was on the ropes. If Arvind disagrees he should publish his own reply to Mr.Singh's 27 queries otherwise it would be trivial for IAC to do so on his behalf even today.

Thirdly, it is a fact that till date Arvind does not have a single anti-corruption achievement to his credit. IAC does not count generating media publicity and rabble rousing over old and dead issues as achievements. 

Fourthly, It is a fact that Arvind was caused to resign from the IRS in 2006. There is a long history as to why he did so which is not congruent with the carefully airbrushed version he puts out or is published in his Magsaysay award citation. I can say this as somebody who has known Arvind for over 10 years starting from our Delhi RTI Act days and initial meetings outside Ms. Shailja Chandra's chambers while waiting for our respective hearings.

Fifthly, It is a fact that Arvind and Manish have been accepting money from a wide range of sources  for their so called "social work". [Sanjeev: Sarbajit has not proven that any of these funds were illegally accepted or not declared.] These include from various controversial corporate bodies like Tatas, Infosys etc. The media link which Mr.Das has provided is itself misleading. Whereas the headline claims that Mr. Narayan Murthy did not fund Arvind, the internal text makes it abundantly clear that Infosys through its CSR trusts (what are called as PACs in the USA) was in fact regularly financing Arvind's own trusts for many years. The same was true for the Tatas. The fact that such corporates paid Arvind's NGOs  such huge amounts – nearly a crore – (Arvind was then a serving IRS/I-T officer whose wife also was in the Serious Frauds Office which investigates such corporates) even 1 rupee makes it clear that they were either being blackmailed or had something to hide. The same goes for the dubious foreign awards regularly arranged for Arvind (by his high profile sponsors) which are well known as tax-free sources of finance for potential trouble makers to carry out the plans of the foreign donors. The phrase which springs to my mind, as its does to the minds of many other eminent patriotic people (please see the vigilonline website for the 2nd edn. of their  excellent book "NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds"), in the context of these awards and dubious NGO entities is "he who pays the piper calls the tune". Another apt phrase would be "anti-national NGOs singing for their supper". [Sanjeev: It is beyond ridiculous to suggest that just because someone receives a foreign "tax free" award that he or she is a slave to the "conspiracies" of the award giving organisation. Is Magsasay award illegal in India? If not then this kind of innuendo is truly in poor taste]

Sixthly, I note that for whatever reasons there is a strong IIT alumnus movement (there are many IITians serving in the Govt as Arvind once did) which supports Arvind blindly or takes him at face value. Luckily I am not an IIT-ian and don't share your/their blind faith in his honesty or integrity. I think I have the right as an Indian citizen to freely express in what passes as a democracy my concerns about Arvind's brand of shallow activism, rabble rousing, distinct lack of actual achievement and his personal corruption.  [Sanjeev: I am VERY DISPLEASED WITH YOUR APPROACH OF YOUR SNEAKING IN ALLEGATIONS INTO YOUR STATEMENTS, WITHOUT PROOF]

Seventhly, I, like you, firmly oppose all forms of crony capitalism which have resulted in this out-dated and unproven long running fraud called Gandhian socialism / panchayati based rural model applied to urban India which Arvind is peddling as his economic vision for India. [Sanjeev: Gandhi was actually not a socialist, but yes, there is a level of confusion in Gandhi's ideas which has transmitted itself to Arvind]

Eightly, It is quite clear that Arvind and his camp had to leave IAC when the true extent of the corruption within his ranks began emerging. The initial probe proposed by them through Justice Verma fell through when even India's most high profile "rent an ex-judge" (who is in the pocket of Arvind's sponsors and incidentally also in one of the "accused"'s) declined to whitewash the public allegations against them. The same happened with the next round of ex-judges they tried to rope in. Finally they could only pick Admiral Ramdas (another receipent of fraud foreign awards which are used to reward anti-national persons especially those who have served their foreign masters while in power). The first action of this retd. Admiral was to make a 180 degree turn about what Arvind had publicly promised when he was still in the IAC. Now the AAP want a "complainant" to come forward with evidence on affidavit to prove the charges. Presumably exactly what Mr.Robert Vadra would expect from Arvind or Prashant !!!  It is clear thereby that Arvind is now just another politician who has abandoned his claim to be a corruption fighter, ie. if he ever was one !. [Sanjeev: Once again, if there are clear charges against any of Arvind's "cronies", please go to the Police. Why care about these extra-legal bodies established by Arvind?]

PS: If I have left out anything, I'll respond to that too.



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