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My meeting with a great Indian reformer, Dr Prajapati Trivedi: Brief notes and a photo.

I've mentioned Prajapati Trivedi in previous blog posts.

I had the good fortune of meeting him in person in my recent trip to India (a photo, below). Dr Trivedi kindly explained to me in great detail the work that is currently underway in relation to performance management in India.

It is quite impressive. Do visit the Performance Management website of GOI.

All Results Framework Documents are available through this website. I was given a CD that contains the entire lot of RFDs.

"An RFD provides a summary of the most important results that a department / ministry expects to achieve during the financial year. This document has two main purposes: (a) move the focus of the department from process-orientation to results-orientation, and (b) provide an objective and fair basis to evaluate department‘s overall performance at the end of the year."

I notice that a new video re: RFDs has been uploaded recently in early January. I'd urge you to view this.

I'm also pleased that his office is promoting cutting-edge ISO 9001 certification. This is key to good systems. 

Dr Trivedi's work will (ideally) evolve into more systematic nation-wide reforms in the coming years through linkages to the pay of senior executives in India. I see in his work the seed for serious governance reforms in India of the sort India has never witnessed in its entire history.

Please support him in his work in every way that you can. Despite the TOTAL mess we have in India's goverment, there is a ray of light – that is coming from Dr. Trivedi's office.

On a related note, I'm very keen to establish a world-BEST School of Governance in India. I hope Dr. Trivedi will agree to become a major part of this proposed School after he retires this August. Please let me know if you know anyone who will fund such a venture, and anyone who may be interested in working on the business case in the next two months or so, to develop it fully.

Here's a photo from my meeting (click for much larger image). (I've written an article for the newsletter published by Dr Trivedi's office. The article is expected to be published next week.)

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