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My India reform projects – a short summary as I return to Australia

As I return to Australia, I'm noting the various governance reform activities for India that I'll continue to work on in my spare time (from my usual full time job):

1) A liberal political party for India for 2014 (?)- that would involve getting at least 2000 members on FTI on board by the end of this year. Please join FTI to advance this work. And it would involve close coordination with liberal parties like Lok Satta (I've briefed JP about what is going on – but would ask those interested to support his work).

2) Working with Swami Ramdev's and Anna Hazare's teams on any wholistic governance reform movement. I'm hoping we can agree to a broader reform movement possibly to be named Sone Ki Chidiya movement (see for very preliminary thoughts).

3) Advancing the Citizens Government idea to the extent possible in 2013 (this includes incorporating the Local Board concept I outlined in BFN Online Notes (see p.66). Please join this google group to advance these discussions.!forum/citizensgovernment

4) Setting up a world-best school (institute) of governance in India, possibly as part of Patanjali Vidyapeeth. A draft business case is under development.

5) Establishing a system (self-sustainable) to rank India's governments on freedom/corruption and a host of governance indicators; and ultimately converting this into an international effort. This idea has gone into the development phase so all public information has now been removed.

6) Proposing and (if accepted) helping the Government of India establish a Policy Efficiency Commission that will monitor the costs of doing business in India, and also ensure that policy design is compatible with world-best frameworks (e.g. see:

And of course, all existing FTI projects, such as the policy competition. If you are able to do so, please participate or otherwise invite India's best policy thinkers to participate in this competition;. Last date is 28 February.

This visit, although totally unanticipated, has been very fruitful. Thanks to every new person I met. Thanks to everyone who is participating in various projects to reform India.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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6 thoughts on “My India reform projects – a short summary as I return to Australia
  1. Soumik

    great to see the cgov initiative is being re-built…

    Keeping in mind my restrictions – I cannot directly participate in offline FTI initiatives, so would like to extend help in online areas such as these…


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