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How has N.Modi treated Jagruti Pandya, the wife of his murdered Minister?

As part of any murder investigation, you'd ask how relevant people behaved after the murder.

One would have expected that if Modi actually thought that Haren Pandya had "been assassinated in a joint operation between Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence, Lashkar-e-Taiba, and the Dubai-based underworld don Dawood Ibrahim", we'd have heard A LOT about this issue from him.

He would be not just raising concerns about Pakistan, but would have been protecting Jagruti Pandya and doing whatever possible within his capacity to help.

And BJP would have been gunning for a resolution to the murder.

The CBI on Monday asserted that most of the five accused who have been arrested in the Haren Pandya assassination case had undergone training in Pakistan but failed to specify the motive or whether the conspiracy for the attack was hatched at the behest of Islamabad.

CBI Director P C Sharma, while emphasising the agency was "fully confident" that Asghar Ali was the "killer" and others were involved in the crime, said the motive could be specified only after the investigations get over. [Source – 2003]

But what is this?

1) "I have not received any support from the BJP in my fight." [Jagruti]

Why is BJP not bothered about a martyr's wife?

If someone – a HOME MINISTER OF GUJARAT – is killed by Pakistan, do you keep quiet? Do you not support the martyr's wife?

2) "“I had earlier written a letter to chief minister Narendra Modi seeking his co-operation for re-investigation into the case but I have not received any reply from the CM on the issue,” she said. Jagruti said she was yet to receive a response from chief minister Narendra Modi over her plea for fresh investigation into the case." [Source]

So what did she do? She contested against Narendra Modi in the recent Gujarat elections.

This doesn't sound like Narendra Modi has much sympathy for his Minster who was (allegedly) KILLED BY PAKISTAN.

And this man will protect India from Pakistan?

"Jagruti, wife of slain BJP leader Haren Pandya, plans to move Supreme Court to seek further probe in the murder of her husband in March 2003." [January 2013, Source]

And what about BJP?

Reacting angrily over the issue, Jagruti alleged local authorities have now begun to treat Haren Pandya as an "encroachment".

"For the past ten years, the BJP government has done nothing to bring justice to my husband and now when I have brought my fight for justice to the poeple of his constituency, authorities have started treating Haren Pandya as an encroachment," she told PTI.[Source]

Wipe out record of the existence of Haren Pandya. The man allegedly killed by PAKISTAN. The martyr.

Doesn't sound like much of a martyr to me, from the conduct of the BJP government.

But more on the circumstances of the murder

Jagruti Pandya has challenged the Central Bureau of Investigation's claim that her husband was killed at 7.30 a.m. on March 26, 2003.

The timing is crucial to establish the CBI's case that Pandya, former Home Minister, who was a regular morning walker, was killed in his car just after he had parked it in his usual slot in Ahmedabad's Law Garden.

According to the sole eyewitness to the murder, vendor Anil Yadram, the former Minister drove into the garden around 7.30 a.m. He had parked his car and was rolling up the window pane when he was shot dead by assassin Asgar Ali.

Ms. Pandya disputes this and told The Hindu: “My husband left our home in Paldi in his car between 6.45 a.m. and 7 a.m. that day, and given that the Law Garden is less than 10 minutes away, he ought to have reached there latest by 7.10 a.m. By 7.30 a.m., he would have been walking in the garden and so could not have been killed in the car.

Ms. Pandya said she remembered the time accurately because when Pandya left for the garden, their son was getting ready to go to school which started at 7 a.m. ”[Source]

That's fine. She can have a dispute. But now note this:

Ms. Pandya accused the CBI of deliberately not summoning her and said her examination was crucial because she could have proved that “he [Pandya] had sufficient time to go for a morning walk. In other words, it [her examination] would have revealed that the prosecution theory that late Shri Pandya was shot in the car immediately when he arrived at Law Garden is incorrect.”

During the trial, the defence made a strong case for Ms. Pandya to be summoned.

However, the CBI refused to oblige saying she was not an eye-witness to the murder.[Source]

Ha! CBI refused to summon his wife. Why? When defence is calling for a key witness to cross-check the time of murder, why would CBI not allow it?

And yet this same CBI went on fishing expedition to a Times of India correspondent.

My mind went back to 2003 when in the aftermath of the murder a CBI officer came to my office to investigate the 'role' of The Times Of India (TOI) in the affair! Don't laugh, that's what had happened. [Source]

I am not Sherlock Holmes, but I am entitled to ask a Watson question: WHY did CBI not seek Jagruti's evidence?

And there is more:

Ms. Pandya made another point to The Hindu. She said she called her husband several times between 9 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. on the day of the murder. This was to remind him of his appointment with his personal exercise trainer.

“Who erased the calls? Why did his mobile phone show no calls?”

The Pandya family has always disputed the prosecution version in the case. [Source]

Who tampered with Pandya's mobile phone? Only the police could have done so since presumably by that time they had got hold of his phone.

Why did they do this? Because they were acting on orders from ….?

And now, what about alleged killer Asgar Ali?

Asgar Ali was the alleged murdered of Haren Pandya:

The defence argued that the prosecution's version, based on alleged call records of the accused, restricted the murder time to a narrow band – that is between 7. 19 a.m. and 7. 29 a.m. on March 26, 2003. Reason: At 7. 18 a.m., one of Asgar Ali's associates, who was stationed at the Law Garden phoned another associate to say that Asgar had not reached the Law Garden.

At 7.33 a.m., Asgar called another associate from a bridge some distance away to say that the murder had been committed. If Asgar did not arrive until 7.18 a.m., the murder could not have been committed earlier. If he had left the garden by 7.33 a.m., the murder could not have been committed later. [Source]

But guess what?

The Gujarat High Court acquitted every single one and rubbished the entire case. “The investigation has all throughout been botched up and blinkered,” the judge said. “The investigating officers concerned ought to be held accountable for their ineptitude resulting into injustice, huge harassment of many persons concerned and enormous waste of public resources and public time of the courts.” [Source]

And so where is Asgar Ali? Well, Asgar Ali has been RELEASED. [Source] (The fact that he was thereafter arrested again on some other charge is a matter of little consequence to my key question re: Modi).


So how was Asgar Ali trapped falsely?

This is how it happened:

The crucial eyewitness in former Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya's murder case on Monday identified Mohammed Asghar Ali as the 'killer' during the identification parade conducted in camera in Ahmedabad, police sources said.

Sources said the Hyderabad-based sharpshooter Ali was identified 'without any hesitation' by the witness, a stall vendor from Law Garden whose identity was not revealed, in spite of being presented clean shaven and amid five other decoys by Central Bureau of Investigation officials.

Prosecution witnesses were also present during the identification parade that was conducted in presence of Executive Magistrate A A Sayed, they said.

The witness has stated that he saw the 'killer' approach Pandya in his parked car at the Law Garden gate and after a while walked briskly towards an awaiting motorcycle.

Ali was produced for the parade before the court proceedings began amid heavy police security. [Source]

Well, this is all smoke and mirrors, really!

1. Make a wild allegation that it was PAKISTAN that killed the Minister.

2. Get a hapless Muslim "identified" as witness.

3. Fudge the mobile records of this witness to allege that he was "identified" by someone at a particular time.

All the while Jagruti is saying that Haren couldn't have been killed at the time he was killed.

And all the while when the facts are that:

a forensic expert – who had deposed in the court – told me the injuries that Haren had showed that he could not have been shot from a gun pointing down at him (as would be if the assailant put the gun from outside). In fact the injuries had been down up. Add to this, the fact that no blood was found on the seat of the car and it is easy to see that Haren was probably murdered somewhere else and his body brought to the site from somewhere else in his car and dumped there. [Source, 2003]

Clearly the story CBI has alleged is TOTALLY FALSE. Clearly CBI was infiltrated and mucked up the case deliberately.

The fact seems to be that someone had a scuffle with Haren and shot him "down up" during the scuffle. The person then dragged Haren's body to his car and put it inside.

Anyway, I don't have data on the situation, but even though I know that CBI/Police are SUPER incompetent, they are not this stupid. This case is clearly one of deliberate obfuscation and smoke and mirrors.

How can a murder take place in the car but the car not even have blood?

More later.

The finger of suspicion still points clearly to SOMEONE HOLDING A HIGH POSITION who controlled a lot of key personnel, and was therefore able to obfuscate the case in multiple ways.

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One thought on “How has N.Modi treated Jagruti Pandya, the wife of his murdered Minister?

    This is the 100% true storey of Haren pandya’s murder.I am the closest relative of Haren so i know the entire truth. Haren few days before his murder had told me that his life is in Danger from his political rival involved in controversy happened since last few months as he was knowing lots of political truth that might have turned the tables of the then ruler and the party. I strongly believe that this storey must be brought to public by so called neutral media who will certainly not do so in present political system when criminals have become the rulers.I hate such rulers.Only some brave ,dare devil type desperate person can do this.I dont think any such human is there in india.All are cowards against rulers who are pseudo damocratic people. Atleast american govt should be informed about this to know the real face of indian super dooper political party rulers.

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