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Kejriwal’s socialist broom will drive out the best talent from India

We apply the broom to locate dirt inside our house, collect it together, and throw it outside.

India, similarly, applies its broom to find GEMS and throw them outside the country, far away: so they never return.

While countries like US and Australia diligently work on programmes to attract and retain the best talent in the world, India has a ONE POINT PROGRAM: to drive out its best talent.

I keep reading about and hearing about this talk of "sacrifice" "for India's sake". But we all know what this means. It means: "I'll exploit your high quality talent but pay you the wages of a third rater". It is code for "You belong to me; you are my slave".

Sorry, but NO ONE BELONGS TO ANYONE. And while we may choose to belong to India, that's because it serves OUR NEEDS, not because we serve its needs. We am NOT any country's chattel.

When anyone talks of economic equality or "sacrifice", the best talent ALWAYS packs its bags and RUNS for the exit!

A few weeks ago I talked about Arvind Kejriwal's economics illiteracy in the press. Now Dhume has said the same ("The odds of Mr. Kejriwal's party gaining a foothold in Parliament may be slim, but his staggering economic illiteracy reflects a deeper malaise in society.")

The socialists vigorously DROVE AWAY India's best talent till the 1990s. Some of that outflow was then stemmed through the modicum of economic liberalisation allowed by India's socialist parties.

But now with the onset of ONE MORE socialist party: AAP, I expect this outflow to speed up considerably.

Why stay in a country that doesn't value you? – in a country where you are expected to be an "economic equal" of those without talent or capacity for hard work?

I left India in the end for many reasons, one of them being because I was not valued in India. I may not be perfectly valued in Australia due to its soft racism or other biases but at least I'm valued enough for some of my economic advice to be listened to. In India, on the other hand, I felt condemned. The IAS was a joke. Politicians were not interested in any reforms. Senior officers were either cowards or corrupt. I was mentally CHOKED by India.

Why stay in a country that INSULTS your talent and hard work?

I am NO ONE'S EQUAL. I am unique.

So are you. So is everyone. (By the way.)

Don't talk to me about "Aam Aadmi". I'm NOT Aam Aadmi. I'm Khas Aadmi. I want EVERYONE to be Khaas Aadmi. I don't want ANY talk of economic equality. Talk to me about how the meritorious are valued in India. 

Let India be a land of opportunity, not a PRISON where the best and worst talent are equally "served" a frugal meal by Arvind Kejriwal and other socialists (like Congress/BJP).

I want LUXURY. I want WEALTH. I want a government that works.

That's my MINIMUM REQUIREMENT for a country that will have me.

I would rather serve "racist" Australia than the saviour of the Aam Aadmi – Kejriwal.

My rating for India's future: JUNK BOND STATUS.

Let India be "served" by its GREATEST INCOMPETENTS and ILLITERATES.

Let me stay away.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “Kejriwal’s socialist broom will drive out the best talent from India
  1. paulose

    Pretty much sums up why I lft India the second time…:) (first time I left was in 2003). I went back in 2011 but could not stay for more than a year. Am in Melbourne now and in such a state of mind that I would want to retire in Autralia only and die here at ripe old age.

    What are your thoughts on breaking up India into separate countries so that it may be more manageble and good for he population cause rigt now the politicians in the centre are too “different” (language,ethicity,region etc) to people from different regions of India to have that “caring attitude” towards overall Indian population.

  2. RC

    “Khas Aadmi” is great coinage. Everyone is special and have been given incredible gifts by the creator. These “aam aadmi” noise is a call for mediocrity and must be rejected.