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Compendium of evidence that IAC (now AAP) is socialist

Socialism is a death trap. It has prematurely killed millions of people in India, it has blighted the lives of millions. Anyone who promotes socialism is an ENEMY of India.



Arvind Kejriwal, left of centre

He has declared himself left of centre.

His Swaraj says not one word against any existing socialist program, merely that the village assembly must have a role. His Swaraj thus has no regard to liberty. All about local self-governance.

He is keen to fix prices.

At yesterday's launch party, AK is quoted as saying from the dais:

Petrol price will be brought down to 50 a litre, diesel to 30, lpg to 350 a cylinder.

This is their key agenda [info thro' Supratim, 27 Nov 12 on Forum]


Prashant Bhushan, the central planner

He has called for nationalisation of industry in India.

Wants socialist policy in India.

Yogendra Yadav

Yogendra Yadav -“How can we not be wedded to the idea of economic equality? What is so 1960s about it?”

(reported by Vishal Singh)

Anna Hazare

He has disallowed the Maharashstra government from holding legally required elections in his village.

He has imposed his rules (eg. re: liquor/meat eating) on everyone in his village.

He has personally whipped (with an army belt) those who have violated his rules.

And Anna has stridently opposed FDI.

All socialists

I'm unable to distinguish between IAC's ideology and that of Congerss/BJP/AGP/TDP/DMK/AIDMK/Shiv Sena, etc.

Can anyone please show me how IAC and its supporters will bring any change in India?

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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