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Ambanis, the masters of political bribery, but it is the system that encouraged them

On many occasions I've written about the Ambanis' being kings of bribery. For instance I wrote (in comparison with Narayana Murthy):

Not one IT billionaire of India (or even millionaire) has behaved differently to non-IT billionaires of India who have BENEFITED from corruption . From your ACTIONS (NOT TALK please!!) I simply can't distinguish you from the Ambanis.

I actually have started respecting the Ambanis more than you. At least they are not hypocrities. Masters of bribing politicians to achieve success, they don't talk about moral values nor condemn India's corruption. They are at least HONEST about their dishonesty.

I agree entirely with Arvind Kejriwal that Ambanis are co-partners in India's corruption and should be punished.

But what about those who have kept quiet about corruption? What about those who support the corrupt but then pretend to be honest (e.g. Narayana Murthy)? What about the thousands of IAS officers who do not resign but keep complaining about corruption?

Arvind, the problem is the SYSTEM. And those who support it with their silence. And those who do nothing to change the system.

I suggest that you are wasting time in trying to catch the corrupt, one by one. The WHOLE SYSTEM is corrupted. How many will you catch?

You must join me in changing the SYSTEM.

If you don't understand this point, you'll keep wasting everyone's time. 

Let's get to the root cause and fix it. The root cause is socialism and lack of incentives-based governance.

Read Arthashastra.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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7 thoughts on “Ambanis, the masters of political bribery, but it is the system that encouraged them
  1. allwyn

    punishing ambanis would mean punishing bribe givers which chanakya was against, right? So they should not be touched and the corrupt govt people should go to jail.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Of course they should be punished. Whey did they not try to change the system? They are now so big they can actually change the system. That would give them immunity from prosecution. They are still clinging to the system for unfair advantage.


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